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Vote for the Green Business of the Year

It’s that time again!  Green America’s annual popular vote to elect this year’s most inspiring green business.  What defines green business is subject of some debate, but Green America’s criteria and pioneering work in the field have helped set the standard for triple bottom line metrics.  One of last year’s winners, Dharma Merchant Services, for … Continued


Brooklyn Brew Shop Shows How to Mainstream DIY Food Production

Brooklyn Brew Shop is an intriguing sign of our times: They offer urban oriented home beer brewing kits, and rather than focus on the craft, DIY, beer snob appeal, they offer economy, ease, and good taste in possibly the best written ad copy I’ve seen all year: Making beer is not difficult. It requires little … Continued

A Mission to Change Capital Markets: Mission Markets

Have you ever wanted to invest in a company that focuses on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profits?  Or are you a triple bottom line based company that seeks capital?   It is difficult to find a marketplace where sustainability minded investors and businesses can meet.  This is about to get easier. Looking … Continued

Five Clean Tech Entrepreneurs Compete for €500,000 Prize

Finding seed money is a difficult task for clean tech innovators, but persistence, a water-tight business plan, and a scalable product can lead to opportunities for the right technology.  One lucrative competition is occurring in Amsterdam, where five entrepreneurs have an opportunity to gain 500,000 euros (US$635,000). This week, the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, sponsored … Continued

Unity of Effort: Crowdsourcing is the New American Way

On my way into work this morning, I was listening to an NPR interview with Retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen. He was speaking with NPR’s Steve Inskeep about the lessons he’s taken from overseeing the government’s response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Allen was also involved in Hurricane’s Katrina and … Continued


Myoo Create Wants To Teach The World To Scheme

By Carla Rover That’s scheme in the British sense- as in the planning and execution of a collaborative project. Incubated by UK-based Adventure Ecology, Myoo Create, currently in beta, is a collaborative social media company which has partnered with Levi’s to run a series of challenges for budding eco-entrepreneurs. (Triple Pundit also collaborated with Myoo and Social … Continued

Expanding the Market for Clean Energy in Rural India

By Santosh Singh SBA Hydro is just one of the many companies starting to bring clean energy to India’s rural poor. This post is the first of a series by WRI and CDF-IFMR on the market for clean energy for the base of the pyramid in India. Just over a year ago, I was sipping … Continued

Women In Green Forum Logo

Women in Green: Finance Leaders Talk Capital

Three women at the Pasadena Women in Green Forum who represented firms behind the various stages of funding spoke last Wednesday afternoon. They stressed the opportunities and challenges that come with outside funding, as well as growth industries for the next several years.


Jump-Starting Fast Start Finance for Climate Change

A new website launched this month by the United Nations,, is designed to track climate change funding commitments from industrialized countries. The move is an attempt to make sure that developed economies will deliver on their plans to provide seed funds to help poorer nations battle climate change, as the next round of climate … Continued

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

MasterCard and Angkor Wat Hotel Join Forces to Train Local Cambodian Women

in Cambodia, and now there may be more steppingstones for more Cambodians in the future. Through November 30, MasterCard and Hôtel de la Paix will team up to fund a sewing school that will teach women the skills they need in order to support themselves. The funding will occur thanks to a US$50 donation that will be made for every Hôtel de la Paix bill paid with a guest’s MasterCard.


What Happens When Micro Scale Manufacturing and GPS Meet Up?

I have to admit, when I first saw the obscure (to my eyes) circuit boards that you’re presented with when you go to the new collaborative maker/seller store that Ponoko and Sparkfun are offering to enable people to design their own electronics, I thought, oh boy, it’s 70s Radio Shack tinkering all over again. But, … Continued

ReadyForZero Launches Assault on Credit Card Debt

We don’t normally write about traditional tech companies such as those that launch out of Y Combinator, a seed stage accelerator program that funds and helps entrepreneurs launch web companies. But one recent Y Combinator (YC) company showed up on our radar and there is a great story behind it that can’t be found on … Continued


Will Money Talk? Banks Shy from “Dirty” Projects

One of the biggest breakthroughs in the area of corporate social responsibility came when major corporations looked at their social and environmental impact beyond their own doorstep and thought about their supply chains. Major brands with global networks such as Nike, Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Walmart made positive changes in where their goods were made or … Continued


If Natural Gas Can Be Grown on Farms, Can We Also Drill For Broccoli?

This turns out to be a good time for Luca Technologies, a new startup to show up on the scene. Luca has developed a new bio-process for growing natural gas in abandoned coal mines. They do this by injecting, water, microbes and nutrients into dried-up coal bed methane wells.