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Charities Plan to Raise Salaries, Hire Staff in 2010: Survey

A majority of non-profit organizations in three parts of the country – New York City, New Jersey and Washington D.C. – expect to hire staff in the year ahead. Most will also raise salaries, or at least keep them steady, according to a trio of surveys by Professionals for Nonprofits, a staffing firm. According to … Continued


Follow the CSR Leaders

During the Economist’s Corporate Citizenship Conference earlier this week, I heard nearly three dozen global leaders discuss the challenges, successes and failures of corporate citizenship.  From their comments, I gleaned a collection of best practices for developing corporate citizenship programs that generate tangible results.  Here’s what these leaders recommend. Collaborate with competitors. It’s not easy … Continued

United Prosperity’s Powerful Upgrade to the Microfinance Model

Microfinance is feel-good. It’s win-win-win for investors without demanding return requirements. It’s low risk. It helps the poor and empowers an escape from subsistence living. Microfinance is finance we can live with, far from Wall Street’s psychotic derivatives and Madoff-styled sociopaths. Microfinance is lending and investing that’s so ideal that it’s almost cutesy. However, it’s … Continued


Reframing Cap and Trade

By Peter Fusaro, Founder, Wall Street Green Trading Summit Cap and Trade has been hijacked, the wind taken out of its sails by climate change skeptics. More specifically, the issue of market-based solutions for addressing environmental problems has been utterly distorted. The truth of the matter is that markets have worked to drive efficient, environmental … Continued


Can We Put a Price on Solving Climate Change?

Earlier this week, Lisa Zelljadt from Point Carbon wrote of her company’s new “Carbon 2010” report, which is a worthy attempt at covering the complex set of variables involved in creating and sustaining markets for carbon allowances. The report quantifies the responses from their proprietary data and marketing survey of approximately 1,500 carbon professionals who … Continued


Carbon Markets: Trading to Stop Climate Change

By Elizabeth (Lisa) Zelljadt, Senior Analyst, Point Carbon Every morning Mike walks into his London office and logs on to the Intercontinental Exchange, where he and most of his colleagues do all their work. He surveys the news for major political developments related to greenhouse gas emissions, then checks current and forward prices of fuels, … Continued


ExxonMobil Gushing with Cash and Confidence

Here’s a news flash of sorts: ExxonMobil (XOM), the world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas company, has barrels of money and plans $28 billion in capital spending this year and about $25-$30 billion each year thereafter through 2014. The company made more than $19 billion last year and generated cash flow of $28.4 billion. … Continued

A Light in the Dark: The Success of the U.S. Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Market

By Dan Kalafatas, President, 3Degrees It is tempting for environmental market advocates (like myself) to gnash their teeth as climate change misinformation and standard Washington gridlock continue to delay passage of climate change legislation that would create a national carbon market. However, in doing so, we are ignoring a bright light amidst the darkness – … Continued

What if Doing Well Means Getting Sued?

Dr. Peter Cappelli of Pennsylvania University’s Wharton School recently finished a study that suggests Indian firms succeed because they often have a strong social mission.  Doing well financially is possible, Cappelli and his team of researchers assert, because they are “doing good.”  Indeed, a cursory look at large Indian corporations offers commendable mission statements:  Tata … Continued

Defining Corporate Citizenship

How much of a role should business play in tackling global questions such as climate change, unemployment, restoring trust in the aftermath of the financial crisis and distributing international aid?  What is the nature and extent of the private sector’s responsibility in resolving these issues? At what point should corporations step alongside government and help … Continued

How Carbon Markets Can Deliver Local, Sustainable Development Throughout the World

By Boyd Cohen, co-founder, Kincentricity Social Carbon Carbon trading is a $100+ billion global industry driven largely by the regulated markets in Europe, where most of the offset trading is done on the European Union Trading System (EUTS). The primary tool resulting from the Kyoto Accord for generating offsets for the EUTS is the Clean … Continued


eBay Aquisition: Has World of Good Sold Out?

World of Good Inc., a company that has made a business of connecting artisans in developing countries with mainstream consumer markets, announced last week that eBay has fully acquired its brand and related assets. The company also announced that GreaterGood, a division of Charity USA has acquired its wholesale division and line of designer Fair … Continued

vrachtfiets dutch solar powered cargo bikes photo

How To Make Your Business More Sustainable: Put it on Wheels!

For most people without a washer and dryer, there are three choices: carry your dirty stuff to the local laundromat, drive if it’s too much to carry, or pay someone to pickup and deliver it. For all of these, there are both a business and an environmental opportunity: Bikes. Yes, as mentioned recently in Springwise, … Continued


SEC Climate Change Guidelines Lead to New Shareholder Resolutions

By Dale Wannen If recent talk about climate change hasn’t already rattled every CEO’s corporate cage, then yesterday’s news regarding shareholder resolutions should do the trick.  It was announced during a phone-based news conference today that investors filed a record 95 climate change resolutions against companies ranging from coal mining to big box retailers.  That’s … Continued