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Climate Change Adaptation is Not a Last Resort

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. CO2 IMPACT In recent blog posts I have discussed the need to accelerate solutions that will move the needle on climate change as fast as possible in hopes of thwarting the worst impacts of climate change. Something I have yet to discuss in this series on Triple Pundit is the topic of … Continued

ISO 26000 and the Definition of Social Responsibility

If you’re interested in learning more about ISO 26000, please consider attending the ASQ Social Responsibility Conference June 16–17, 2011, in San Francisco. ASQ provided this snippet from their recently released white paper of the same name. The conference will provide insight into the application of the new SR standard, ISO 26000: Guidance on Social … Continued

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Momentum Dynamics: Passive Charging Could Be Key to EV Adoption

Most cities will be installing EV infrastructure in the next year. But according to Momentum Dynamics CEO Andrew Daga, that infrastructure might be lacking a key component needed for broad EV adoption by consumers: passive charging systems. President Obama plans to have 1 million EVs on the road by 2015 driven mostly by consumers.  Industry … Continued

Gravity Power Module makes pumped hydro a viable alternative for renewable energy storage

Gravity Power Module Revolutionizes Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

Energy storage is arguably the Achilles heal of renewable energy. Matching the diurnal nature of the wind and the sun with the on-demand, baseload nature of human energy consumption requires energy storage that is scalable to Gigawatts, reliable, efficient, economically viable, and environmentally benign. The only method of energy storage with any significant deployment is … Continued


PlugShare App Removes EV Owner Range Anxiety & Creates Community

I don’t know about you, but for perhaps the first time ever, I want to buy a Nissan. The Leaf, of course. But there’s a problem. Where can I charge it? Sure, I live in Portland, the ecotopia where there are likely oodles of places to do it. And outside that bubble? Not so clear. … Continued

ECO:Nomics - Creating Environmental Capital

A Risky Strategy: Government Clean Tech Venture Funding and Social Impact Bonds

The element of risk is part of every investment.  Some investments are more risky than others. There is no guarantee that any given investment will be successful.  Let’s take a look at two ways government intervention attempts to mitigate investment risk, Government Clean Tech Venture Funding and the proposed Social Impact Bonds. How do these … Continued

How to Green Textbook Sales: Tear Them Into Chapters

Has this ever happened to you? After buying a huge stack of books for your University courses, half of them end up being used for only a single chapter, or perhaps a handful more. That’s money and resources that didn’t need to be used. But up until now, professor’s hands were tied, as they typically … Continued


T. Boone Who? Warren Buffett Now the King of Wind

In his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, Warren Buffett noted that one of his portfolio companies, MidAmerican Energy, now leads all regulated utilities when it comes to wind energy.

Obsessed with Impact: The Mulago Foundation

The Mulago Foundation approaches funding social enterprise a bit differently than other foundations.  To sum it up in three words, it’s all about impact, impact, and impact.There are tons of great ideas in the world.  But an idea only has impact when put into action.  The Mulago Foundation investment strategy focuses not on formulating its … Continued


Book Review: Planet Home by Jeffrey Hollender

Recently, I interviewed Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder and former CEO of Seventh Generation about his departure from the company, his new book, and what was next for him. Mr. Hollender is a humble hero of the green economy and a man whose work I’ve admired for years. So it was with great pleasure that I dove … Continued


The Hidden Reality Behind Social Impact Bonds

Hidden within President Obama’s proposed budget is a line item that attempts to start a new model for financing government controlled projects: Social Impact Bonds. So, what exactly are Social Impact Bonds? How much of the budget is allocated to this?  Will it actually work, or is it too good to be true? First off, … Continued


Shareholders File Record Number Of Environment Related Resolutions

A record number of climate and energy related shareholder resolutions have come to the table in proxy year 2011. In fact, shareholders have filed a total of 66 climate and energy resolutions, according to the environment and investment coalition Ceres. This represents a 50% increase over the 44 filed last year with coal, oil and … Continued

Avego: How To Take Cars off the Road, Now?

In our still car dominated society, traffic is, for the moment, a necessary evil. Sure, mass transit options are increasing in some cities, and numerous efforts are making bicycle commuting more amenable and doable. But rush hour is still a twice daily reality for most of us. What can be done to reduce traffic, right … Continued

Startup America Gives Cleantech Entrepreneurs a Leg Up

U.S. Small Business Administrator Karen Mills on Wednesday revealed details of a pilot program through which it is working with four cleantech business accelerators across the country to provide mentoring to 100 entrepreneurs in the cleantech arena. The pilot is the inaugural program of the Entrepreneurial Mentor Corps (EMC), a component of Startup America, a … Continued


Proxy Power: This Year’s Hottest Issues

By Andrew Behar Shareholder activism is alive and well. This year individual and institutional investors will use their power to influence corporate policy on key social and environmental issues by casting their annual proxy votes. These votes are an important way for shareholders to send a much-needed message to companies that they expect honest, responsible … Continued