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Why Diversity is a Business Imperative

At Symantec, we recognized years ago that the relationship between innovation and diversity is a business imperative. It’s also the premise for some of our most successful stakeholder engagement.

moms clean air force

Engaging Moms in the Fight for Clean Air

This post is part of a series on Stakeholder Engagement sponsored by Jurat Software. On Wednesday Moms Clean Air Force (MCAF), an organization created to harness the power of moms, hosted its first Twitter Chat for moms on the disparities in African American asthma rates compared to the general population. As stated on its website; “Our children … Continued


Breakin’ it Down: Analyzing Global Stakeholders

It’s all about the dialogue in stakeholder engagement, whether dealing in sustainability or AIDS or poverty reduction. Yet what, exactly, are some of the proven tools to determine which stakeholders should be included in global interventions?


Social Ventures – Energy in Africa (Series Introduction)

Getting access to electricity sources is a major challenge for rural populations all over the world, but especially in developing countries. In Tanzania, 80% of the people live within 5 km of the power grid. 90% of them lack access to electricity. In most developed countries we tend to take electricity for granted, but in Tanzania the lack of access to electricity significantly impacts economic potential, education and healthcare, amongst so many other issues.


Social Entrepreneurs Lag Behind Impact Investors

By Matt Evans Aron Jakab runs Fruit of Care, a social enterprise selling high quality design home decor like fruit scented candles produced by people with disabilities employed in workshops across Hungary. Aron is a savvy entrepreneur now, but a few years ago, the talented designer had no knowledge and expertise in business management, finance … Continued

Emotional Economics: Measuring What Matters

Since the economy came crashing down on us in 2008, there’s been a growing consensus that our economic system as we know it is not sustainable. What we’ve since learned is that money is fiction and the security we think we’ve been building all these years is a myth. Other than its dysfunction, nothing in … Continued

HP Mobile Devices Join the Battle Against Malaria

HP, the innovation company that started out making oscilloscopes and waveform generators, and then swept through the personal printing business like a tidal wave, has moved (through their acquisition of Palm) into the cell phone business, where they are exercising the same spirit of technological innovation in the battle against malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.

Lesson from Cambodia: Why Female Role Models are Key to Women’s Empowerment

By Victoria L. Petitjean The case for sex and gender equality has been widely made, and maybe more than ever in recent years with people focusing particularly on women still lacking in important decision-making roles. One important point that has been made is that we, individuals, societies and even businesses need to understand even more … Continued


Latest Tea Party Action Targets Planning, Sustainability and the Greater Good

Well, it seems like those tea party folks are at it again, proudly displaying their unique, mind-bending brand of self-centered absurdity, which, when mixed with a healthy dose of righteous indignation might just rouse their somnambulistic followers to take action at the polls. This is why, in an era when narcissistic dimwits like Sarah (ah … Continued


Remotely Green: Why Working from Home is the Ultimate Green Move

By Phil Green Are you looking for a green career? Well, join the club. Many workers these days are on the lookout for ways to enrich the environment while they enrich their bank accounts. Some of the most sought-after jobs nowadays are those in the renewable energy industry or those where a direct positive affect … Continued


What the Folks at the Bottom of the Pyramid Can Teach Us

There was an article in Harvard Business Review last week by Deepa Prahalad entitled “Design Lessons from the Consumer at the Bottom of the Pyramid.” Deepa is the son of C.K. Prahalad, who, along with Stu Hart and Clayton Christiansen, popularized the notion of the base of the pyramid, meaning the economic stratum containing the … Continued


Dublin Bikes: Bike Sharing That Works

The following post is part of the course work for “Live Exchange” the foundational course on communication for The MBA Design Strategy Program at California College of the Arts. The rest of the posts are presented here.   By Guillaume Driscoll On a recent visit to Dublin, as I made my way back to my … Continued


DC Homeland Security Agency Should Use Twitter More Effectively

The following case study is part of a project by MPA students at the Presidio Graduate School on information management technology and policy. You can read the rest of the series here. By Porsha Jones Twitter could be a valuable tool to keep the public engaged and alert during critical incidents. The DC Homeland Security … Continued