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Advertiser Exodus Continues As O’Reilly Leaves for ‘Vacation’

Sixty major brands have pulled their ads from Bill O’Reilly’s show in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal. Ratings for the show are up, but the lack of ad money could push him off the air — and yesterday he announced a mysterious ‘vacation.’

Trump Should Follow Nixon’s Lead on the Environment

Many comparisons have been made between U.S. President Donald Trump and former President Nixon. Few, if any, have had positive connotations. However, Trump would do well to learn from Nixon’s environmental policy choices.

Are Student Loans the Next Financial Bubble?

With a new presidential administration keen on eliminating reforms that attempt to stall the financial industry’s excesses, watch for new economic risks to emerge in the next few years — including America’s mounting student debt.

Will the Department of Justice Roll Back Police Reform?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered a review of the DOJ’s activities related to police reforms, including investigations, prosecutions, grants, trainings and compliance reviews. Critics say the move will only rekindle mistrust between local communities and police officers.