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Tedx Change – Localization is Key to Sustainability

By Jenny Hoang As two major events, The UN Summit 2010: Millennium Development Goals, 2015 and the Clinton Global Initiative 2010 Annual Meeting, are underway this week, another shorter event occurred the other day, also in New York. Only 95 minutes long, Tedx Change: The Future We Make, organized by the Gates Foundation, was a … Continued

What is Your Clean Tech Story?

People understand new knowledge primarily through stories. There is probably no better way to communicate the benefits of clean technology than through effective storytelling. To date, however, clean tech firms have made little use of stories in their marketing strategies. A new book, Re-Imagining Change: An Introduction to Story-Based Strategy, by Doyle Canning and Patrick … Continued

WWF and Coke Work Together to Preserve Mekong Delta

Working with Coca-Cola, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has targeted the Mekong as one of six river basins for conservation initiatives. For example, WWF, Coke, and local businesses succeeded in removing over 400 meters of internal dykes scattered throughout the Mekong, which made a huge difference in improving the river’s flow and connectivity. With better water quality saw the revival of not only some local animal species, but a growth in local, sustainable industries that help residents build wealth.

Bank of America: Environmental Philanthropist?

One good way for a bank to deflect and make people forget its role in the sub-prime financial fiasco that rocked the economy is to focus on its climate change and sustainability efforts and that’s what Bank of America Merrill Lynch is doing. BoA’s “Environmental Progress Report” last week revealed the good things it is … Continued

Message to BP CEO: Turn Over a New Leaf

BP CEO Tony Hayward will be stepping down from his post soon after a dismal handling of this summer’s Gulf Oil Spill. But is he willing to take on the role of electric car advocate? A new campaign called intends to get Hayward behind the wheel of a smooth, green machine to win him … Continued

WhipCar Matches Car Owners with Renters

WhipCar pairs “sensible drivers with spare car time.” The cost is free for car owners, and the grunt work is done by WhipCar, which checks with the drivers’ license registry to assure the owner that his or car won’t end up across the Channel. Owners receive email and text notifications about the blokes who want to borrow their cars, and can proceed or decline as they wish.

Palindrome Apparel Gives Back 20% of Revenues to Non-Profits

Palindrome Apparel, founded by Jared Shahid and James Reilly, will donate 20% of all retail revenue to non profit organizations. The company is not the first to donate a portion of its profits to charities or NGOs. But where Palindrome sets itself apart from other apparel firms is its “one palindrome : one cause” model, which partners a non-profit with a corresponded designer t-shirt.

Nowhere But Up: Delancey Street Foundation Fosters Human Sustainability

Here at Triple Pundit, we talk a lot about the importance of sustainability. Through our articles we strive to highlight the importance of the triple bottom line. One of the three pillars of sustainability is people, typically covered in terms of how the actions of corporate America impact the human element. This story about the … Continued

Vote for the Green Business of the Year

It’s that time again!  Green America’s annual popular vote to elect this year’s most inspiring green business.  What defines green business is subject of some debate, but Green America’s criteria and pioneering work in the field have helped set the standard for triple bottom line metrics.  One of last year’s winners, Dharma Merchant Services, for … Continued

Brooklyn Brew Shop Shows How to Mainstream DIY Food Production

Brooklyn Brew Shop is an intriguing sign of our times: They offer urban oriented home beer brewing kits, and rather than focus on the craft, DIY, beer snob appeal, they offer economy, ease, and good taste in possibly the best written ad copy I’ve seen all year: Making beer is not difficult. It requires little … Continued

A Mission to Change Capital Markets: Mission Markets

Have you ever wanted to invest in a company that focuses on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profits?  Or are you a triple bottom line based company that seeks capital?   It is difficult to find a marketplace where sustainability minded investors and businesses can meet.  This is about to get easier. Looking … Continued

Five Clean Tech Entrepreneurs Compete for €500,000 Prize

Finding seed money is a difficult task for clean tech innovators, but persistence, a water-tight business plan, and a scalable product can lead to opportunities for the right technology.  One lucrative competition is occurring in Amsterdam, where five entrepreneurs have an opportunity to gain 500,000 euros (US$635,000). This week, the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, sponsored … Continued

Unity of Effort: Crowdsourcing is the New American Way

On my way into work this morning, I was listening to an NPR interview with Retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen. He was speaking with NPR’s Steve Inskeep about the lessons he’s taken from overseeing the government’s response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Allen was also involved in Hurricane’s Katrina and … Continued