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The Triple Bottom Line: Investing in Women and Girls

How social capital/social investment in the reproductive health of women and girls can be a smart, cost-effective strategy for international development, with triple bottom line returns.

Migoel with coffee

Fair Trade Changes Lives – Can it Preserve Culture?

Author Kelsey Timmerman has traveled around the world meeting the people who catch, pick, and grow our food while conducting research for his upcoming book. He reflects about his visit to Nabusimake, the heart of the heart of the world.


How the Choice Between Money and Meaning Will Shape Our Future

Is there a deep connection between meaning, money and our chance for a sustainable future? Umair Haque raises questions like this in his article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR), Making the Choice Between Meaning and Money.


Home Solar PV Power Packs Coming to Punjabi Homes

August’s massive blackout highlights the critical crossroads Indians and residents of fast developing nations around the world face: to try to emulate the fossil fuel-dependent development paths followed by developed nations or a sustainable development path centered on local, distributed renewable energy sources.


More Coal Mining or Saving Tigers? India Wrestles with the Choice

Choices such as this have been faced since the dawn of the industrial era, but are now critical and politically sensitive as India and fast-growing emerging market nations search for an effective path of sustainable development. Further complicating the decision on the fate of Central India’s forests and endangered species is news of the “Coalgate” scandal.

Growing Green – and Community – in DC

Growing Green – and Community – in DC

From (a)pples to(Z)ipcars, the Washington, DC metro area has been experiencing a “green” transformation. With the upcoming DC Green Festival now in its eighth year, what better time to reflect on the evolution of its host city – and metro area – over the past few years Let’s look at two key topics affecting the everyday lives of citizens – food and transportation.


FDA Issues Warning Letter To Lancome

The FDA wrote a letter to Lancôme, owned by L’Oréal, earlier this month concerning the claims the cosmetics company makes about eight of its products.

Uburanga Art Studio

Painting Rwanda’s Future – The Healing Power of Art

Jean Bosco Bakunzi, a 26 year old survivor and orphan of the genocide, founded Uburanga Art Studio, named after the Kinyarwanda word for “beauty” with the mission “to heal people mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.”


Women in Green: We Haven’t Hit Rock Bottom Yet

After attending the Women in Green Forum in Santa Monica, this post explores limiting factors to broader engagement in the sustainability movement and the importance of developing a willingness to try, and change.