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Can Help AOL Reinvent Itself?

AOL used to be the grand dame of the internet service providers until high speed internet came along. AOL has struggled to reinvent itself ever since. Perhaps the recently launched, a local content site, will help AOL transform itself into the place to go for local content. Patch describes itself as a “community-specific news … Continued

ImagineH20 Water Prize Hits Liquid Gold

ImagineH20 held its inaugural Water Innovators Showcase two weeks ago, a swanky, well-attended event that introduced and celebrated the winners of its Water Prize Competition for Water Efficiency.  Imagine H20 is a nonprofit based in San Francisco whose mission is to, “inspire and empower people to solve water problems.”  Its vision is to “turn water … Continued

Fair Trade Tea Party Stages Violent Protest in Washington

Yesterday, protesters from the divisive Fair Trade Tea Party clashed with D.C. police, as violent protests erupted when throngs of activists descended upon Capitol Hill. The group, inspired by the larger Tea Party Movement, demonstrated in front of the nation’s capitol, each member carrying clenched fistfuls of tea bags, many of which were ethically-sourced from … Continued


Can the US Learn from India’s Climate Change Policy?

India’s Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation: Carbon Trading and Beyond By Swapan Mehra 2010 could well end up being a landmark year for Green Development in India. On February 26th, Pranab Mukherjee, the Indian Finance Minister, announced the creation of a National Clean Energy Fund to support development of Renewable Energy to be financed by … Continued

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Carbon Trading Complexity Putting Strains on Market Reputation

A series of criminal investigations and auditor suspensions in carbon trading markets threaten to give the process of trading pollution credits the same bad reputation as “collateral debt obligations” and other arcane financial instruments that helped trigger the Great Recession. The problems also highlight a lack of personnel qualified to do the complex work of … Continued


Industry Veteran Opines at Wall Street Green Trading Summit

Peter Fusaro knows environmental finance markets. As the Chairman of Global Change Associates, Fusaro is an energetic and tenacious green markets cheerleader with over 34 years of government policy and industry experience. When he took the stage at his 9th annual Wall Street Green Trading Summit last week in New York City, audience members perked … Continued

Green Choice Campaign 2010: Rate & Review Green Charities

If you have had experience with environmental non-profit organizations, why not share your story with the world? Whether your experience was fabulous, mediocre or somewhere in between, the GreatNonprofits Green Choice Campaign 2010 is asking for your input.  Now is your chance to review that green non-profit and share your experience.   Your review may help … Continued


China Blistering Past US in Green Investment

The Pew Charitable Trusts released a study showing that for the first time, China is leading the United States in green technology investment.  Considering that China is four times the size of US, the study may not be surprising, but the pace at which Chinese investment has increased is certainly shocking.  Five years ago, the Chinese … Continued


UK to Start $3 Billion “Green” Investment Bank

The British government unveiled Wednesday a Green Investment Bank that will have £2 billion ($3 billion) to invest in “high risk” green projects. A similar proposal was floated in the United States Congress last year before that institution became completely obsessed with..what was it?..oh yeah. The British version was unveiled by Finance minister Alistair Darling … Continued


Carbon Offsets: Giving Credit Where It’s Due

By Justin Felt, Product Manager for Offsets, Point Carbon Carbon offset markets have exploded in the last ten years, from a theoretical concept to a $25 billion-a-year industry. Increasing attention and criticism have also followed this steep rise. While many articles have focused on various aspects of carbon offset credits, few fully explain what an … Continued


5 Reasons for Environmental & Economic Good Cheer

By Michael J. Walsh, Executive Vice President for Research, Chicago Climate Exchange/Chicago Climate Futures Exchange Policymakers in Washington and in capitals around the world continue to debate how to achieve cleaner energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While challenging issues surrounding costs, international competitiveness, job creation and other tough topics remain, there is also reason … Continued

Charities Plan to Raise Salaries, Hire Staff in 2010: Survey

A majority of non-profit organizations in three parts of the country – New York City, New Jersey and Washington D.C. – expect to hire staff in the year ahead. Most will also raise salaries, or at least keep them steady, according to a trio of surveys by Professionals for Nonprofits, a staffing firm. According to … Continued


Follow the CSR Leaders

During the Economist’s Corporate Citizenship Conference earlier this week, I heard nearly three dozen global leaders discuss the challenges, successes and failures of corporate citizenship.  From their comments, I gleaned a collection of best practices for developing corporate citizenship programs that generate tangible results.  Here’s what these leaders recommend. Collaborate with competitors. It’s not easy … Continued

United Prosperity’s Powerful Upgrade to the Microfinance Model

Microfinance is feel-good. It’s win-win-win for investors without demanding return requirements. It’s low risk. It helps the poor and empowers an escape from subsistence living. Microfinance is finance we can live with, far from Wall Street’s psychotic derivatives and Madoff-styled sociopaths. Microfinance is lending and investing that’s so ideal that it’s almost cutesy. However, it’s … Continued


Reframing Cap and Trade

By Peter Fusaro, Founder, Wall Street Green Trading Summit Cap and Trade has been hijacked, the wind taken out of its sails by climate change skeptics. More specifically, the issue of market-based solutions for addressing environmental problems has been utterly distorted. The truth of the matter is that markets have worked to drive efficient, environmental … Continued