Peace Corps Shutters Popular Advanced Degree Program

For years, post-grad students combined Peace Corps service with education through Peace Corps’ Masters International. Although the program will close its doors this year, students can still tap other options to bring a Peace Corps experience together with their post-grad work.

Go Off the Beaten Path: How to Make Local Tourism a Win-Win Situation

Many people are looking to have a more meaningful, positive impact on the places they visit — whether by volunteering their time, collecting donations, or simply making sure the money they spend goes directly into the hands of locals. Travel expert Raj Gyawali reflects on the lessons he’s learned over the years of working in the tourism industry in Nepal.

Get Over Vacation Guilt — Your Life Depends on It

Pre-2000, Americans took an average of 20.3 days off per year. Fast-forward to today, and the average is down to 16.2 days. Even when we know we have the time to take (and it’s the right thing to do for our health), it can still be difficult to block time off for vacation. These three tips can help you build in time to recharge.

Is High-Speed Train Travel Worth the Investment?

With all the pros of high-speed trains, from fast travel times to limiting pollution, people often wonder why they aren’t even more widespread. But the answer to that question is complex, and varies largely from region to region.