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Rural Indian Artisans Capitalize on E-Commerce to Boost Sales

By Shaina Shealy What if female artisans in rural areas could deliver embroidery to the market directly from their village homes?  Would acquiring full reign over design, production and income amplify their independence and enrich their contribution to positive change in their communities? Technology’s Gift to India In 2011, 904 million people in India – … Continued

bike lane

The U.S. Bike Lane Boom

Cities are looking ahead and seeing the benefits of investing in bike infrastructure.

Featured panellists, left-right: Paul Polman, Unilever; Kajol, Help a Child Reach 5 advocate; Karl Hofmann, Population Services International; Jeffrey Sachs, The Earth Institute.

4 Partnership Lessons from Unilever’s Lifebuoy Handwashing Campaign

By the time you finish reading this article (let’s say 5 minutes from now) 20 children around the world will die because of diarrhea or pneumonia. This is 2 million children every year. Unilever’s Lifebuoy wants to change this reality in a new campaign also representing a new era of partnerships.

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Top Execs Receive $24 Billion From Federal Contracts Each Year

New research from think tank Demos has found that the current contracting practices from the federal government pays top corporate executives nearly $24 billion per year. The organization postulates that if these contracting policies were reformed to limit the taxpayer contribution to executive pay at the salary of the U.S. Vice President ($230,700), then full-time workers could potentially receive an annual pay increase of nearly $14,000, with no additional cost to taxpayers.

Credit: NOAA

NOAA Restoration Center Funds Community Ocean Clean Up Projects

The vastness of the world ocean makes it easier to ignore or rationalize our using it as cheap, convenient dumping ground — but we do so at our own peril and at our own expense. Taking matters into their own hands, 11 community organizations have received nearly $1M in funds for marine/coastal clean-up initiatives from NOAA’s Restoration Center.

Credit: Streetfilms via Vimeo

Investing in Biking Yields a Big Bang for Portland’s Public Buck

Portland’s been a leading light when it comes to investing in biking and factoring biking and walking into its integrated transportation, socioeconomic development and sustainability planning. It even has a “Bicycle Plan for 2030,” which calls for 25% of city travel to be on bikes.

Target's new wellness grocery brand is called Simply Balanced.

Target Puts Bullseye on Your Organic Food Dollar

Target’s Simply Balanced collection, scheduled for a full rollout next month, will have an assortment of about 250 products. Nearly half of the line is organic, and three-quarters of it is GMO-free.

Koch brother fund anti-ACA ads

Climate Trolls Outdo Themselves with Creepy Health Care Ad

The industrialist Koch Brothers, who fund climate change denial, are behind the new “creepy Uncle Sam” anti-ACA ads from Generation America. The question is, what does climate change denial have to do with the Affordable Care Act?


Researchers Call for Happiness-Based Policies

The World Happiness Report, which was inspired by a UN resolution in 2011 to encourage countries to use happiness in future policy making, is out and reveals some interesting truths about the world’s population, what is important to us, what isn’t and what will make for a richer world.

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SOCAP: Leaving an Impact After You’re Gone

Premal Shah, President of Kiva.org, summed up the week at SOCAP13: “If everything you do, you do for yourself, then when you die it all disappears. If everything you do, you do for others, it all lives on.”


Vancouver, San Francisco: Bike Lanes Boost Revenue for Retailers

Retailers are getting behind cities like Vancouver and New Westminster in BC, Canada as they widen their bike lanes, revamp their streets and restructure their commuter lanes to accommodate cyclists. The reason? It pays to be accessible to today’s metro cycling community.