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Defining Corporate Citizenship

How much of a role should business play in tackling global questions such as climate change, unemployment, restoring trust in the aftermath of the financial crisis and distributing international aid?  What is the nature and extent of the private sector’s responsibility in resolving these issues? At what point should corporations step alongside government and help … Continued

How Carbon Markets Can Deliver Local, Sustainable Development Throughout the World

By Boyd Cohen, co-founder, Kincentricity Social Carbon Carbon trading is a $100+ billion global industry driven largely by the regulated markets in Europe, where most of the offset trading is done on the European Union Trading System (EUTS). The primary tool resulting from the Kyoto Accord for generating offsets for the EUTS is the Clean … Continued


eBay Aquisition: Has World of Good Sold Out?

World of Good Inc., a company that has made a business of connecting artisans in developing countries with mainstream consumer markets, announced last week that eBay has fully acquired its brand and related assets. The company also announced that GreaterGood, a division of Charity USA has acquired its wholesale division and line of designer Fair … Continued

vrachtfiets dutch solar powered cargo bikes photo

How To Make Your Business More Sustainable: Put it on Wheels!

For most people without a washer and dryer, there are three choices: carry your dirty stuff to the local laundromat, drive if it’s too much to carry, or pay someone to pickup and deliver it. For all of these, there are both a business and an environmental opportunity: Bikes. Yes, as mentioned recently in Springwise, … Continued


SEC Climate Change Guidelines Lead to New Shareholder Resolutions

By Dale Wannen If recent talk about climate change hasn’t already rattled every CEO’s corporate cage, then yesterday’s news regarding shareholder resolutions should do the trick.  It was announced during a phone-based news conference today that investors filed a record 95 climate change resolutions against companies ranging from coal mining to big box retailers.  That’s … Continued


Socially Responsible Financing For-Profit: An Emerging Opportunity

This is what the triple bottom line should be all about but maybe a Harvard Business Review article will put a firmer imprimatur on an emerging business opportunity for CEOs in the for-profit finance sector: Linking entrepreneurs and their companies with the necessary resources needed to create lasting social change. Writing in HBR’s blog this … Continued

How International Business Outsourcing Helps Rural Development in India

By: Rishabh Kaul A decade ago, the business world started outsourcing its back end work to the Indian megacities. But for a nation with 70% of its population living in rural settings, a new breed of Business Process Outsourcing companies (BPOs) are emerging which hope to tap into this talent pool. They are taking employment … Continued

3p on Carbon Trading: Will Markets Solve the Climate Crisis?

Carbon offsets, carbon exchange markets, emissions credits, cap and trade, emissions trading. These assorted terms all describe the various forms of carbon trading, from the individual wishing to offset his or her airline flight, to heavy industry compliance with federally mandated emissions reductions schemes, to the speculator simply plying the market for profit. While the … Continued

Carbon Emissions Meets Financial Reporting: No Time to Waste

By Lawrence E. Goldenhersh, president and CEO, Enviance, Inc. In January of this year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) implemented unprecedented new reporting that mandate thousands of companies—many for the first time—track and report their carbon emissions for 2010. Companies have quickly realized that auditable GHG data tracking and … Continued

How Has Microfinance Changed Since 2005?

Microfinance, something now fairly common and even mainstream in 2010, was a novel concept when we first wrote about Kiva in 2005. At that time, you could only lend to people in Uganda. Now you can lend to people around the world, and in a clear sign microfinance has moved beyond being only about helping … Continued

The Cleantech Open – A Bridge over the Valley of Death?

Ed Note: This is the second in a handful of guest posts we felt worth publishing on behalf of Chevron. Although we have mixed feelings about many aspects of the oil industry, Chevron’s sponsorship of today’s cleantech open speaks to their willingness to enter into a productive dialog with entrepreneurs building a new energy economy. … Continued

Will Private Toll Roads Help Get Us Where We Want to Go?

Back in 2005, 3p’s inaugural year, we looked at the role private toll roads can play in reducing traffic congestion—one of our nation’s largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions—as well as fix struggling state budgets. Fast forward five years, and it seems like we’re still asking ourselves that same question: are private toll roads the … Continued

The Next Urban Development Frontier: On the Water?

In our increasingly crowded world, there are many schools of thought as to how and where to fit all those people. Where do they live? Where is their food grown? And particularly vexing, where do they work? Smart urban design is fast becoming a must, around the world. You could just keep building upward, sprawling … Continued

The Wind Beneath a Greener Ferry’s Wings

A small San Francisco startup, Wind+Wing Technologies, wants to take us back to the future with its concept for ferries equipped with carbon composite wings as sails, an idea that is also taking hold in a different form for ocean cargo vessels. Ferries with sails are a natural for the Bay Area because of the … Continued