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Catchafire Matches Professionals to Volunteer Projects [Video]

Catchafire creates structured, skills-based volunteer opportunities for professionals who want to give back in a meaningful way.  Rachael Chong founded the company, which launched its beta site in September, after experiencing the void from both angles.  As an investment banker wanting to volunteer her “newly minted financial skills” and as a nonprofit leader looking for … Continued


Money Flowing To Water Technologies, Slowly

By Ellisa Feinstein It’s no surprise that a good percentage of companies represented at the recent GoingGreen conference provide wastewater treatment solutions. In 2009, these technologies grabbed 36% ($51 million) of the total early stage venture investments ($149 million) in water, according to a 2010 report on water innovation by the Cleantech Group. As noted … Continued

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India: From Dirty Fuels to Clean and Green in 60 Seconds?

By Suzanne York As a nation of 1.1 billion people and growing, with a robust economy, India is a crucial player on the global climate stage.  Will it move from its current reliance on fossil fuels, especially coal, or will it take steps to a clean energy future, and balance an expanding economy and populace … Continued


The Vegetarian Butcher Opens Palettes (and Minds) To a Meat Free Diet

Much like environmentalists focusing on scary outsized statistics and nagging people to change their behavior has proven less than effective, moving people to a non meat diet won’t be achieved through polarizing positions, guilt, shaming, or lashing out at meat eaters. De Vegetarische Slager (The Vegetarian Butcher) is on to something interesting: It creates meat … Continued

Green Machine by AM and A

Video Interview: Aaron Marcus of AM and A on Motivating Culture Towards Sustainability

By Connie Kwan Cultural resistance can be a significant roadblock for GreenTech adoption.  GreenTech entrepreneurs can only be as successful at selling GreenTech as the customer culture is willing to embrace it.  Thus, an understanding of cultural behavior is necessary for every successful GreenTech entrepreneur.  This video interview with Aaron Marcus of AM and A … Continued

Design Thinking for Social Innovation: A Conversation with IDEO’s Sally Madsen

by Jess Sand As the private sector beings to embrace the possibility that social innovation can lead to a robust bottom line, companies face the very real challenge of figuring out what these efforts might actually look like on the ground. Can a for-profit business truly adapt conventional operational approaches to build a more just … Continued


Connecting Big and Small Business: Money Meets Innovation

Radical breakthrough innovation often happens in garages, window-less offices, and coffee shops.  Small companies innovate.  Ideas take off and get big when they are taken to scale.  In other words, big business brings innovation to the world.  When these two join forces, good things can happen, like when Toyota invested in Tesla Motors to the tune … Continued


Biomimicry and Green Chemistry Collide

We know that green chemistry works.  We know that biomimicry works.  Is there a possibility that the two crossing will create good things?  The more appropriate question may be:  is there a possibility it won’t? Recently, Janine Benyus of the Biomimicry Guild and author of Biomimicry started doing business with John Warner, the father of … Continued

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Pension Funds Buy In To Sustainable Investing

Any time a new evangelist for sustainable investing emerges it is good news for investors, the environment and proponents of corporate social responsibility. It means that investors are receiving more guidance about socially responsible investing.  It means that more investment dollars are directed towards companies and mutual funds that support a green economy. And it … Continued


Video Interview: Tony Zhang of on Accelerating GreenTech Investments

By Connie Kwan Finding investors can be particularly challenging for GreenTech entrepreneurs because investors are unfamiliar with the concept.  At the recent Going Green 2010 conference, I ran into many investors who were there to “check it out” for their clients who were interested in GreenTech but did not know how to invest.  This video … Continued


Video Interview: Paul Steinberg of Avego talks about the Future of Transport

By Connie Kwan Millions of empty seats travel around the country on a daily basis – an incredible waste of increasingly valuable energy resources.  What if we could fill those seats and take other cars off the road?  At Going Green 2010 this week, I found a communication platform that can help fill those seats.  … Continued

Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Assembly

India Mulls Tighter Microfinance Regulations

Andhra Pradesh’s government is considering legislation that would curb lending rates and avert abuses that MFIs often undertake in recouping their loans. These borrowers, most of whom are women, feel squeezed between the MFIs and the self-help groups (SHGs) under whom they work. But they may finally gain some help–their plight has caught the attention of officials who feel they can no longer just shake their heads as they read the daily newspapers, which have highlighted these deaths.


Ecopreneurial Opportunity: Used Book Exchange

Are you a bookworm? Ever thought you’d love to sift through books all day and sip organic coffee while interacting with other like-minded literati? The thought of running an independent book store is a daunting one–few other types of locally owned businesses have been quite so impacted by big box competition.

Hey Google, the Lexus Hybrid HS Can Drive Itself Too!

Google made headlines early this week in regards to testing cars that drive on their own. I also tested a car this week that drives on its own. Hey Google, the 2010 Lexus Hybrid HS can drive itself too! The 2010 Lexus Hybrid HS 250h has a unique feature that allows the vehicle to adjust … Continued

Can A Life Be Saved By a Solar Powered Suitcase? If it’s LifeGivingForce, Yes

It seems these days there are an increasing number of natural (and unnatural) disasters happening. You see images of stranded people, injured animals, and devastated environments. What about concrete solutions with life and usefulness after the cameras have gone home? LifeGivingForce is one of those. What it does is simple, yet incredibly important for so … Continued