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The Rented Life, Part 2: How You Can Do It

By Simon Dunne Last week I posted an entry entitled “The Rented Life: Can We Live Without Owning?” touting the many benefits of forgoing ownership of underused possessions. It’s a lifestyle direction growing in popularity, allowing companies like Zipcar to be successful – they provide an attractive alternative to car ownership, allowing city dwellers to … Continued

PG&E Creates $100 Million Solar Slush Fund

PG&E Corporation, the parent company of utility Pacific Gas & Electric, announced on Monday a new $100 million tax equity fund to finance residential solar systems with little or no money down. The fund will bankroll installations by solar installer SunRun, which will own and operate the systems in return for providing customers, who essentially … Continued

Woolfiller Fixes Holey Wool: Poke it Repeatedly With a Needle

Wool. It’s a renewable resource that sees use in a wide range of applications. It magically keeps you warm or cool depending on your needs. But it’s not without its issues. Moths like to eat it. Time tends to wear away at it. It ends up getting holes. For some, a few holes aren’t enough … Continued

charging station

Coulomb Technologies to Bring 5000 Electric Car Charging Stations to US

Mad Max, meet the Jetsons.  Imagine pulling your electric car into a charging station not worrying about the dozen or so gallons of gas being poured into the back of your car.  Imagine there being enough of these charging stations that you need not worry about losing your charge while cruising down an interstate, miles beyond your … Continued


Will Green Tech = Drill, Baby, Drill?

What’s the problem with rare earth minerals? The problem is that they’re rare—maybe even rarer than we used to believe—but they’ve got a major role to fill in the clean energy economy (not to mention consumer electronics). Rare earth minerals  are lightweight, resist heat and are crucial ingredients in the magnets and other components that … Continued

The Green Business Blog Carnival, #1

Welcome the first ever weekly Green Business Blog Carnival! This is a post which serves as a wrap up of the week’s most interesting green business news, as interpreted by various green business publications and writers. It will be hosted somewhere new every Friday – you can find out where it’ll be by checking out … Continued

On Stage at SB10 (image from @asheen)

The Hot Eco-Fashionista Five Principals of Good Design

Summer Rayne Oakes, the woman named “Hottest Eco Model, OK Only Eco Model” by Grist in 2006 is nothing if not conversation worthy. Which is why, when she walked onto the stage at Sustainable Brands 2010 , I opened my email. However, I quickly closed it and started taking notes when I realized that the 5’11 … Continued


Lawsuits Start to Surface From Unclear Green Labeling

My conscious weighs on me as I stare at the selection of colorful shampoos in aisle five of Whole Foods.  Should I pay the extra $1.49 for the one made from organic lavender or save some cash and opt for the one containing the ever-so healthy sodium lauryl sulfite?  According to a recent Wall Street … Continued

Vote Here: Where in Africa Would You Invest?

By David Abraham Two people are sent by their company to a poor and dusty country.  When they return, they report separately to the same supervisor.  “Well, what did you find?” asks the manager of his first employee.  “Sir, the people there don’t even have shoes.  The place is just too poor for us to bother … Continued

Insurance Rates up 50% for Oil Companies – Thanks BP!

The oil spill is Bad News with a capital “B” for enviros, even those of us who lean toward the critically optimistic approach to environmentalism. With oil still leaking in the Gulf after nearly two months, the increasingly cumbersome remediation strategies coupled with increasingly  ridiculous names (I’ve got my money on Death Squad Burst as … Continued

The Semantic Web Comes to Social Change

Imagine if when you searched for “oil spill,” you got not only the most relevant links, but also the most relevant videos as well as ways that you can help through online action.  Now imagine that for each video you watched about the oil spill, you were served up more highly relevant media absent the … Continued

Toyota Prius

Tesla and Toyota: A Match Made on Wall Street?

Tesla’s new partnership with Toyota comes at a trying time in the history of both companies. The recent announcement initially seemed to be good news for these two leaders in the burgeoning green car market. But Tesla’s amended S-1 filing released May 27 indicates that perhaps the deal isn’t as rosy as it first appeared–at … Continued


The Clarity Project Aims to Sell Diamonds to Improve the Lives of Miners

Triple Pundit is excited to be a media partner for this year’s Sustainable Brands conference in Monterey, CA on June 7-10. This post is part of a showcase for SB10’s Innovation Open – an early stage business competition that brings 11 exciting new ideas to the stage. Be sure to drop by the competition on … Continued

Clean Energy a Force for Economic Recovery

The clean-tech sector’s three major bellwethers – biofuels, wind and solar – will power a huge growth curve in clean energy revenue, jobs and capital investment over the next decade, according to a new report from Clean Edge Inc. “Clean Energy Trends 2010” projects that those benchmark technologies, which totaled $124.8 billion in 2008 and … Continued


Accounting for the Next Debt Crisis

It wasn’t so long ago that the Enron scandal emerged and “cooking the books” became a common expression.  Some corporations did almost anything to beat their competitors and as big banks were caught being leveraged more than 30 to 1, we witnessed another failed regulatory accounting method which has led to the current debt crisis.  … Continued