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Bank of America

Bank of America Gives $208 Million to Charity in 2010

The CSR reporting companies club is adding a new member. This is good news for the club because this is not just another company, but Bank of America (BofA), one of the world’s largest and powerful financial institutions, which is releasing today its first CSR report ever. This is an interesting report as it provides … Continued


Florida LED Start-up Celebrates Milestone, Doubles Workforce

Sizable strides have been made recently in the volume and quality of LED lighting available, and companies in the US are at the forefront, demonstrating the potential for clean technology investments to spur economic growth and generate new, relatively well-paid jobs. One case in point is Florida’s Lighting Science Group, which recently celebrated a production … Continued


The Role of Trust in Sustainable Business

By: Barbara Kimmel What is the role of trust in creating sustainable business? Trust Across America posed this question to several experts to assist us in our own research on trustworthy business practices. Why is the creation of measurable standards of trust important?  According to Frank Sonnenberg, author of Managing With a Conscience, In the twentieth … Continued

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How Can People Be Effectively Persuaded to Conserve Water?

Water. In most modern societies, residents don’t have to worry about where their supply comes from or if it may run out. But as recent extended droughts in Texas and other places have shown, we cannot afford to continue passing the buck to others when it comes to responsible water use. But how, in a … Continued

Interview: Angel Investor’s Five Best Practices For Attracting Capital

The key to raising money is building investor trust. There is a formula for doing so. The entrepreneurs that succeed in raising capital for their business know the formula for crafting a compelling story that earns the trust and investment of angel investors. James Magowan is an angel investor I met at an Investors Circle … Continued


Creating Hybrid Value Chains with the Ashoka Foundation

The Ashoka Foundation is the largest association of leading social entrepreneurs in the world.  They work on three simple levels: By supporting individual social entrepreneurs throughout their life cycle, they bring communities together. These communities then help leverage their impact, scale their ideas and capture and disseminate their best practices. Then they help to build the … Continued


Bank of America Putting Billions into Solar

This deal is a really big deal.

Bank of America announced an agreement this week with ProLogis, and NRG Energy and the US DOE’s Loan Program Office to finance the deployment of up to $2.6 billion of commercial and industrial rooftop solar installations, all across the country.

This will be the largest distributed solar deal in history, which will create the equivalent of over 10,000 job-years, while providing 733MW of distributed solar energy, which is enough to power 100,000 homes across 28 states.

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Let Employees “Have At It” When It Comes to Using Competitor Products

This post is part of a series on Stakeholder Engagement sponsored by Jurat Software. Intuitively, it would seem to be a good thing when a company has a band of loyal employees who diligently use the products they make over those of their competitors. Employees who “fly the company flag” show their solidarity by demonstrating … Continued

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10 Recommendations for Start-ups Looking to Raise Capital

The 2011 Pipeline Fund Fellowship Pitch Summit had eleven woman-owned, for-profit, socially responsible businesses presenting their business plans, hoping to raise money from a group of ten women learning to become angel investors.   During a break in the pitches, Nithya Das, an associate at the law firm Goodwin Procter presented the keynote.  She represents and … Continued


Social Entrepreneurs Lag Behind Impact Investors

By Matt Evans Aron Jakab runs Fruit of Care, a social enterprise selling high quality design home decor like fruit scented candles produced by people with disabilities employed in workshops across Hungary. Aron is a savvy entrepreneur now, but a few years ago, the talented designer had no knowledge and expertise in business management, finance … Continued


The Sustainable, Durable Solution to Bike Helmet Safety: Cardboard?!

Bicycling is an inherently sustainable form of transportation: No emissions, minimal materials required to make the vehicle, increased rider fitness, decreased auto traffic. And yet there’s a weak link in this chain: The helmet. Modern day helmets are single use, and unrecyclable when done. In other words, one crash and it’s in the trash. And … Continued


Business Professionals and Non-Profits: Opposites Do Attract

Business people have analytical skills.  Non-profit organizations have an increasing need for analytical skills. One would think it’s a match made in heaven. But due to misconceptions on both sides of the employment fence, there is a leadership gap.   Monisha Kapila, founder of ProInspire,  believes that the non-profit talent shortage has many sources – retiring … Continued