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Insurer Takes a (Lemonade) Stand on Gun Ownership

Lemonade, the online home and renters’ insurance company, has announced a change to its coverage plans. At a time when more brands are taking stands, the New York-based company’s decision appears to be far from popular with its announcement that it would cap reimbursement for the damage or theft of any firearms to $2,500.

How You Can Be Part of the Fair Trade Difference

Fair Trade USA, a nonprofit organization and leading certifier of Fair Trade products, has released a powerful 5-minute documentary video to kick off its new Fair Trade Difference campaign and pledge drive.

Transgender Scientist Sees Gender Discrimination from Both Sides

Dr. Vivienne Ming, an accomplished neuroscientist has seen gender discrimination in a way that few of us can claim and now she’s using that unique insight to change opportunities for young students. But it may be her own experiences as a transgender woman that will best illumine the challenges we face in addressing gender discrimination.

Opioid Crisis: CEOs Must Stand Up and Unite

The opioid crisis isn’t only a health issue anymore. It’s becoming a hot button in corporate social responsibility circles and a catalyst for public and private sectors to unite to fight the epidemic, as Leidos CEO Roger Krone attested to at a COMMIT!Forum panel session on Tuesday.

Wall Street’s ‘Fearless Girl’ Backer Slapped with Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

The pint-size bronze statute of the Fearless Girl defiantly staring down Wall Street’s iconic bull is a bit more tarnished this week. So is the reputation of the company that paid for its installation. The US Labor Department just slapped State Street Corp with a $5 million gender and racial discrimination settlement.

States Sue Opioid Manufacturers for Fraud Over Overdoses

The federal government may not yet have a plan to combat the nationwide opioid crisis, but many state attorneys general are doing their part by pushing back against drug companies. And AGs from red and blue states alike are hitting opioid makers where it hurts the most: their pocketbooks.

Ben & Jerry’s Leads on Migrant Dairy Worker Rights

A new dairy standards council is taking shape in Vermont that will oversee dairy worker rights. And not surprisingly, it’s been launched with the help of Ben & Jerry’s, the ice cream company with a conscience.

Expertise for SDG2: 3 Steps to Ending Hunger with Employee Talent

Pro bono service, the contribution of one’s skills or expertise free of charge to social change organizations, is an out-of-the-box way to directly engage employees in your SDG strategy. During Hunger Action Month, and as part of Taproot’s commitment to ending hunger with expertise, we’re focusing on SDG2: end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.

Why Racial Equality is Good for Business

A recent study concluded that companies across the U.S. are missing out on a huge growth opportunity by not doing more to generate business value by advancing racial equality.