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Top Five Start-Up Posts of the Year

Dear Readers, TriplePundit has had a heck of a year. With your help, we’ve grown to be one of the most widely-read online publications about sustainable business, we’ve brought in many new contributors, and we’ve helped stoke the fires of a new, green economy in many new places. We hope you’ve had a great time … Continued

Bling Nation: Eliminating Paper in Transactions

A favorite aspect of my consulting practice is when I receive an invitation to sit in a room with entrepreneurs starting businesses that they believe will produce an iPhone app, or even that they’ll become the next Google. I had just such an opportunity at the Venture Summit, Silicon Valley hosted by Always On. What … Continued


The Austra-Mexican Lightbulb Solution to Global Warming

An Australian company is giving away 30 million compact fluorescent light bulbs to Mexican households in hopes of reaping big rewards in the international carbon credit markets. Cool nrg, an environmental consulting firm with an anti-poverty focus, is using a framework set up by the 1997 Kyoto Protocols, called the Clean Development Mechanism, to generate … Continued

Can the Words “Eco” & “Travel” Ever Go Together?

In recent decades, travel has become cheap, thereby allowing a large portion of the population to go wherever it pleases. While, at first glance, this seems a good thing, it has contributed in many ways to the increasing homogenization of world culture, and an increasing environmental footprint–something that more then 70 world leaders are meeting … Continued


“Cost Less, Mean More”: A $10 Trillion Product Revolution

An Australian expression I love and use constantly is “No worries!” That phrase captures the essence of an entrepreneur’s faith. And it captures my faith that it will be our entrepreneurs, rather than government, that lead the way in figuring out solutions to our current environmental and economic mess. My attendance at the Cleantech Open … Continued

The Global Water Challenge: Four Novel Solutions

“There are 84 million people without water.  More children die from bad water than from HIV and malaria combined.  But solutions abound.”  Those were the words of hope spoken by Cheryl Choge from Global Water Challenge at the Net Impact 2009 Conference.  Cheryl and Tito Llantada of Ashoka Changemakers discussed the winning ideas from the … Continued

Cooling Downtown with Seawater in Honolulu

Within the next couple of years Honolulu will become the first warm-climate city to use frigid deep-sea water to cool part of its downtown core. Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning, a limited liability company created specifically to develop the $240 million project, says its technology will cut the city’s air conditioning electricity usage by up to … Continued


Water Cap And Trade? Coming Soon To A Watershed Near You

One of the most innovative initiatives I learned about at last week’s Corporate Water Footprinting Conference (Dec. 2-3, 2009) was the Water Restoration Certificates (WRC’s) mechanism created by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. At this point, it is the nation’s first voluntary water restoration marketplace.  So how does it work? The clearest description comes straight from … Continued

Oybike Rolls into the Bike-Sharing Biz

As we’ve been reporting, some bike-sharing programs (well, okay, mostly the Velib system in Paris) have been navigating rough stretches of road, due to everything from vandalism to poor logistics to class distinctions. But that didn’t keep the curiously-named startup Oybike from introducing a bike rental system in the UK. What makes its system unique … Continued

New Journal Aims to Move from Problems to Solutions

There are many scientific journals and publications that exist to raise awareness about environmental issues, where scientists can present research and propose recommendations on ways to mitigate the problems we face related to our environment. Though discussion and debate is important, many believe it is time to move from debate to demonstrated action. While, as … Continued

West Coast Village Capital is Looking for a Few Good Social Ventures

West Coast Village Capital (WCVC) is a social venture program that brings together entrepreneurs to learn from and support each other’s social enterprises. Over the course of 12 weeks, beginning in January 2010, up to 30 social entrepreneurs will work together in groups of five to share their knowledge, strengthen their models, and build their … Continued


B Corps Win Healthy Tax Break in Landmark Law

B Lab, the force behind a new business sector designation—called the B Corporation—which recognizes companies that meet a set of social, environmental and institutional benchmarks for sustainability, is facing a Herculean effort. The work won’t be in convincing people that business can be a positive force for social change—there are already 240 companies in 28 … Continued

The Importance of Being Earnest at COP 15

If it’s all about the money, and it usually is, then the future financial landscape for cleantech development hinges on the outcome of the Copenhagen climate change conference as essentially as the meeting’s long-term impacts on environmental policy. There will be impacts whether or not binding and comprehensive agreements on emission reductions are cobbled in … Continued

U.S. Solar Panel Capacity to Grow by 50 Percent Annually: Report

Installed solar panel capacity in the United States will grow by 48-50 percent or more each year for the next three years, according to a new report from GTM Research, the research arm of Greentech Media. By 2012, PV capacity in the U.S. could surpass Germany, the current global leader. The predict growth, extrapolated from … Continued

Minnesota Startup Uses Moss — Yes, Moss — to Keep Pools Clean

Moss. We’ve all seen it growing in bogs, on tree trunks, and in-between cracks in the sidewalk. But, did you ever think that this common plant could potentially revolutionize an entire industry? Enter David Knighton, MD, co-founder and CEO of the Minnesota-based startup, Creative Water Solutions. Knighton, a physician, inventor and entrepreneur–who also happens to … Continued