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Washington Non-Profit Lights Up the World One Village at a Time

Solar energy is one of the most widely available forms of renewable energy, especially in the developing world where plenty of sunshine is available. Around the world, 1.5 billion people still live without access to power. This is where the Washington based, non-profit organization Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) comes in. SELF believes that energy … Continued

The protests in Manama are this way. Most are announced via Twitter.

Can Business Do Its Part to Stop the Bahrain Tragedy?

One year after the February 14 uprising, Bahrain’s government is still harassing its citizens and denying them basic human rights. Can businesses operating here do anything to exert pressure on the Al Khalifa family, who rules Bahrain with an iron fist?


Unilever Launches Foundation to Help One Billion People

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Unilever announced the launch of the Unilever Foundation, a global charity that will be key to helping the company reach its goal of improving the health and quality of life of more than one billion people around the world. This is an ambitions goal, but it’s one that fits very well with Unilever’s brand and strengths.


The Green Economy: Does It Include You?

This story, our story, is like a dream where we dream we are falling– falling into a climate that is spinning out of control, falling into an economic crisis that has left millions impoverished, falling into dependence on a dwindling energy supply that is largely in the hands of those we don’t trust. The only thing that can save us from this “bad dream,” is for us to awaken in time. But we must all awaken together for it to work. And the thing that we must do when we all awaken together, to save ourselves, is to embrace the Green Economy.


What Does It Take to Achieve a Sustainable Future?

What does it take to achieve a sustainable future? The UN’s Secretary-General’s High Level Panel on Global Sustainability’s final report, released on January 30, thinks that transparency is needed. Yes, you read that correctly. The Panel’s report thinks that by making both the cost of action and inaction transparent “political processes can summon both the arguments and the political will necessary to act for a sustainable future.”

Chip Conley on Becoming Your Own CEO: Chief Emotions Officer

“We are living through an era where we are all being asked to be CEO’s, Chief Emotions Officer,” says Conley. It was through understanding his emotions via emotional equations that helped him get through a period of struggle in his life.

ePrognosis Brings Risk Assessment into Medical Care Planning

ePrognosis is a new tool that allows health care practitioners to easily incorporate life expectancy into medical care planning for the elderly. More informed medical decision making promises wiser use of health care resources as well as improved quality of life for the elderly.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. launch We Can Be Heroes

Comic Book Heroes Leap off the Page to Help Millions Facing Famine

With 13 million people in Horn of Africa countries facing down drought, famine and other real-life challenges that would give pause to any fictional superhero, DC Entertainment has joined forces with Warner Bros. Entertainment and other Time Warner companies to launch the  “We Can Be Heroes” campaign, to enlist the help of ordinary citizens across the globe in raising relief funds.

X Prize and Qualcomm set prize for star trek Tricorder

X PRIZE for Real-Life Diagnostic Star Trek Tricorder

In parallel with the rise of new distributed energy systems that are putting renewable energy technology into the hands of consumers, the health care industry is heading for a distributed system of its own with the development of portable, consumer-friendly diagnostic devices. To push this “distributed health care” trend along, the X PRIZE Foundation and … Continued


Air Pollution in South Asia Reaches Epic Levels

A country’s air pollution index is a good measure of its recent economic growth. In South Asia, the winter has brought some major air pollution woes. Smog in some cities is so thick that it is wrecking havoc with mobility and air traffic. The burning of fossil fuels, biomass, as well as diesel transportation, factories, … Continued


Should Coca-Cola Use its Power to Promote Social Justice in Swaziland?

It’s never dull at Coca-Cola. The company didn’t have much time to recover from its white polar bear can campaign fiasco and the accusations it tried to stop a ban on sales of disposable plastic water bottles in the Grand Canyon National Park before a new crisis arose. This time the negative attention concerns Coca-Cola’s presence in … Continued