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Seafood Just Got Better Thanks to CleanFish

Grocery shopping for the health conscious is increasingly off-putting, as decisions are no longer just generic versus brand name. Harmful pesticides are found in everyday food products and government promises to rid the nation’s food supply of these chemicals remain unfulfilled. Once considered a luxury item, fish is now eaten everyday by consumers. To meet … Continued

China Caps Investment in Industry – May Limit Green Technology Development

China ordered sweeping limits on investment in cement, steelmaking, and other industries Wednesday, in an apparent effort to curb overexpansion and its snowball effect. (China’s hefty stimulus package, and a mandate that banks increase lending sharply in the first half of the year, spurred an investment boom that has analysts worried.) While preventing these issues … Continued

Paul C. Light on Social Entrepreneurship – Learning What We Don’t Know

By John Comberiate Speaking at the Leadership for a Better World – Creating Social Value through Innovation Conference, Paul C. Light set out to define what it is to be a Social Entrepreneur.  Lack of clarity in the term often creates conflict between groups that feel they have been promoting social values throughout their existence … Continued


Thanks to Triple Pundit’s Sponsors

We’re lucky to have some really great sponsors here at 3p. In the case of the many organizations and companies we work with, we’d choose to support regardless of the nature of our relationship. By sponsoring, these organizations invest in our ability to continue to publish great content and continue to build the 3p movement. … Continued

What Makes a Business “Social”?

By: Scott Shuffield “Service to society, guided by well-articulated values, is not just ‘nice to do’ but an integral part of the business models for companies.” – from SuperCorp: How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth, and Social Good by Rosabeth Moss Kanter Years ago, Sam Palmisano, CEO of IBM, told the board of directors … Continued


Zumbox Is Not Another BS “Paperless” Mail Option. Here’s Why.

I have to admit, when my friend Rob Reed of Max Gladwell first told me about Zumbox, the “Paperless Postal System,” I didn’t get it. How was it different then, say, Earth Class Mail and other digitized mail services? How many of the many companies I get mail from would actually participate? So when I … Continued

Armageddon Energy: Taking the Pain Out of Home Solar Systems

By Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact When you think of installing a solar system on your home, what is the first thought that comes to mind?  It will cost too much?  It will be complicated to install?  Or perhaps, you like the idea, but think solar panels are ugly? A new start-up Armageddon Energy is working … Continued

Omni Enviro Claims Magentization Decreases Irrigation Use

Irrigation systems treated with magnets to make water use more efficient sounds rather like science fiction. However, an Australian company, Omni Enviro LLC created a system which uses magnetization to decrease water use on farmland. They claim this occurs through a device called the Agricultural H20 Energizer that is installed at an irrigation source. The … Continued

Principal Power Is Ready For Deep Water Wind Farms

Deep waters are the best place for offshore wind-farms, but it is very expensive to build a foundation to support wind turbines in waters deeper than 70 feet. Enter the start-up company, Principal Power. The company developed a floating foundation, the Wind Float, which allows offshore wind turbines in deep waters. The WindFloat, according to … Continued

A123 Systems’ IPO: Will Clean Tech Pave the Way for the Next Stock Market Bubble?

Emerging lithium ion battery developer and manufacturer A123 Systems made a big splash on Wall Street yesterday with an IPO that soared 50% above its offering price. Is this a sign that yet another long wave of irrational exuberance is building or a stepping stone towards building a cleaner, low consumption and low carbon future?

Is China Really Beating the US in Cleantech?

Grist recently served up a rant post by Terry Tamminen, titled “China’s Rear View Mirror: China is leaving the U.S. in the dust as it surges ahead on clean energy.” Tamminen, former secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency and now an investment banker, recites a now common plaint that China is rapidly eclipsing the … Continued

Are Financial Collapses Unavoidable?

I recently read the article Why Capitalism Fails by Stephen Mihm and was interested to learn about Hyman Minski, who, according to the article, was …a hitherto obscure macroeconomist who died over a decade ago. Many economists had never heard of him when the crisis struck… But lately he has begun emerging as perhaps the … Continued


Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes’ 10-Year Anniversary on Twitter

This week marks the 10-year anniversary of the launching of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, a “key reference point for Sustainability Investing for investors and companies alike,” a DJSI media release reports. Investment bigwigs SAM, STOXX Ltd., and Dow Jones will join Chicago Climate Exchange founder Richard Sandor, Dow Jones Indexes editor John Prestbo, and … Continued


Investors Call For Strong International Climate Treaty

In advance of the UN climate conference in the Big Apple, a number of ethical investment groups representing more than $13 trillion in assets have called for climate leadership from the world’s industrial nations. At the International Investor Forum on Climate Change, a coalition of 181 investors expressed confidence that a strong and binding international … Continued