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Social Sustainability and Sport

As the sustainability movement in sport expands, it’s time to embrace and leverage the power of people. Along with environmental and economic considerations, social sustainability completes the picture and provides a nexus of excellence and success.


TransCanada’s Keystone Backup Plan

According to documents leaked to Greenpeace, the Canadian company TransCanada has a backup plan in case Keystone fails to get approval.

Genworth invited Social Innovation Summit participants to try on their R70 Age Simulation Suit and to start thinking long term about aging.

America is Aging: What More Do We Need to Know?

Rob Lowe, a seemly ageless Hollywood actor, is a brand ambassador for Genworth, a leading provider of long term care insurance, attempting to bring the subject of an aging America out of taboo and into the limelight.

of WhiteWave Foods

What It Takes to Change the Way the World Eats for the Better

Deanna Bratter of WhiteWave Foods explains how the company makes sustainable acquisitions, like Horizon and Earthbound, to enhance its triple bottom line — and how other companies can chase their sustainability goals.

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Seamus Mullen Trumpets the Secret Power of Good Food

Mullen shares his antagonistic relationship with food, prolonged illness, and the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis that precipitated his commitment to healthful eating. With a family history in food, and a childhood spent on a small farm in Vermont, Mullen was only introduced to institutional food when he went to boarding school (where he suffered from salmonella).