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Organic and Enviro Groups Call for GMO Labeling by Feds

That pesky GMO topic just won’t go away … Organic and environmental groups are the latest in a growing list to pen their names to a letter to the Pres calling for federal labeling of all foods containing GMO.


Keystone XL Report: Is It Really About the Environment?

It may not be as exciting as the Super Bowl was, but the U.S. government’s 44-page report on the potential impact of the Keystone XL pipeline project makes some real touchdowns – few of them for the environment.

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Refurbished Wind Turbines to Power the Developing World at a Profit

Formally announced in a panel discussion at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi last week, the Vestas-backed Wind for Prosperity initiative claims to have devised a solution that will power the developing world while yielding returns for investors.


Lightning Strikes: Will Cities Make Us Safer?

Will city life protect us from lightning strikes? Does being lower than skyscrapers and inside densely developed areas help keep us from a bolt from the sky? If the rash of lightning strikes that’s been sustained by one prominent victim in Brazil’s largest metropolis is anything to go by, then maybe not.


Doctors Question Value of Vitamin Supplements

For years, we’ve been told to take our vitamins. It’s not only been billed as practical sense, it’s been touted as a necessity in an increasingly automated world. But one group of researchers are saying that’s not true – and getting an earful from their peers in the process.


Why Collaboration is the Foundation of a Sustainable Future

Public-private partnerships are addressing societal challenges. If we want to halt climate change, ensure future access to water, develop technologies to maintain food security and mitigate disease by 2050, we need more collaboration and initiatives that advance broader collective impact.


Chemical Spill in Tap Water Shuts Down Business in Charleston, West Virginia

Chemical spills can cause more than public health crises, as West Virginia’s capital city has found out. The chemical spill into the Elk River last week has closed schools, stopped commercial flights and converted Charleston’s formerly bustling commercial core to a “ghost town.”

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Urban Transport in India: Moving People Not Cars

By Juzer Rangoonwala In 2010, outdoor air pollution caused 620,000 premature deaths in Indian cities. Urban population in India is estimated to double in the next few decades and at the same time greenhouse gas emissions from urban transport energy use are set to increase seven fold. The need to change this unsustainable trend inspired Madhav Pai … Continued