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How CSR Yields Higher Investment Returns With Lower Risk

This post originally appeared on By: Ron Robins When I started my career as an investment analyst in 1970, the idea that a company’s environmental and social activities would be important in helping predict its future financial and stock performance was seen as largely irrelevant. Well, not anymore! Inclusive of governance issues and abbreviated … Continued


What the Folks at the Bottom of the Pyramid Can Teach Us

There was an article in Harvard Business Review last week by Deepa Prahalad entitled “Design Lessons from the Consumer at the Bottom of the Pyramid.” Deepa is the son of C.K. Prahalad, who, along with Stu Hart and Clayton Christiansen, popularized the notion of the base of the pyramid, meaning the economic stratum containing the … Continued


Video Interview: Accelerate your Clean Energy Startup

Clean Energy startups can now get a leg up with a new startup accelerator program accepting applications this summer.  GreenStart, the brain child of Dave Graham and his two co-founders, wants to help mission-driven entrepreneurs succeed.  GreenStart is looking for ideas that reduce use of dirty energy or promote the use of clean energy.  Capital … Continued


How Incubators Will Help Start-Ups Lead the Clean Tech Revolution

As foreshadowed by GE’s Ecomagination reach-out to start-ups, it is expected that start-ups and not large corporations will lead the clean tech revolution. As these small companies work to improve the future of humanity, they will need the support of clean tech incubators well versed in the intricacies of sustainable business development.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Restore Free Market Capitalism for the Environment

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is well known as an environmental advocate and attorney.  Given his pro-environment position, it is quite unexpected to hear Kennedy advocate for free market capitalism in order to protect the environment. If you ask many committed environmental folks, they would probably be anti-free market capitalism. If you ask many free market … Continued

Electric Vehicles and Demand Response: A Marriage of Efficiency?

By Matthew Madden Will two technology trends converge to create a more energy efficient future? The long-awaited future is now for electric vehicles. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been inundated recently with news covering this emerging market. In recent weeks, we’ve heard the following: Nissan confirmed the company will fulfill their commitment to deliver … Continued


Tendril Networks Demand Response Solution for the Smart Grid

By Matthew Madden By definition, disruptive technology usually results in a variety of unintended consequences. When considering the ancillary effects that would result from the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, the road taxes currently embedded in the purchase of a gallon of gasoline are generally an afterthought. Of course, TriplePundit’s coverage is the exception. While … Continued


Zipcar Golden IPO’s Dark Lining: a $50 Million Blunder by Underwriters

On April 13th, Zipcar, the well-known, and wildly popular, car-sharing company, was celebrating a key milestone in every start-up’s growth: a very successful initial pubic offering (IPO) of its stock, to the tune of $180 million raised. By the next day, the company’s stock was up to $28 per share, a rise of 60%, over … Continued


The Mission-Profit Continuum: A Lesson from Executive Shadowing

By Stephen Huie This past Friday, I visited Community Wealth Ventures and Share Our Strength as part of the Smith Net Impact Club’s Executive Shadowing Program.  Other students visited Noblis, a non-profit scientific and engineering research center. I learned a lot, especially about the role of mission in circumscribing the limits of earned income social ventures. Community Wealth Ventures Community … Continued

Video Interview: The Latest in Clean Energy

In this interview, Susan Preston of California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF) updates us on the latest energy ventures.  CalCEF is a private venture capital fund that invests in seed stage clean energy companies.  They invest in a diverse range of energy related companies from energy efficiency, renewable energy, to smart grid. The fund portfolio includes … Continued

Seventh Generation’s New Packaging Misses the Mark: What Needs to Be Done

I had an intriguing collision with reality this week. Ecologic, a company whose early test products I covered in early 2010, sent me a bottle of Seventh Generation laundry detergent, so I could see first hand what new style, resource efficient, recyclable, compostable, biodegradable packaging looks like in person. I have to say, I was … Continued


ESG Ratings via Financial Times and London Stock Exchange

With 2,300 public companies rated, the FTSE’s ESG ratings are gaining respect in the responsible investment realm. Portfolio managers are turning more and more to these types of standards to help determine investment risks. As the transparency surrounding environmental, social, and corporate governance increases, investors are actively seeking companies that have solid ratings or steady … Continued