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U.S. Solar Panel Capacity to Grow by 50 Percent Annually: Report

Installed solar panel capacity in the United States will grow by 48-50 percent or more each year for the next three years, according to a new report from GTM Research, the research arm of Greentech Media. By 2012, PV capacity in the U.S. could surpass Germany, the current global leader. The predict growth, extrapolated from … Continued

Minnesota Startup Uses Moss — Yes, Moss — to Keep Pools Clean

Moss. We’ve all seen it growing in bogs, on tree trunks, and in-between cracks in the sidewalk. But, did you ever think that this common plant could potentially revolutionize an entire industry? Enter David Knighton, MD, co-founder and CEO of the Minnesota-based startup, Creative Water Solutions. Knighton, a physician, inventor and entrepreneur–who also happens to … Continued

Shell’s Gamesmanship: Governments Should Intervene in Carbon Markets

Expecting a full-blown global carbon trading market to emerge without the influence, intervention – or perhaps interference – of world governments is probably not possible and Shell’s new CEO is acknowledging this. Peter Voser told The Guardian and its Environment Network, BusinessGreen, that regional markets alone cannot set the price of pollution and that action … Continued

End of the Beginning: Cleantech Group Offers Ten Predictions for 2010

The Cleantech Group, the guys who literally invented the word “cleantech” (and own the trademark — so watch out) today released “Ten Predictions for 2010: Trends to Watch For in Global Cleantech in the Year Ahead,” the investment information hub’s annual list of predictions for the future of clean technology. It’s actually a pretty juicy … Continued

SolarClover: Simple and Affordable DIY Residential Rooftop Solar Energy System

One of the greatest barriers of entry for residential solar power systems has been the high cost of installation. And for some, another turn-off is the aesthetic of conventional rooftop panels.  The SolarClover residential rooftop solar energy system, from Armageddon Energy, has been designed to address both issues.  SolarClover is a uniquely-shaped solar panel system with a … Continued

The Monopoly Named Monsanto

Monsanto is the largest seed company in the world. It controls 95 percent of the market for insect and herbicide resistant cotton traits. In 2008, Monsanto had shares of up to 65 percent for traited corn and soybeans and about 45 percent for traited corn. During the late 1990s and through the 2000s, Monsanto acquired … Continued

Goldman Sachs $500 Million PR Campaign

As you probably know by now, last week Goldman Sachs announced its program to help small businesses. The bank said it will spend $500 million to help small businesses. The timing is very interesting. A little over a week before, Goldman’s CEO, Lloyd C. Blankfein said the bank was “doing God’s work.” Two days before … Continued

Al Gore Receives Global Humanitarian Award in Silicon Valley

Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore received the 2009 James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award last Thursday evening for his successful efforts to raise awareness about climate change. The award was inspired by Applied Materials Chairman Emeritus James Morgan’s belief that technology can be a tool to turn ideas into solutions for a … Continued

EcoFactor and the Truly Smart Grid

Technology works best when it’s least intrusive and does the heavy lifting for you. Apple understands this. And so, it seems, does EcoFactor, the winner of the recent Clean Tech Open. What it does behind the scenes is fairly complex, but for the user, easy and out of the way: It keeps your home at … Continued

Doing a World of Good for Fair Trade Artisans

The term “fair trade handicrafts” summons images of wicker baskets and hand-dyed sarongs. But the business side of the fair trade marketplace is getting a little less old-world, thanks to World of Good, an organization that connects artisans in developing countries with mainstream retailers (including eBay and Whole Foods). The organization—comprised of a wholesale business, … Continued

SABA Motors Vision: an Exotic Electric Sports Car for the Masses

Ever since I was a kid, when my father used give me Matchbox cars he bought on his way home from work, I’ve been crazy about cars. So I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to speak with Simon Saba of Saba Motors, whose EV vision is something any gearhead can get jazzed about: … Continued

Live Near a Waterway? HydroVolts Can Power Your Home

At Tuesday’s Academy Awards of Cleantech (The Cleantech Open), attendees were all abuzz about Seattle-based HydroVolts, winner of the $20,000 Cleantech Open sustainability prize. HydroVolts has created a floating in-stream hydrokinetic turbine that generates distributed renewable energy anywhere around the world.   Hydrovolts’ vision is to provide renewable energy to millions of people around the world … Continued

h.u.m.a.n. Reinvents Vending with Eco-friendly Machines and Healthy Snacks

h.u.m.a.n. Healthy Vending is on a mission to change the world–one snack at a time. The Los Angeles -based company is turning the $30 billion/year vending industry on its ear by using state-of-the-art, energy efficient machines filled only with healthy foods and drinks. In addition, h.u.m.a.n. (short for “helping unite man and nutrition”) donates 10 … Continued

The Ultimate in “Clean” Tech: Sludge?

Pop quiz:  what does our municipal sewage waste that gets processed at wastewater treatment plants, and the great Pacific garbage patch, have in common? Well, not much…yet. A clean tech startup by the name of Micromidas may change all that, and in the process, change the game for plastic packaging. Micromidas won the EPA’s 3P … Continued

Oliberté Footwear: The Shoes with Soul

When it comes to footwear, comfort, style, durability and affordability are important aspects when picking out a pair of shoes.  But there is a lot more that goes into shoes than just our feet. Canadian-based footwear company Oliberté, is stepping up and reaching out to impoverished African communities and making a difference in a big way.  … Continued