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h.u.m.a.n. Reinvents Vending with Eco-friendly Machines and Healthy Snacks

h.u.m.a.n. Healthy Vending is on a mission to change the world–one snack at a time. The Los Angeles -based company is turning the $30 billion/year vending industry on its ear by using state-of-the-art, energy efficient machines filled only with healthy foods and drinks. In addition, h.u.m.a.n. (short for “helping unite man and nutrition”) donates 10 … Continued

The Ultimate in “Clean” Tech: Sludge?

Pop quiz:  what does our municipal sewage waste that gets processed at wastewater treatment plants, and the great Pacific garbage patch, have in common? Well, not much…yet. A clean tech startup by the name of Micromidas may change all that, and in the process, change the game for plastic packaging. Micromidas won the EPA’s 3P … Continued

Oliberté Footwear: The Shoes with Soul

When it comes to footwear, comfort, style, durability and affordability are important aspects when picking out a pair of shoes.  But there is a lot more that goes into shoes than just our feet. Canadian-based footwear company Oliberté, is stepping up and reaching out to impoverished African communities and making a difference in a big way.  … Continued

Notes from the Cleantech Open Awards Gala

At the last minute, I decided to attend Tuesday night’s Cleantech Open Awards Gala, and was pleasantly surprised at just how many companies with game-changing technologies were participating in the event. From the finalists to the runners-up to last year’s winners, the promise of what was on display was truly astounding, and gives me quite … Continued

Data Storage Startup, Energy Manager, Win GreenBeat Innovation Contest

The winner of the Innovation Competition, held as part of the GreenBeat 2009 conference in San Mateo, California, today, is actually a pair of winners. The judges could not quite settle on one of the 11 entrants and so instead awarded both Locust Storage, a startup (just out of stealth mode today) and CPower , … Continued

As Asia Outpaces America in Cleantech, US and China Agree to Cooperation

Obama’s recent trip to China felt like a bit of a bummer, with the Times pointedly portraying the President as a solitary figure, wandering alone on the Great Wall — and getting stone-walled by the PRC’s leadership. But behind the scenes, hard-working diplomats hammered out agreements on what could be the basis for an important … Continued


Protecting Ecosystems Makes Money

Protecting ecosystems saves money, according to a new study, The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB). The UN Environment Program (UNEP) hosted the study. The study emphasizes putting a price tag on saving the world’s ecosystems from destruction. The study itself puts a price tag on the ongoing cost of forest loss:  $2 to 5 … Continued

Capitalizing On Sustainability: Partnership Capital Growth

Wall Street’s spectacular implosion in 2008—illustrated by the failure and subsequent sale of Bear Stearns to JP Morgan and, soon thereafter, the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the government’s spectacular bailout soured many on Wall Street’s Masters of the Universe. But investment banks don’t just trade credit-default swaps and collateralized debt obligations. They also help … Continued

Recession Provides Opportunities For Land Conservation

The housing market collapse presented land conservation trusts with the opportunity to purchase land slated for development. As a study by the Land Trust Alliance puts it, “land trusts are attractive buyers (to banks) because they don’t require further infrastructure investments.” Land trusts all over the country are taking advantage of those opportunities. In Northern … Continued

JumpStart Helps Cleveland’s New Entrepreneurs

Cleveland is part of the “rust belt,” the moniker given to the upper Midwest because many of its factories and plants are no longer in operation. However, in 2004 Cleveland’s business leaders, government, and foundations created the nonprofit corporation JumpStart to help entrepreneurs. JumpStart invests only in companies that have the chance to grow between … Continued

Interfaith Power & Light: Energy From Heaven

“The faith community must be heard, now is the time for people of faith to take a moral stand to save our planet.” –Reverend Canon Sally G. Bingham, president of The Regeneration Project Interfaith Power & Light I was raised by a God-fearing mom with a strong affinity for fire and brimstone preaching that grounded … Continued

DripTech Offers Dirt Cheap, Scalable Irrigation for Developing World

The Net Impact conference is as much about great speakers as it is about fortuitous encounters. Today at lunch I had the pleasure of sitting next to Peter Fyrkman of DripTech, a startup company aiming to tackle poverty by providing very cheap, easily scalable drip irrigation technology to small farmers around the world. Ever since … Continued

Sustainable Minds Release 1.0: Greener Products from the Start

Consumers increasingly want the ability to make informed decisions through a better understanding of the human health and environmental impacts of products, processes and activities. Though many products claim to be “green,” the inputs and outputs that comprise them aren’t always environmentally friendly. Suppliers are now demanding adherence to specific green standards and those companies … Continued

SproutBaby: Eco-Friendly Products for Babies & Families

As people around the world become more aware of the many environmental issues and challenges we face, finding products that are safe and healthy for our children and also environmentally friendly can be a daunting task.   Whether you are a new parent or seasoned grandparent, SproutBaby is much more than an online store.  SproutBaby is … Continued