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Want to Start a Green Business? Consider an Upcoming Boot Camp

In partnership with TriplePundit, Scott Cooney’s is hosting a Social Entrepreneur Boot Camp in San Francisco August 21st-22nd. The intensive two day workshop will help attendees get their dream green business off the ground. Attendees will come in with an idea, and leave with the tools and training they need to make it happen. … Continued

Venture Capital, Meet Human Capital

Is it the new widget or new idea or the people behind the new widget or new idea that really excites venture capitalists? Virtually every company says its success hinges on the people they employ. And of course it’s people first, then planet and profit in the triple bottom line. What is not entirely clear … Continued

Capital Markets for Social Good Soon to Launch in Asia

Social entrepreneurship has taken off in these regions, but enterprises tackling challenges from health care to microfinance struggle because they do not have the access to capital to expand their operations. The Impact Investment Exchange (IIX), based in Singapore, will try to change that, offering a hand up, not a hand out, to organizations who need funding.

Electromagnetic Windows Add to Mississippi County’s Rapid Growth

Silicon Valley-based Soladigm is banking that electromagnetic windows’ pricing can decrease as they scale and builders install them in more office buildings. The three-year-old start-up, which is based in Milpitas, CA, has received funding from Sigma Partners and Khosla Ventures.

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation in California Compliance Market

by Lee Barken The winds of change are blowing across the climate change policy landscape. With legislation stalled in the Senate, attention now shifts to state and regional initiatives. In California, the Global Warming Solutions Act, better known as AB32 and passed in 2006, establishes a statewide mandate for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions, including participation … Continued

Peace Dividend Trust Leads International Aid Improvement in Afghanistan

The Peace Dividend Trust (PDT), Scott Gilmore’s brainchild, strives to make humanitarian aid more effective, efficient, and equitable, allowing foreign aid missions to achieve their goals faster. Working to cut out the middlemen while permitting the funds to flow from international procurement officers to local vendors, PDT encourages local resources to rebuild their economies rather than relying on expensive international aid workers and supplies. The Peace Dividend Marketplace is one result of the PDT.

“Mango Store” Brings Retail Banking to the Unbanked

There are 30-40 million American households without a bank account, according to the Center for Financial Services Innovation, a fact that could either be seen as a sad statistic – or a tremendous business opportunity. Mango Money sees it as essentially both. The financial services company, launched in 2008, provides prepaid debit cards to customers … Continued

Sundrop Fuels: Dancin’ with the Blazing Sun for Biomass Gas

Hot, hot, hot. It almost sounds too good to be true: Using solar power to create fuel. It’s called solar biomass gasification, a concept and process that’s been around for a while, mostly in university research and scientific circles. A relatively new company that has emerged from that university research environment, Sundrop Fuels Inc., apparently … Continued

Twicketer: The First Truly Paperless Ticketing Option?

Update: Twicketer Founder A-Sun Truth commented that this service now works on all web enabled phones. ~~~ Something interesting just happened. Reality met hype. For years now, event tickets have been from box offices and record shops, to online purchases. Eliminating the need to physically go to a ticket outlet is certainly a step forward. … Continued

Texas Company To Ship Alaskan Water To India

Every so often I read something that sends proverbial chills up my spine, such as an announcement earlier this month by a Texas water company: S2C Global Systems will ship three billion gallons of water every year from the Blue Lake Reservoir in Sitka, Alaska to the west coast of India and other Asian countries. … Continued

New Resource Bank Goes “B Corp”

San Francisco-based New Resource Bank has always maintained a triple bottom line approach to its operations dating back to the opening in 2005.  In fact, the bank has offset 100 percent of its electricity usage and company travel by purchasing renewable energy certificates and also partners with iReuse to track and reduce waste and consumption.   To complement this already green … Continued

iQ Cleaning Products: The Sweet Spot of Green, Convenient & Cheap?

In recent years, greener cleaning products have become increasingly popular. Whether it’s long time torch bearer Seventh Generation getting mainstream acceptance or big brands like Clorox with Green Works it’s clear that there is an enduring interest in a broad section of the population. But there’s a missed opportunity here. In reality, the major ingredient … Continued

Small Business Strategy–Setting Up a Dynamic, Triple Bottom Line Advisory Board

The statistics are grim for entrepreneurs: 75% of startups are no longer in business after 5 years. Many sell, merge, or reorganize, but the majority of this number simply fail. What’s the biggest mistake that a solo entrepreneur makes? Undercapitalizing? Lack of planning? Failure to stick to the mission? Ineffective marketing? Lack of access to … Continued