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Khosla Chides Big Oil on Risk and Biofuels

When a big money entrepreneur criticizes Big Oil for its questionable approach to risk-taking, perhaps it’s time to pay serious attention. Billionaire venture capitalist Vinod Khosla took Big Oil to the woodshed this week for taking on expensive and long-odds risks on deepwater drilling rather than embracing the future of biomass energy. Khosla, speaking Monday … Continued

Cutting Edge Capital: Campaign to Legalize Crowdfunding

TriplePundit has been following the work of Cutting Edge Capital for some time now. The group consists of, among others, Michael Shuman (author of the Small-Mart Revolution), John Katovich, JD (Professor at the Presidio Graduate School), and CEO Jennie Kassen from Cutting Edge Capital. The aim is to help small businesses gain access to capital … Continued

Lesson from Cambodia: Why Female Role Models are Key to Women’s Empowerment

By Victoria L. Petitjean The case for sex and gender equality has been widely made, and maybe more than ever in recent years with people focusing particularly on women still lacking in important decision-making roles. One important point that has been made is that we, individuals, societies and even businesses need to understand even more … Continued

eBay Partners With Ashoka’s Changemakers to Fund Social Entrepreneurs

Ashoka’s Changemakers has partnered with the eBay Foundation to help five aspiring social entrepreneurs with $50,000 in startup capital. The initiative, called “Powering Economic Opportunity: Create a World that Works” seeks to fund innovative market-based solutions that create employment opportunities for vulnerable populations. And in this case, the early bird really does get the worm! … Continued

Canadian Company Turns Garbage Into Fuel

The Montreal-based company, Enerkem bills itself as a “leading waste to biofuels and chemicals company” that “manufactures, owns and operates community-based advanced biorefineries.” Big talk from a company I’ve never heard of until today. However, Enerkem lives up to the hype. The company, founded in 2000, converts waste like non-recyclable municipal solid waste (MSW) into … Continued

Brewing Social Good and Great Coffee From the Same Bean

One of BusinessEarth’s goals is to prove that socially and environmentally responsible business is possible and profitable. When we find a company that embodies these principles, we highlight their achievements and challenges so you can apply their lessons to your business. John Quinn of Second Chance Coffee Co. talked with us about how a for-profit … Continued

Ripple Q Founders Discuss a Revolution in Workplace Culture

Produced by Penina Eilberg Schwartz and Amy Benziger The following audio interview is the first of a series brought to you by the HUB Bay Area – a 3p partner. The audio is produced in partnership with Storycorps. Listen to Ripple Q founders talk about how their company will revolutionize workplace culture via software that … Continued

Project Aura: Lighting the Way to An Upsurge in Bike Commuters?

I have the good fortune of living in Portland, Oregon, where I bike commute daily. In a recent article it was reported that a former car dealership is soon opening as a 10,000 square foot bike shop and that other bike shops in town are expanding. A sign of the times or something Portland specific? … Continued

How CSR Yields Higher Investment Returns With Lower Risk

This post originally appeared on By: Ron Robins When I started my career as an investment analyst in 1970, the idea that a company’s environmental and social activities would be important in helping predict its future financial and stock performance was seen as largely irrelevant. Well, not anymore! Inclusive of governance issues and abbreviated … Continued

What the Folks at the Bottom of the Pyramid Can Teach Us

There was an article in Harvard Business Review last week by Deepa Prahalad entitled “Design Lessons from the Consumer at the Bottom of the Pyramid.” Deepa is the son of C.K. Prahalad, who, along with Stu Hart and Clayton Christiansen, popularized the notion of the base of the pyramid, meaning the economic stratum containing the … Continued

Video Interview: Accelerate your Clean Energy Startup

Clean Energy startups can now get a leg up with a new startup accelerator program accepting applications this summer.  GreenStart, the brain child of Dave Graham and his two co-founders, wants to help mission-driven entrepreneurs succeed.  GreenStart is looking for ideas that reduce use of dirty energy or promote the use of clean energy.  Capital … Continued

How Incubators Will Help Start-Ups Lead the Clean Tech Revolution

As foreshadowed by GE’s Ecomagination reach-out to start-ups, it is expected that start-ups and not large corporations will lead the clean tech revolution. As these small companies work to improve the future of humanity, they will need the support of clean tech incubators well versed in the intricacies of sustainable business development.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Restore Free Market Capitalism for the Environment

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is well known as an environmental advocate and attorney.  Given his pro-environment position, it is quite unexpected to hear Kennedy advocate for free market capitalism in order to protect the environment. If you ask many committed environmental folks, they would probably be anti-free market capitalism. If you ask many free market … Continued