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Too Small to Fail: The Role of Micro-lending in Economic Recovery

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest op-ed by Eric Weaver, Opportunity Fund, and Matt Lonner, Chevron. Periodically we are approached by companies wishing to publish op-ed material and other content, sometimes we accept it, sometimes not. We were recently approached by Chevron to do this. While the oil industry is a controversial one on … Continued

StartUp Scramble D.C. University Challenge

By John Comberiate Sustainability, green technology and community impact are all hot right now.  It’s easy to promote these ideas in business and agree that they’re important. What’s not easy is actually implementing new business plans devoted to them.  Taking it a step further, it’s even harder to train the next generation of entrepreneurs so … Continued

French Carbon Tax Requires Tracking to Be Effective

By Michael Woelk CEO of Picarro Last Wednesday the much debated French carbon tax got a new chance at life.  The tax was struck down on Dec. 29 after the country’s highest court called the bill anti-constitutional. The concern was that the proposed bill had too many exemptions, but there are other problems with the … Continued

“Dr. IM” Brings You Healthcare, Via Texts and PayPal

Dubbed “Dr. IM,” Jay Parkinson is re-imagining healthcare with a 21st century toolkit. Up until recently, Parkinson had no office, no secretary, and for all intents and purposes, did not fit the image of the doctor. That’s because he is not the typical doctor. Parkinson started Hello Health with partner, Nat Findlay, in a coffee … Continued

Swiss Bank UBS Introduces Code of Ethics and Conduct

Recently Swiss bank UBS, the world’s largest private bank, announced it had introduced a new employee code of ethics and conduct. All of its 69,000 employees are required to read the code, pass a test, and sign it. “There are no exceptions,” explained the bank’s CEO, Oswald Gruebel, and Chairman Kaspar Villiger, in the preface … Continued

Spot Pet Treats: A Greener Way to Reward Fido

It is tough being a socially responsible doggie owner.  Between the necessary poo-bags, toys, food and treats, I know my personal footprint went up after I got my pooch. But Spot Pet Care has come out with a new product, Spot Pet Treats, that makes it a bit easier to be a greener pet owner. … Continued

Getting More Green: Funding for Clean Tech

By Charles Shereda This is not likely to be the first you’ve heard this, but if you’re a modern-day Rip Van Winkle and just woke up from a nap you began in 1999, you’d better brace yourself – maybe grab a cup of coffee.  The news?  It was tough going for entrepreneurs looking for funding … Continued

Project H: Design for Healthy, Happy People and Habitats

Project H Design is a collective of designers who believe in the power of good design to change the world. Founded last year by architect and designer (and former managing editor) Emily Pilloton, the non-profit will kick off it its Design Revolution Road Show in February. During this tour, the crew will haul an … Continued

Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Heart Shaped Country

By Amina Horozic You’re from where? I was almost twelve years old when I came to the US in 1994. Since then whenever I mention that I am from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, I am always inundated with all sorts of unusual questions. Occasionally, I have to clarify that it is a country in Southeastern Europe east … Continued


Shrink Nanotechnologies Bets on Bioplastic

This post by Bruce Haring, originally appeared on CleanTechies. Shrink Nanotechnologies is one of several companies that is using bioplastics to find a new way of making devices that will minimize the use of increasingly-scarce rare metals. The company’s OptiSol Solar Concentrator is billed as a nanotechnology-based plastic solar concentrator and solar film. Traditional silicon … Continued

FrontlineSMS:Medic Co-founder on Mobile Healthcare at PopTech Conference

Text messages save lives. So says Josh Nesbit, co-founder of FrontlineSMS:Medic. He discovered a while back one of the key devices in providing adequate healthcare. It has nothing do with lasers or imaging equipment, devices made in the back lab of some highly funded biotech firm. Healthcare, to him, is best delivered by cell phone. … Continued

Storytelling, Performing and Social Growth

As I think of compelling stories to tell, I realize that I am not only writing stories to be enjoyed by others, but that I’m writing my own story as well—a story containing many pages of triumph and lessons learned through my own experiences, and through the stories of others. Each time I am blessed … Continued