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Bank of America Putting Billions into Solar

This deal is a really big deal.

Bank of America announced an agreement this week with ProLogis, and NRG Energy and the US DOE’s Loan Program Office to finance the deployment of up to $2.6 billion of commercial and industrial rooftop solar installations, all across the country.

This will be the largest distributed solar deal in history, which will create the equivalent of over 10,000 job-years, while providing 733MW of distributed solar energy, which is enough to power 100,000 homes across 28 states.

Let Employees “Have At It” When It Comes to Using Competitor Products

This post is part of a series on Stakeholder Engagement sponsored by Jurat Software. Intuitively, it would seem to be a good thing when a company has a band of loyal employees who diligently use the products they make over those of their competitors. Employees who “fly the company flag” show their solidarity by demonstrating … Continued

10 Recommendations for Start-ups Looking to Raise Capital

The 2011 Pipeline Fund Fellowship Pitch Summit had eleven woman-owned, for-profit, socially responsible businesses presenting their business plans, hoping to raise money from a group of ten women learning to become angel investors.   During a break in the pitches, Nithya Das, an associate at the law firm Goodwin Procter presented the keynote.  She represents and … Continued

Social Entrepreneurs Lag Behind Impact Investors

By Matt Evans Aron Jakab runs Fruit of Care, a social enterprise selling high quality design home decor like fruit scented candles produced by people with disabilities employed in workshops across Hungary. Aron is a savvy entrepreneur now, but a few years ago, the talented designer had no knowledge and expertise in business management, finance … Continued

The Sustainable, Durable Solution to Bike Helmet Safety: Cardboard?!

Bicycling is an inherently sustainable form of transportation: No emissions, minimal materials required to make the vehicle, increased rider fitness, decreased auto traffic. And yet there’s a weak link in this chain: The helmet. Modern day helmets are single use, and unrecyclable when done. In other words, one crash and it’s in the trash. And … Continued

Business Professionals and Non-Profits: Opposites Do Attract

Business people have analytical skills.  Non-profit organizations have an increasing need for analytical skills. One would think it’s a match made in heaven. But due to misconceptions on both sides of the employment fence, there is a leadership gap.   Monisha Kapila, founder of ProInspire,  believes that the non-profit talent shortage has many sources – retiring … Continued

Filling the Gender Gap – Educating and Training Women as Angel Investors

The glass ceiling is alive and well, especially for start-up entrepreneurs. According to American Express Open 29% of all US businesses are owned by women and their numbers are growing by 1 and a half times the national average.  “There are over 8.1 million women-owned businesses in the United States, generating nearly $1.3 trillion in … Continued

SOCAP in Amsterdam: Social Missions Meet Financial Markets

By Matt Evans At the beginning of this month, SOCAP Europe was hosted  in the same area of Amsterdam where the very first capital markets were built over 400 years ago. Created to invest in the dangerous voyages of sea captains to the Far East to bring back spices, silk, and other revolutionary products, those … Continued

DeveloperTown Creating Innovative Business Ecosystem

A new kind of work environment is emerging in Indianapolis. Rather then fitting a business into an existing office building, or using energy and resources to remodel a building, or even a coworking space, a hybrid of the best aspects of all of those is being created by DeveloperTown. And it’s on wheels. What began … Continued

The Secret Sauce is People. It’s People!

At Sustainable Brands ’11, there’s much talk about, well, brands. But what powers those brands? Employees. People. In the pursuit of innovation, competitive edge and profits, many companies lose sight of the real force behind their brands. Similarly, companies striving for sustainability often focus on their environmental impacts to the neglect of the social side. … Continued

Khosla Chides Big Oil on Risk and Biofuels

When a big money entrepreneur criticizes Big Oil for its questionable approach to risk-taking, perhaps it’s time to pay serious attention. Billionaire venture capitalist Vinod Khosla took Big Oil to the woodshed this week for taking on expensive and long-odds risks on deepwater drilling rather than embracing the future of biomass energy. Khosla, speaking Monday … Continued

Cutting Edge Capital: Campaign to Legalize Crowdfunding

TriplePundit has been following the work of Cutting Edge Capital for some time now. The group consists of, among others, Michael Shuman (author of the Small-Mart Revolution), John Katovich, JD (Professor at the Presidio Graduate School), and CEO Jennie Kassen from Cutting Edge Capital. The aim is to help small businesses gain access to capital … Continued

Lesson from Cambodia: Why Female Role Models are Key to Women’s Empowerment

By Victoria L. Petitjean The case for sex and gender equality has been widely made, and maybe more than ever in recent years with people focusing particularly on women still lacking in important decision-making roles. One important point that has been made is that we, individuals, societies and even businesses need to understand even more … Continued

eBay Partners With Ashoka’s Changemakers to Fund Social Entrepreneurs

Ashoka’s Changemakers has partnered with the eBay Foundation to help five aspiring social entrepreneurs with $50,000 in startup capital. The initiative, called “Powering Economic Opportunity: Create a World that Works” seeks to fund innovative market-based solutions that create employment opportunities for vulnerable populations. And in this case, the early bird really does get the worm! … Continued