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Is the Next Generation Ready for the Sustainability Challenge?

On September 26, TriplePundit hosted the #Whypurpose Twitter chat on the potential and need for engaging Millennials in sustainability issues. Encouraged by the chat, Joanne Sonenshine and Marc de Sousa Shields continued the discussion. This excerpt of their conversation is a testament to how invigorating dialogue encourages thinking and, hopefully, leads to action.

Biodynamic Leadership and Organizational Culture

Conventional “leaders” are not what our society, institutions, organizations, or communities, truly need. What we need, most urgently, are engaged, inspired, joyful colleagues and citizens.

These Companies Step Up After Hurricane Maria Devastates Puerto Rico

Many citizens have been frustrated by the perceived lack of response to Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico. Nevertheless, there are companies that have been stepping up in their quest to assist the island home to 3.4 million citizens. Here are a few extending a much-needed helping hand.

Wild Salmon or Farmed: Our Choice Makes Us Human

This excerpt from the upcoming Being Salmon, Being Human: Encountering the Wild in Us, and Us in the Wild explores our industrial relationship with the popular fish.

SPECIAL SERIES: Public-Private Partnerships

Leveraging Technology to Build a Successful Public-Private Partnership

Leveraging technology and innovation is essential to build capacity, streamline programs, and further impact in successful public-private partnerships (PPPs). Technology can be leveraged in two ways: first through the use of technical tools and platforms, and second through the use of technical knowledge to ensure expertise and innovative practices are applied uniformly and consistently to community investment strategies.

Facebook Could Sure Benefit from Embedded Sustainability Strategy

Facebook can can no longer hide behind its claims the company is merely a “technology platform.” If corporate responsibility had been more central to the company’s strategy, it could have avoided this scandal of hate speech, Russian ads and racial profiling in which it is currently embroiled.

130 Organizations Demand a Fair and Just Recovery from Harvey

A coalition of 130 non-profit groups have urged political leaders to ensure that public funds for Hurricane Harvey aid go to the people that need it most – and not to companies that they argue have had leading roles in creating the environmental and economic mess that will take years to cleanup.

Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship: B Corps and Beyond

Post-capitalist entrepreneurship (PCE) is about changing the underlying logic of entrepreneurial organizing, governance models, legal structures, approach to intellectual property, perception of consumption and production and of course the ultimate objectives and metrics of success.

How to Create a Corporate Volunteer Program

What are the best methods for introducing a corporate volunteer program into your business? How can you maximize employee engagement, your impact on the local community, and the benefits to your business? Here are a few tips to getting started.

SPECIAL SERIES: Education in the 21st Century

How to Engage on the Education SDGs

Companies in alignment with the UN’s SDGs can revitalize their own sustainability efforts while demonstrating how they’re contributing to global and national development priorities. This challenge is especially critical when it comes to education. How do you move beyond the rhetoric, roll your sleeves up and engage with these goals – which clearly are important for our future?