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Shaw’s Supermarkets Launches Sustainable Seafood Program

Last month, Shaw’s Supermarkets, owned by SUPERVALU, launched a sustainable seafood program in partnership with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. Both ensure that the seafood Shaw’s sells is globally certified and locally verified by these two leading sustainable seafood organizations. These verifications provide consumers with the confidence of … Continued

3 Big Steps Toward Mass Use of Bicycles

Bicycling has seen an unprecedented rise in popularity, support, and accessibility these days, worldwide. To be sure part of this can be credited to the faltering global economy. In the US, there’s also been a willingness on the part of both federal and state government (questionably motivated Republican threats aside) to make an investment in … Continued

Derreck Kayongo, Global Soap Project founder, inspects a box of repurposed soap. In its first year of the partnership, Hilton Worldwide expects to repurpose and distribute more than one million new 4-ounce bars of soap to people in need. Credit: Global Soap Project.

A Soap Opera at Hilton Hotels

Although it is not as commonly used as food and water, soap is a good example of the inequality in resource use between the developed and the developing worlds. Think about this – while hotels in the U.S. throw away millions of used soap bars every day, impoverished people around the world die every day … Continued

Solar Water Pump

Plugging in: Renewable Energy for Remote Villages

Integrating renewable energy into international development projects is exciting, difficult and time consuming – but that has not reduced the interest from the private and non-profit sectors and the engineers, students, and clean-energy professionals that are anxious to be involved in these kinds of projects.


How to Eat Organic on $5 per Meal

A common comment I have heard in working with hundreds of business owners across America this year is, “I would like to eat organic food but it is too expensive.” At first I tried to address these concerns intellectually by comparing value and values. Then in one city a business owner confronted me with this … Continued

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Would You Survive at the Bottom of the Pyramid?

A fan of experiential learning, I entered a session called “Would You Survive? Base of the Pyramid Urban Slum Simulation” with very little knowledge of what would unfold or how my fellow conference attendees would transform around me.

Photo Courtesy of The Columbus Dispatch

Animal Slaughter in Ohio Showcases Human Egotism

I originally had grand intentions to create an enlightened piece about integral leadership and spiral dynamics… well, not really, but it sounds dazzling. Instead, my attention was swayed by the news of the more than 48 exotic animals running loose in Zanesville, Ohio.

A mobile phone charging station in Uganda is one of many local successful businesses

Building Sustainable Businesses in Africa

Industrialization in Africa must start from the bottom up, by building sustainable businesses run by locals that don’t rely on outside charity or exploiting the environment.


Rwanda Bound, Departing for IRP Gatekeeper Trip

I’m excited to be departing for Kigali, Rwanda today along with 11 writers and journalists as part of the  two-week long International Reporting Project’s Gatekeeper Editor Trip for Fall 2011. It goes without saying that this will likely be one of the most interesting trips anyone from the 3p team has attended and I’m extremely honored to … Continued


Sun Shines on Private Solar Financing in New Orleans

Adam Capital Clean Energy Finance, a private investment firm, has agreed to lend $1 million to finance rooftop solar panels for 85 low-income homes in New Orleans. The loan is with Sustainable Environmental Enterprises of Louisiana, a community-development organization engaged in financing solar projects for disadvantaged communities. A joint press release from Adam Capital and … Continued

Mobile Banking

Moving Past Controversy: The Future of Microfinance

It’s been a tough year for the image of microfinance. Mohammud Yunus was removed from his Nobel Prize winning Grameen Bank in March and scandals have erupted due to increased debt and high interest rates in countries such as India. Is microfinance just a fad that is now approaching its end?


Population Growth Must Be Addressed to Achieve Sustainable Development

The 7 billionth baby was born on 31st October in Lucknow, India  and by the time you read this, the world will have gone past the 7 billion mark. Author of  The Population Bomb, Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University recently gave an interview where he emphasized that global population has more than doubled since he wrote the book in 1968. … Continued

How to Talk with Global Warming Deniers

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of moderating a panel at the Los Angeles Green Festival entitled, “My brother-in-law is a global warming denier,” attempting to answer that very question.

Bill Roth Biowave machine

Feeding Seven Billion People: The Emerging Farm Tech Revolution

Today, October 31, 2011, the world will have “officially” grown to 7 billion in population. Among those 7 billion, approximately one billion are malnourished. Even in America, a bread basket for the world, there is emerging awareness of “urban food deserts” where people face limited healthy food options. The 21st Century’s farming challenge is to: … Continued

google earth and smu team up for new geothermal study

Google Earth’s New Geothermal Map Reveals New Opportunities

The U.S. is a global leader in installed geothermal capacity, but so far almost all of the activity has been confined to a few western states, primarily California and Nevada with Utah running a distant third. Now a new geothermal study viewable on Google Earth reveals that some of the hottest regions for future geothermal … Continued