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Climate Capitalism and Biofuels Ready to Break Out in 2011

  By: Boyd Cohen, CO2 IMPACT Our “addiction” to highly polluting and emitting fossil fuels presents serious challenges to achieving meaningful reductions in greenhouse gases (GHGs) in North America. Beyond that, the BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China continue to grow and contribute to our unsustainable path. China even recently surpassed the U.S. … Continued

Productivity in an ADD world: 3 Simple Tips

How many employees does it take to switch out some LED bulbs? Well….it depends on how many other windows they have open. Do you ever come home from work feeling drained, tired, and mentally fatigued, but yet you also have this eerie feeling that….you didn’t get anything done? It’s actually incredibly common. Many people make … Continued

Peer to Peer Meets Venture Capitalism at Hub Ventures

One of the biggest challenges to starting a new company is being alone (or with your business partner!) day in and day out without any feedback from anyone outside your small sphere. There aren’t very many sustainable business leaders available to serve as mentors, because many sustainable start-ups are doing something that has never been … Continued

GLOB’s Non-Toxic Paints Offer Artists a Safe Alternative

Have you ever noticed that arts and crafts paint labels don’t list the ingredients in their products? Arts and crafts paints are exempt from consumer paint lead laws and one company is trying to bring this to the spotlight. GLOB, which makes paints using natural plant extracts and botanical pigments, wants us to know that … Continued

Charismatic Carbon-Offset Projects with Co-Benefits

By Boyd Cohen, CEO CO2 IMPACT While many people still have their suspicions about carbon offsets and suggest that offsets are a copout from reducing a company’s (or individual’s) own emissions, carbon offsets do play an important role in the global effort to combat climate change.  In some instances, achieving significant reductions from a company’s … Continued

Guardian’s ‘Greenest-Government-Ever’ Meter Priorities

Damian Carrington at the Guardian has it right that the coalition government probably won’t do very well on the “greenest government ever-o-meter.” But probably more for the reasons suggested in the comments of the article than for the factors that Carrington outlines: national forests, flood defense, and high speed rail. While these are important they … Continued

Code for America: Hackers Helping Municipalities

Evidently corporate America needs to encourage a hacker culture to bounce back, and now local governments need hackers to help them solve their ever-increasing problems using their ever-decreasing budgets. Modeled after Teach for America, Doctors Without Borders and Architecture for Humanity, Code for America (CfA) officially launched on January 5, 2011. The brightest minds on the Internet … Continued

Badger Balm Pays More Than Lip Service To Fair Trade

Badger Balm has its origins in Bill and Katie Whyte’s New Hampshire home in 1995. Bill was a carpenter during the day and during his free time was a budding herbalist. Working outside, exposed to the harsh New England winters, Bill could not find a product to heal his hands after a day of hard work

A Reason to Smile: The Environmental Toothbrush

A toothbrush is something we (hopefully) use every day.  With high frequency use comes high frequency wear and tear.  Professionals suggest that we replace a toothbrush every three months.  But what happens to our old toothbrush?  Send it to landfill?  Recycle it?  The Environmental Toothbrush gives us another option.  We can now compost a toothbrush!

Is This the Time for Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship?

By Drew Tulchin, Managing Partner of Social Enterprise Associates Given the economic crisis in America, with unemployment at its highest levels in decades, creating new jobs for the 1 in 10 people out of work seems nearly impossible. Gone is the 1950’s “Company Man” who worked at one company for a salary, and got a … Continued

NedWater Turns the Water Cooler Into a Tool of Action

Many of you reading this have a glass of water sitting nearby. Water is typically seen either neutrally, something that just comes out of your tap, or contentiously, a wasteful carbon intensive purchase whose plastic containers generate huge amounts of waste annually. What if your water purchase was actually beneficial to many people, and its … Continued

Future Standard Provides One Stop Shopping for Ethical Clothing

Jessica Althoff attended a conference in 2008 and was inspired by a panelist who said that we do not have to choose between our passions. The speaker mentioned that if you want to work for an organization that plants trees in the rain forest but love chocolate, work for a company that uses sustainably harvested cocoa. A light bulb went on, and this year, Future Standard launched.

UK Energy Market Reform Too Good To Be True? Probably.

The UK’s Department for Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne announced the biggest energy reform “in decades” on Friday. The reform package includes: a carbon price floor “increasing the cost of fossil fuel based generation, and strengthening the carbon price for UK electricity generators.” two Feed in Tarrifs: standard and premium contracts under which … Continued

Investments in Education: An Interview with Kim Smith

The following is a guest post from our friends at Investor’s Circle, who are using private capital to promote the transition to a sustainable economy. Investors’ Circle is thrilled to be partnering with education incubator Starl to co-produce a venture fair at the upcoming Education Innovation Forum, which will be held January 19-21st in Washington, … Continued

Bridging the Architectural Divide: Public Architecture

Since its inception in ancient times, architecture has been a service provided to the wealthy and powerful. The poor have buildings; the rich have architecture. This concept of architecture reaches beyond mere construction to a higher level of culture, theory, intellect, and art.