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What’s Next in Social Enterprise? We Want to Know Your Ideas

Hope Consulting recently identified a whopping $120 billion opportunity for impact investment “hiding in plain sight,” that is, in people’s bank account. Impact investment (made by investors that are not only seeking financial return, but positive environmental and social impact) is a field we are just starting to identify and quantify.  As we begin to … Continued


“Bolder” Startup Revamps Groupon Model to Do Some Good

By Dinesh Thirupuvanam With Groupon copycats now a dime a dozen it’s refreshing to see someone take their billion dollar model and put it to work for some good. Bolder, a San Francisco based startup, is challenging you to “create more good in your community, one action at a time.” So what happens if you … Continued

US and Europe Added More Renewable Energy Than Conventional in 2009

For the second year in a row the United States and Europe added more energy capacity from renewable sources like wind, solar, and hydroelectric, than from conventional sources, like coal and gas, according to twin reports out Thursday from the United Nations Environment Programme and the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century. In … Continued

Building Sustainable Partnerships Between Business and Non-Profits

By Leslie Back Success is a product of cooperation. Opportunity lies in networking, communication, interaction and exchange; isolation and hyper-individualism accomplish little. Fortunately, every day there are more and more proud examples of cooperative efforts made in the name of environment & conservation. Bridges are going up, connecting groups that once were divided by philosophical … Continued


GE’s $200Million Ecomagination Challenge

Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, headlined a conference in San Francisco today, announcing three major initiatives that GE is committing to, in order to advance their Ecomagination project.  GE is planning to expand further into the clean tech world, and to drive innovation around the smart grid, energy efficiency, renewables, and electric vehicles. Most significantly, … Continued

Create Young Entrepreneurs With Social Gaming

As a small child, Jason Young was given a rare opportunity: his mother opened a bank account in his name and gave him a $5 weekly allowance.  One dollar was for savings, one dollar was for church and the other three were his to spend.  At an early age, Young learned a key concept: budgeting.  … Continued

Lloyd’s of London Warns About Peaking Oil, Energy Price Jump

Venerable British insurer Lloyd’s, known for insuring Keith Richard’s fingers and America Ferrara’s smile, has released a white paper (PDF) warning of a looming energy crunch and the significant risks to companies unprepared for it. Lead authors Antony Froggatt and Glada Lahn only touch on the controversial concept of “peak oil” in their report, which was written in … Continued

The Hippo Roller, courtesy, blog

The Backlash Against Humanitarian Design

Humanitarian design stories like that of Project H and the Hippo Roller are abundant. Gen-Y’ers are showing much interest in studying design and applying such idealism overseas. Surely most young professionals in North America, Europe, and East Asia are pursing this passion with the best intentions. But that enthusiasm has not been met by professionals in India, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Obama Announces $2 Billion For Solar Energy Projects

President Obama announced Saturday in his weekly radio address that the Department of Energy has agreed to back nearly $2 billion in loans to two solar power companies for projects in Arizona, Colorado and Indiana. The loan guarantees will go to two firms: Spanish solar firm Abengoa Solar Inc. will receive a $1.45 billion loan … Continued

Telecommuting’s Win-Win-Win-Win..Etc.

It’s a subject near and dear to my heart: as a freelance writer, the ability to set my own hours, work from home (or wherever I want) and drop everything to go for a walk or take a personal call. This is a level of freedom I am loathe to give up — even for … Continued


Will Tesla Pave the Way for More Clean Tech IPOs?

Tesla’s initial public offering (IPO) was well-timed. Except for the World Cup, the past week was a relatively slow news week, unless you are a G8 or G20 news junkie.  The Gulf Oil spill will not end anytime soon, not that highways suffered from lack of traffic over the holiday weekend.  In a world where … Continued

Calvert Investments Drops BP from SAGE Ethical Fund

The American mutual fund company Calvert Investments announced that it sold a significant portion of its BP shares, but will still work with BP to improve its environmental performance.

Scholarship Award for Upcoming Social Entrepreneur Boot Camp

We all know that person.  She works her desk job dutifully, all the while lamenting her lack of freedom to start her dream green business.  Whether it’s an organic restaurant locavores would love, an eco-friendly landscape design firm, or a nifty clean tech application that needs to be created and marketed, she’s in love with … Continued