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Map of Megacities, United Nations, 2002

Megacities: Economic Growth, Ecological Crisis

This post is part of a blogging series by economics students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here. By: Jenny Hoang The May 2011 Forbes Magazine cover story is titled, Megacities: The World’s Greatest Opportunity. The article, part of The Global 2000 special report that showcases the world’s biggest companies, … Continued


‘Festival of Ideas for the New City': A New Kind of Conference?

by Sarah A. Maine This weekend New York City was host to The Festival of Ideas for the New City, ‘a major new collaborative initiative’ founded by the New Museum.  The festival stretched over 4 days and included symposia, lectures, workshops, a StreetFest, and exhibitions of more than a hundred independent projects around the city.  … Continued

America’s Nurses: Emerging Leaders of Sustainability

By Julie Graham  RN/PHN May 12 is internationally recognized as Nurses’ Day.  I thought it would be a fitting opportunity to recognize professional  nurses and acknowledge the potential they have to contribute to sustainable change.  Nurses have a natural fit with sustainability.  They dedicate their professional lives to making the lives of others, and their … Continued


American Security Project: How Much Will Climate Change Cost Your State?

The American Security Project ASP, a non-profit, bipartisan public policy and research organization, has recently issued a series of 50 reports entitled Pay Now or Pay Later: A State by State Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change. The series turns the classic argument that it costs too much to do anything to prevent or … Continued


Step One, Population Control

This post is part of a blogging series by economics students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here. By: Jonathan Gibson Sustainability is all about fundamentals; it’s about fairness, equality, responsibility, and paying as we go.  Underlying these fundamentals is the supply and demand of resources.  With fixed world resources, … Continued


The Living Seed Company Offers Rare Seed Varieties

It’s that time of the year for planting seeds! And while you can find your cukes, tomatoes and beans at your local nursery or hardware store, it’s a little more difficult to find heirloom varieties. Step into The Living Seed Company, a small California business that offers high-quality seeds that grow to be flavorful and … Continued


Whole Foods Launches Standards for Household Cleaning Products

A few years ago, Whole Foods announced a Premium Body Care standard for personal products. The seal was slapped on over 1,200 body care products to assist consumers in purchasing the very best. Last year, the company announced that by June 1, 2011, a third-party certification would be required for personal care products and cosmetics … Continued

Yoga In Business

Interview: The ROI of Workplace Yoga

Recently I published an interview with Lynn Roulo, a professional CPA who has worked in venture capital. I focused on her new company called Green Box Top that offers daily price specials on wellness and green products. I was more than surprised when my conservation with this numbers oriented-entrepreneur turned to how yoga was improving … Continued


GMOs and Non-GMOs – To Label or Not to Label?

This post is part of a blogging series by marketing students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here. By Tiina Seppäläinen Consumers like you and me are becoming increasingly concerned about the growth of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in our food system. In a recent poll conducted by MSNBC, 96% … Continued


The 5th Annual Lincoln Park Music Festival: More Than Just a Concert

On July 29th through August 1st this summer, Newark, New Jersey’s Lincoln Park will host its 5th Annual Music Festival.  And despite the impressive lineup (featuring the likes of Carrie Jackson, Adegoke Steve Colson, Lance Williams and True Worship, Keith Bailey & A.N.T, Danny Krivit, Kenny Bobien, Loleatta Holloway, and DJs Immortal Technique and 9th … Continued


The Ark of Taste: Eating Well to Save Species

This post is part of a series on sustainability in the health and wellness industry, curated by Becky Eisen, Dana Ledyard, Izabel Loinaz. Follow along with the series here. Joining good food with sustainability is one organization’s recipe for saving America’s food traditions. By Aaron Kagan Slow Food International reminds us it is possible to … Continued

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Toyota USA Foundation Increases Support for TNC’s LEAF Program

For many years I have been loosely involved, through holiday volunteer days and sporadic donations, with a local nonprofit that serves the homeless and those at risk for becoming homeless. My connection with the organization has deepened however, since I started volunteering with the organization’s Development and Fundraising teams on a regular basis. I have … Continued

Photo by Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times, retrieved April 13, 2011 from The Deadlocked Debate Over Education

What Will Sustainable Learning Look Like in the Future?

This post is part of a blogging series by marketing students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here. By Briana Krompier “A simple question to ask is, ‘How has the world of a child changed in the last 150 years?’ And the answer is, ‘It’s hard to imagine any way … Continued

What is a Social Entrepreneur?

Today, poverty is an epidemic. A startling portion of the world’s population dies from preventable diseases, our environmental resources are being depleted at unprecedented rates, and things we take for granted in first world countries — clean water, sufficient food, an opportunity for education — are impossible dreams elsewhere. We know these are issues, but … Continued