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Skoll Foundation: Six Trends in Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship—the art of creating programs with a transformative business model focused on bringing about large-scale, positive change—plays a critical role in building a more sustainable future by increasing income, improving environmental quality, creating jobs, and enhancing quality of life. But just like any start-up, there comes a time when a great idea needs an … Continued


Skateistan: Educating Afghani Youth Using Non-Traditional Means

We’ve all read or watched the horror stories coming out of Afghanistan.  This remote and rugged land has seen more than its share of suffering during the Soviet invasion, the tyranny of the Taliban, and the chaos of the most recent decade.  Whatever one’s take is on the current situation and uncertain future of Afghanistan, … Continued


Social Entrepreneurialism: How Your Band-Aid Solution Can Change the World

By Olivia Khalili, founder, Cause Capitalism Ten-to-one if you’re reading this, you are an entrepreneur or intrapreneur who cares about making the world better. Whether you have a history-shifting concept, fledgling idea, or just a desire is often times irrelevant. We have a fascination with systemic solutions because they impress us in their genius, scale, … Continued


How to Use Community to Build Your Social Enterprise

By Olivia Khalili, founder, Cause Capitalism One of the undeniable perks of being part of a sector that wants to change the world for the better is its collective commitment to change over self-advancement. Patagonia councils Walmart—a company 1,300 times its size—on greening its supply chain for free. Benetech founder Jim Fruchterman takes time away … Continued

How Do Social Entrepreneurs Finance Organizations and Enterprises?

(Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from David Bornstein and Susan Davis’ recent book, Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know.) By David Bornstein and Susan Davis Launching an organization is a process of recruiting funders, advisors, board members, and staffers, one by one. Over the past thirty years, the resource landscape has exploded … Continued

Where the Ladies At? In Search of the Female Entrepreneur

In the same way ecosystems with high biodiversity have higher survival rates, businesses with high personnel diversity also fare better than those with one variety of employee. Increased diversity of employees results in a wider variety of thinking, more robust solutions to problems, etc.  In the same way, it’s not surprising that evidence has emerged … Continued

3p Series: The Social Side of Sustainability

Sustainability is a poorly defined notion. More often than not—and we’re guilty of this, as well—sustainability is talked about in environmental terms. Be it about a company’s footprint from its data centers or the methodology for reporting, we sometimes miss the other two aspects of the bottom line. What sort of pundits would we be … Continued


Offering Sick Leave Benefits Has Benefits

It costs an employer 23 cents per hour per worker—on average—to provide sick time, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.   Yet, 39 percent of workers in the private sector and 26 percent of those who work part time do not have any sick days. And, about two-thirds of people who earn $10.40 an hour … Continued

Simple wound pump

Negative Therapy Pressure Systems: Simple Medical Invention Could Improve the Lives of Millions

A $3 device may just help wound patients with limited access to medical personnel heal faster.  And, there are about 55 million people in developing countries who could eventually benefit. Negative therapy pressure systems Negative-pressure therapy is relatively standard in the U.S., but the devices are relatively heavy, require a power supply to function and … Continued


Moxy Vote Makes Shareholder Activism Easy

If I had a dime for every proxy vote mailing I’ve tossed into the round file, I would be a rich woman. Figuring out how to vote is hard enough, and my vote is hardly worth much anyway. Moxy Vote solves both problems for me. This web-based startup enables shareholders to vote online on corporate … Continued


Walmart Releases 2010 Sustainability Report

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, released its third annual Sustainability Report Wednesday. The report outlines the company’s progress in a range of social responsibility measures, including energy efficiency, emissions reductions and labor conditions. Of particular emphasis this year is the global nature of Walmart’s sustainability efforts. The report includes extensive information on sustainability goals overseas, … Continued

samsung panasonic2

Asian Technology Giants Striding into Green Products

In separate announcements over the last week, two of the world’s largest makers of electronic devices, Samsung and Panasonic, have announced multi-billion dollar investments in green technology. Despite the rather dry language of these financial announcements, the sheer amount of money involved is an exciting indication that key business decision-makers believe green technology is the future. Their … Continued

What the Frack is Going On?

Hydraulic fracturing.  Sounds like something the guy next door did to his souped up Toyota Corolla’s suspension system.  Well, it’s actually far worse.  Hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) is a process in which water, chemicals and other particles are injected into the ground, anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 feet below the surface, in order to stimulate … Continued


Energy In Common Launches Kiva-like Platform to Combat Energy Poverty

Did you know that 2.4 billion people worldwide lack access to energy?  Hugh Whalan, CEO of Energy in Common (EIC), refers to these people as energy impoverished and has made it his mission to eradicate 15 million cases of energy poverty in the next five years by making green energy loans powered by individual contributions. … Continued