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Genworth invited Social Innovation Summit participants to try on their R70 Age Simulation Suit and to start thinking long term about aging.

America is Aging: What More Do We Need to Know?

Rob Lowe, a seemly ageless Hollywood actor, is a brand ambassador for Genworth, a leading provider of long term care insurance, attempting to bring the subject of an aging America out of taboo and into the limelight.

of WhiteWave Foods

What It Takes to Change the Way the World Eats for the Better

Deanna Bratter of WhiteWave Foods explains how the company makes sustainable acquisitions, like Horizon and Earthbound, to enhance its triple bottom line — and how other companies can chase their sustainability goals.

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Seamus Mullen Trumpets the Secret Power of Good Food

Mullen shares his antagonistic relationship with food, prolonged illness, and the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis that precipitated his commitment to healthful eating. With a family history in food, and a childhood spent on a small farm in Vermont, Mullen was only introduced to institutional food when he went to boarding school (where he suffered from salmonella).

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Retailers Cite Low Wages as Major Threat to Business

The horrible irony is that many of these retailers, acknowledging that stagnant incomes hurt their sales, are part of their own problem. They pay low wages while lobbying aggressively to keep the minimum wage low.

Mikkel Vestergaard at Emusanda Health Centre

Vestergaard’s Success Secret: Its Culture

In my previous posts, I’ve already described the tremendous level of innovation that this company brings to bear, not only in its products, but also in its business models and distribution methods. But there is another element at play here.


Berkeley Takes on the Sugary Drink Industry

The sugary drink industry continues to get a bad rap. Blamed for promoting obesity, diabetes and bad eating habits, sugar-sweetened sodas are now the subject of two tax measures in California. They’re also experiencing decreasing sales in Mexico, where a tax on sodas is in effect. If Berkeley’s tax measure does pass, it could herald a change of heart regarding America’s favorite fizzy drinks.