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New Opportunities and Conflicts for Sustainable Investors

The Boston investment firm Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management has produced a new paper called “Capital and Climate Change” arguing that climate change is creating new investment opportunities in such areas as water management, sustainable agriculture and energy. It’s a thought-provoking paper for socially responsible investors, also called sustainable investors, who are looking for new ways … Continued

Eco-Friendly Startup Opportunities With Low Capital Requirements

You’ve probably heard that green is gold. While nothing is quite that easy, the business case for green is solid, and its fundamentals are extremely strong. A green business is not much different from a conventional business in many ways: you still have to create a product or service people want, market it, deliver it, … Continued

Video Interview: CEO of Rentalic Sees Garages of Idle Stuff as Business Opportunity

Many people own excess stuff, or have spare time and empty rooms.  Imagine if this idle capacity can become a business opportunity.  This video with Punsri Abeywickrema, CEO of Rentalic, profiles their online rental marketplace where individuals can rent items, services or real estate to and from each other.  A winner of Paypal X Developer … Continued

Bottom of the Pyramid: Throw Out the Cookie-Cutter Investment Approach

By Abby Callard, Beyond Profit So, you have an innovative business model that you think will improve the lives of millions of people living on less than US$2 a day? Next step: finding capital. Finding, and maintaining, capital is one of the most challenging aspects of running any new enterprise, and businesses operating in the … Continued

More Efficient Batteries = More Jobs

by Daniel Fielding This story is about green jobs. But before I get into it, I must make a disclosure: I have an obsession with automobiles. We take cars and trucks for granted. Domestic car manufacturing practically defined the United States in Detroit during the 1970s. Just after World War II, for example, around 60 … Continued

Gaming For Good: Ridekicks

It used to be that gaming was considered a waste of time, the pastime of pasty skinned boys. Something to blame for the lack of connection in our communities. Now, it’s being used to educate our children, bring math to life for adults and…make ridesharing cool?! Building on the premise that when you add rewards, acknowledgment, … Continued

Got Wind? Not Sure? Wind Products Can Help

Many homeowners around the world are interested in exploring opportunities for small scale wind, but a gap exists between education and action. There are many issues that have to be addressed before an individual decides to implement wind on their property, including questions about wind potential, federal and state incentives and environmental issues associated with … Continued

Userful Offers Affordable, Green Computing for Schools Worldwide

Userful, a Canadian-based computer company, can perform a magic trick. It can turn one computer into ten. This sleight-of-hand has brought computers to more than 300,000 schools in 100 countries around the world, where computer access was previously impossible due to price and a lack of skilled personnel to maintain the systems. Userful’s multiple-seat application … Continued

Catchafire Matches Professionals to Volunteer Projects [Video]

Catchafire creates structured, skills-based volunteer opportunities for professionals who want to give back in a meaningful way.  Rachael Chong founded the company, which launched its beta site in September, after experiencing the void from both angles.  As an investment banker wanting to volunteer her “newly minted financial skills” and as a nonprofit leader looking for … Continued

Money Flowing To Water Technologies, Slowly

By Ellisa Feinstein It’s no surprise that a good percentage of companies represented at the recent GoingGreen conference provide wastewater treatment solutions. In 2009, these technologies grabbed 36% ($51 million) of the total early stage venture investments ($149 million) in water, according to a 2010 report on water innovation by the Cleantech Group. As noted … Continued

India: From Dirty Fuels to Clean and Green in 60 Seconds?

By Suzanne York As a nation of 1.1 billion people and growing, with a robust economy, India is a crucial player on the global climate stage.  Will it move from its current reliance on fossil fuels, especially coal, or will it take steps to a clean energy future, and balance an expanding economy and populace … Continued

The Vegetarian Butcher Opens Palettes (and Minds) To a Meat Free Diet

Much like environmentalists focusing on scary outsized statistics and nagging people to change their behavior has proven less than effective, moving people to a non meat diet won’t be achieved through polarizing positions, guilt, shaming, or lashing out at meat eaters. De Vegetarische Slager (The Vegetarian Butcher) is on to something interesting: It creates meat … Continued

Video Interview: Aaron Marcus of AM and A on Motivating Culture Towards Sustainability

By Connie Kwan Cultural resistance can be a significant roadblock for GreenTech adoption.  GreenTech entrepreneurs can only be as successful at selling GreenTech as the customer culture is willing to embrace it.  Thus, an understanding of cultural behavior is necessary for every successful GreenTech entrepreneur.  This video interview with Aaron Marcus of AM and A … Continued

Design Thinking for Social Innovation: A Conversation with IDEO’s Sally Madsen

by Jess Sand As the private sector beings to embrace the possibility that social innovation can lead to a robust bottom line, companies face the very real challenge of figuring out what these efforts might actually look like on the ground. Can a for-profit business truly adapt conventional operational approaches to build a more just … Continued

Connecting Big and Small Business: Money Meets Innovation

Radical breakthrough innovation often happens in garages, window-less offices, and coffee shops.  Small companies innovate.  Ideas take off and get big when they are taken to scale.  In other words, big business brings innovation to the world.  When these two join forces, good things can happen, like when Toyota invested in Tesla Motors to the tune … Continued