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Will 2013 Be the Year to Invest in Africa?

“Africa is the world’s most underappreciated, undervalued growth story.” China sees its potential, but when will more businesses in the west take the investment plunge in Africa?

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The New Green Deal for Energy Efficiency in the UK

The UK Green Deal allows people that live homes that are hard to heat to make improvements that are then paid for in installments over the next twenty years. These installments are added to their energy bill, which will have been reduced by the home improvements. In other words, you should never pay more than you save. Will it catch on?

researchers link cookstoves to meningitis in Africa

Meningitis Link Brings New Urgency to Clean Cookstove Movement

Now there is another element of urgency to the clean cookstoves movement. In addition to causing high levels of indoor air pollution and making a significant contribution to the “black carbon” element of global warming pollution, new studies are showing a link between primitive cookstoves and outbreaks of meningitis in the “meningitis belt” of Africa.

Kakuuto Sacco

4 Lessons the Sharing Economy Can Learn From Microfinance

The similarities between microfinance and the sharing economy together with the differences in their maturity level provide a great opportunity for the sharing economy to learn some valuable lessons from the more mature microfinance industry.


2012: Top 10 Sustainable Start-Ups

In 2012 we had many entrepreneurs that worked hard to create a more sustainable future. While we don’t have the space to mention each and every new entrepreneur and start-up, we did choose a list of 10 start-ups that we loved in 2012 and believe we’ll hear more about in the upcoming years.

Photo Credit: Elliott Woods

Swiss Recycling Efficiency in Egyptian Slums

What if I told you that the renowned Swiss efficiency was being far outpaced by the efforts of a few small business owners in the Muqattam slums just outside of Cairo, Egypt? They are very good at what they do, and the secret to their success lies in the empowerment of the right people for the job.

Social Impact Bond

Will the New Social Impact Bond Right Society’s Wrongs?

The Social Impact Bond is getting a lot of attention, or maybe hype, because it targets core inefficiencies of social programs and, most importantly, transfers the burden of risk from taxpayers to private investors.

disadvantages of solar energy

Solar Energy Brings Power to Rural India

For the last year, the village of Meerwada in Central India has been learning to live with solar energy. Located some 90 minutes from the nearest city by way of a rocky 4×4 dirt road, this small town sits on the cutting edge of a modern-day industrial revolution that may one day transform rural India.


Your Couch May Be Giving You Cancer

A new peer reviewed study shows that most of the couches purchased in the U.S. between 1985 and 2010 contain toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.

The study, published in Environmental Science and Technology, found that 85% of the 102 couches tested were treated with chemical flame retardants that are either known to be toxic or lack adequate health information. The most common flame retardant in couches was the notorious TDCPP, or chlorinated Tris, a carcinogen that was banned from use in children’s sleepwear over 35 years ago.

Corn Harvest

Open Letter to Secretary Tom Vilsack

While it seems we have created a highly efficient food and farming system in the U.S., we are actually causing more harm than good. We need a food and farming solution that feeds people in a way that promotes good health for them and the soil.