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Guatemala’s Quetsol Campaigns to Change the Way Solar is Distributed

A small Guatemalan renewable energy company wants to change the way solar is sold to low-income rural families, saying that the popular and historically efficient microloan system is too slow in some areas of Central America. To show how committed it is to this idea, the company has created a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that is gaining steam.


Californians are Set to Benefit from Cap-and-Trade Proceeds

Since California’s cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases officially entered into force this year, many have focused on its cost to businesses – particularly energy companies and industry. However, California consumers will actually start seeing some rewards – even in disadvantaged communities.

Photo Courtesy of MWRFamily. Creative Commons.

Impact Investing for the New Economy: People

With seemingly countless examples of communities catalyzing clean energy solutions for themselves, the time is ripe to promote divestment from fossil fuels and investment into marginalized communities – supporting their transition to a new economy that fosters economic prosperity alongside environmental sustainability and positive social impact.

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Rethinking a CSR Strategy for Frontier Markets

Reflections from the “Millennial Ideas Forum” held in Washington, D.C. on January 19th. The mission: share how the power of collective efforts in public-private partnerships propel social and environmental goals for diverse communities.

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Making the Business Case for the Flu Shot

The debate continues over immunizations and people are shying away from getting the flu shot. However, the financial, environmental and health costs of not getting the flu shot far outweigh the simple cost of the shot itself.

Wall Street Journal graph of declining soft drink sales

This is the End of the Soft Drink Era

Due to rising material costs and growing awareness of the health impact of frequent soda consumption, prices are rising and sales are down. Is this the beginning of the end of the soft drink era?


Syria Pharmaceutical Team Recognized by Novo Nordisk

Due to the Syrian civil war, purchasing and receiving life-saving drugs is a lengthy logistics exercise. Novo Nordisk is recognizing its Syria team with its 2012 TakeAction award for the team’s on-the-ground efforts to replenish and protect the country’s supply of insulin.