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Imagine H2O Prize Competition to Drive Water Innovation

As 3p readers know, the growing scarcity of freshwater is causing significant social and environment problems around the world.  From a rise in cholera in parts of Africa to chronic water shortages in Australia as a result of drought, people everywhere are feeling the impact of the global water crisis.  

Imagine H2O, a non-profit that … Continued

SolarReserve: Everything’s Better With a Little Salt

It’s the holy grail of renewable energy: power, even when the sun don’t shine, or the wind don’t blow. Some companies are hoping advances in battery capacity will provide the answer, others are looking to flywheels, or hydrostorage. But SolarReserve, an 18-month old start-up based in Santa Monica, uses a fundamentally simpler technology: hot, hot … Continued


Warrior Film-making: The Story of Free Range Studios

I recently visited Free Range Studios to meet with its talented co-founder Jonah Sachs in Berkeley, California, to talk about his startup story. Free Range began 10 years ago as two guys, one laptop, one apartment, and enough creativity and change-the-world-or-bust aspirations to eventually challenge agribusiness, and our consumer lifestyle, with The Story of Stuff, … Continued

How to Bring Green Weddings to the Masses

One’s wedding is usually one of the pivotal, most memorable events in one’s life. And yet for an increasing number of people, there’s a nagging sense that things could be done differently. The wedding favors, where did they come from? Who made them? What are they made of? My choice of location, while idyllic, does … Continued

3P Founder Opens Closet for Ecouterre

Nick takes his sustainability seriously- from his head down to his toes. He let Ecouterre take a tour of his closet and he let it all hang out. Click the link to see his labels and his adorable message tees.

Ex-Im Bank Carbon Policy Increases Export Credit Support for Renewables

The Export-Import Bank of the United States has established a $250 million credit facility aimed at helping to promote and finance renewable energy exports, including solar, wind and geothermal energy products and projects. The move this week makes Ex-Im the world’s first Export Credit Agency to fashion that kind of credit assistance and also the … Continued

China Ponies up $1.5 Billion for Texas Wind Farm

Last year, I sat on a panel at an energy conference where someone asked me my thoughts on China’s impact on the renewable energy sector. My response was simple, upset a lot of people, and has since proven to be pretty accurate. . . “They’re going to bury us!” I know some don’t agree with … Continued

SF Green Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Second Anniversary

Over the past several months, TriplePundit has published many stories about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s stance opposing climate change legislation, and the subsequent announcements by Nike, Apple, PG&E and others that they would be leaving the national chamber in response. The Chamber has been embroiled in even further controversy, when it was discovered that … Continued


Environmental Defense Fund: Reaching out to the Private Equity Industry

By Kirk Hourdajian, Project Manager, Corporate Partnerships Program, Environmental Defense Fund In a post I wrote on EDF’s Innovation Exchange blog last week, I identified some of the challenges and opportunities we are addressing in our work with private equity firms that are working to adopt sound environmental management strategies across their portfolios. In order … Continued


Walmart Plans To Grow By Shrinking Store Size

A few weeks ago, Walmart Stores, Inc. presented its growth plans for the fiscal year ending January 31, 2010 at its annual conference for the investment community. The company plans to add about 38 million square feet globally compared to the 44 million square feet it added the prior year. Walmart plans to increase global … Continued

Eco-rate Aids Eco-Minded Buyers

It’s a Consumer Reports or CNET type of comparison shopping service for the eco-conscious crowd. Eco-rate is the brainchild and a labor of environmental love and activism founded by a Seattle couple, Brycelaine Self and Colby Self. “The Eco-rate idea is to allow people to compare common household products, based not only on their green … Continued

“Harmless” Packaging – Something We Can All Buzz About

By John Comberiate Harmless Enough? An up and coming low impact packaging idea comes from the British company “Harmless“.  Everyone’s received a magazine covered in a plastic bag in the mail at some point in their lives.  Everyone has shipped a delicately packed box with a fragile treasure inside meant for a close friend or … Continued


Let’s Talk About Failure: Lessons to Learn from FailCon

I find people most endearing when they speak with humility and honesty about things they’d rather not have you know.  FailCon was an amazing day of just that – successful people describing how they failed, rather than how great they are.  Here I’ll summarize my key learnings on running a successful start-up for all of … Continued

Five Start-up Mistakes Not to Make, Courtesy of Meebo

I’m writing from FailCon today which is shaping up to be an excellent use of a Tuesday.  I have a lot of opinions about conferences and two of the things I look for in a conference are that speakers are forced to prepare relevant, thoughtful content beforehand.  And the dress is casual.  FailCon meets both … Continued

A Conference on Failure: Tell Us Something You Don’t Want Us To Know

Silicon Valley is filled with swagger.  It is also one of the best places on the planet to fail.  Very  few start-ups succeed and failing seems to be encouraged.  Some investors will only invest in entrepreneurs who have failed at least twice.  The more failures under your belt, the better your chance of success at … Continued