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Students in a FedEx-funded school in Vietnam.

How FedEx Supports Education Efforts In Vietnam

Through the dedicated efforts of the Vietnam Children’s Fund, in cooperation with Vietnamese officials, FedEx has funded four school construction projects in Vietnam.

Employees at The Valley Hospital in New Jersey celebrate Meatless Monday

Meat-Free Product Sales Are Rising as Meat Consumption Falls

There’s one area that’s gaining traction by the day: meat reduction. Some savvy businesses have noticed a decreasing demand for meat and are creating new products to meet every meat-free need. Others are using the popular Meatless Monday program to improve employee wellness or to encourage customers to eat healthier by cutting out meat one day a week.

DC Comics' Justice League joins Darkness & Light campaign for Africa

Comic Book Art Enlists Heroes and Donors for Africa Famine Relief

DC Comic heroes are championing the cause of raising public awareness about ongoing famine, drought and violence in the Horn of Africa. Darkness & Light adds a new dimension of hope, empowerment and spirit to the somber images of need that relief campaigns have long relied upon.


The Triple Bottom Line: Investing in Women and Girls

How social capital/social investment in the reproductive health of women and girls can be a smart, cost-effective strategy for international development, with triple bottom line returns.

Migoel with coffee

Fair Trade Changes Lives – Can it Preserve Culture?

Author Kelsey Timmerman has traveled around the world meeting the people who catch, pick, and grow our food while conducting research for his upcoming book. He reflects about his visit to Nabusimake, the heart of the heart of the world.


How the Choice Between Money and Meaning Will Shape Our Future

Is there a deep connection between meaning, money and our chance for a sustainable future? Umair Haque raises questions like this in his article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR), Making the Choice Between Meaning and Money.


Home Solar PV Power Packs Coming to Punjabi Homes

August’s massive blackout highlights the critical crossroads Indians and residents of fast developing nations around the world face: to try to emulate the fossil fuel-dependent development paths followed by developed nations or a sustainable development path centered on local, distributed renewable energy sources.