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Yogo: The Path to Mass Electric Vehicle Adoption?

You live in a city. You don’t need a car. A scooter seems like a good idea, but they produce nasty emissions. Electric scooter? Not going to cut it, because you’d have to plug it into an outlet and don’t have a garage. This is the scenario many urban dwellers with a sustainable mindset face. … Continued

Khunu's Wool Sweater

Garments From Yak Wool Offer Himalayan Hope

It’s not often that clothing manufacturing can achieve a social purpose.  Clothing and footwear companies somehow find a way to draw activists’ ire, due to everything from labor violations to questionable sourcing of raw materials.  One company, however, brings together social entrepreneurship and luxury adventure-wear. Khunu, with offices in Hong Kong and Colorado, uses yak … Continued


What Doesn’t Kill You: Cap-and-Trade Endures

Like global warming, cap-and-trade isn’t going away. The trading system in place in Europe has managed to survive a series of scandals in the last year or so, and the price of a permit to emit one metric ton of carbon has been rising steadily for the last month — despite an oversupply due to … Continued


The International Case for Carbon and the Economy

By Henry Derwent, President and CEO, IETA As Congress shifts its attention from health care to energy and climate change, the discussion will undoubtedly return to the role of international offsets in a cap-and-trade system. It will again focus on the ability of international offsets to ensure cost containment and provide a more liquid domestic … Continued

A Quirky Path to Exciting Product Development

Quirky, a company that collaboratively designs consumer products, sells them, and then shares the revenues with its online community, raised US$6 million in Series A capital this week from RRE Ventures. The Internet certainly has revolutionized commerce:  people can open a business with little start-up capital, individuals can sell their wares using a third party … Continued


CSR Reporting: What Investors Want

Who really reads CSR reports? Do investors really use them?  I heard speakers from Intel, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Merck & Co., and CalSTRS offer differing answers to these questions during a panel on CSR reporting at the recent Financial Times Conference “Investing in a Sustainable Future.” Merck’s Director of Corporate Responsibility Maggie Kohn … Continued

Don’t Get Bamboozled: How to Respond to the FTC’s Recent Crackdown on Greenwashing

By: Michael Wolfe, Director, Environmental Certification Services Scientific Certification Systems Since the Federal Trade Commission sent warning letters to 78 companies advising them to stop illegally labeling and advertising rayon products as “bamboo,” manufacturers and retailers have been wondering if this signals a widespread greenwash crackdown. The risk is clear—the textile market, for example, has … Continued


Salesforce GreenExchange: Open Source Sustainability?

Chances are that you’ve used a CRM (customer relationship management) tool for some job function at one time or another.  Taming the wild beast of a CRM often became the bane of my past jobs—and to its credit, really leveled the CRM playing field.’s product line, working from the cloud, not only made … Continued

New Sky Energy Turning Agricultural Waste into Clean Water for California’s Farms

The last several years have not been easy for California’s San Joaquin Valley, which is arguably the nation’s bread basket—or perhaps, fruit basket for its plentiful citrus, stone fruit, and grapes. Sparse rain and reduced water moved from the Sacramento river delta region has resulted in barren farms and dying orchards.  Meanwhile, irrigation runoff has … Continued

PeopleTowel Shows How a Green Business Can Effectively Use Social Media

Did you know you use an average of 2400-3000 paper towels a year, and that’s just at work? That when those paper towels decompose, they produce methane (cow fart anybody?) Even for the most sustainably-minded among us, there’s a sense that using paper towel is a “necessary evil,” or perhaps you kid yourself that they’re … Continued

Can Help AOL Reinvent Itself?

AOL used to be the grand dame of the internet service providers until high speed internet came along. AOL has struggled to reinvent itself ever since. Perhaps the recently launched, a local content site, will help AOL transform itself into the place to go for local content. Patch describes itself as a “community-specific news … Continued

ImagineH20 Water Prize Hits Liquid Gold

ImagineH20 held its inaugural Water Innovators Showcase two weeks ago, a swanky, well-attended event that introduced and celebrated the winners of its Water Prize Competition for Water Efficiency.  Imagine H20 is a nonprofit based in San Francisco whose mission is to, “inspire and empower people to solve water problems.”  Its vision is to “turn water … Continued

Fair Trade Tea Party Stages Violent Protest in Washington

Yesterday, protesters from the divisive Fair Trade Tea Party clashed with D.C. police, as violent protests erupted when throngs of activists descended upon Capitol Hill. The group, inspired by the larger Tea Party Movement, demonstrated in front of the nation’s capitol, each member carrying clenched fistfuls of tea bags, many of which were ethically-sourced from … Continued


Can the US Learn from India’s Climate Change Policy?

India’s Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation: Carbon Trading and Beyond By Swapan Mehra 2010 could well end up being a landmark year for Green Development in India. On February 26th, Pranab Mukherjee, the Indian Finance Minister, announced the creation of a National Clean Energy Fund to support development of Renewable Energy to be financed by … Continued