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Our Data: A Sustainable Resource in the Digital Ecosystem?

Our personal data form an incredibly important resource for many technology companies, leading some to regard the massive amounts of data we generate as the 21st century version of oil. Although potentially unlimited from a supply perspective, is our personal data a sustainable resource for the companies that rely on it?


Interview: Jeff Stewart, Lenddo

Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm started in 2004 by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. Since 2004, the firm has invested close to $500 million in both non-profit and for profit ventures, all of which have a stated mission to catalyze social, economic, and political change. We’ve written about many of the companies that Omidyar has … Continued


Interview: Chuck Slaughter, Living Goods

For the second time this week, I found myself presented with the “Avon model” of product distribution in Africa. This time, Living Goods’ founder Chuck Slaughter did the talking. Living Goods mission is “Empowering micro-entrepreneurs to deliver life-saving and life-changing products to the doorsteps of the poor”. In a nutshell this means they’re basically a wholesaler for goods that are currently hard to get a hold of in developing countries – and which also have the potential for “high impact” in terms of improving people’s lives.


Where Does Your Cash Sleep at Night?

A HIP investor investigates their bank or credit union: how it functions, where customer funds are loaned or invested, how it can benefit your community.

levis 200

Bike Culture at Levis: Built to Last

Bike commuter culture at Levi Strauss & Co. started small and is now an integrated part of the company’s culture.


The Future of Clean and Safe Pool Water

Items found in nature can be used to reduce the chemicals used in many of today’s products. The current sustainability revolution provides an opportunity to re-engineer all aspects of our modern lifestyle.


Harmful Chemicals May be Lurking in Your Garden Hose, Report Says

Spring time is pretty much here and this is when a lot of people indulge in gardening. But did you know that there are a lot of chemicals that may be harmful to your health in your gardening supplies? According to Ann Arbor-based Ecology Center, high amounts of lead, phthalates and the toxic chemical BPA were all … Continued


Why Fair Trade Means Protecting the Environment, Too

When people think of Fair Trade, they might think of fair prices for farmers, better labor standards, or maybe even safe working conditions – but what people often forget about is that Fair Trade is equally invested in protecting the environment.  Fair Trade not only helps improve farmers’ living and working conditions, but also helps them become better stewards of the land.


Urban Air Quality Could be Making Children Obese

Columbia University Center for Children’s Environmental Health performed a study on children and obesity recently and found that obesity afflicts 17 percent of America’s children. In inner-city neighborhoods, this number is closer to 25 percent. The study found that pollutants in the air contribute to obesity – especially a commonly found indoor pollutant in urban … Continued


Increasing the Impact of TOMS Shoes

How do we begin to assess the impact of pro-active business activities? And hold business accountable to their claims? Last week was the TOMS shoe company “One Day Without Shoes” – a day to raise awareness for TOMS’s mission of providing shoes to children who need them. Two of my colleagues took part and went shoeless.


Court Orders FDA to Take Action on Livestock Antibiotic Usage

The FDA’s three-decades of inaction on antiobiotics took a fresh turn last week when a federal court ruled that government regulators must decide whether feeding antibiotics to healthy livestock could pose a threat to human health. The FDA has been ignoring the studies and warnings of its own scientists who have linked the rise of … Continued