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Court Orders FDA to Take Action on Livestock Antibiotic Usage

The FDA’s three-decades of inaction on antiobiotics took a fresh turn last week when a federal court ruled that government regulators must decide whether feeding antibiotics to healthy livestock could pose a threat to human health. The FDA has been ignoring the studies and warnings of its own scientists who have linked the rise of … Continued

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO

Why Facebook Needs Women on its Board

Companies that strive to fill their board seats with women stand to benefit in several ways. Companies with female leadership often perform better, stand to reduce their fiduciary risk, and may have a better connection with a women-majority consumer base.

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Viruses, Germs and Errors: Why We Don’t Trust Hospitals

Healthcare service providers over the years have failed to earn the trust of their patients and community in general. They do focus on offering multiple medical specialties and newer, shinier machines but these things do not inspire the much coveted patient trust. Why are hospitals consistently and steadily failing patient expectations?


Why Peru is at the Sustainability Sweet Spot

Worldwatch Institute recently released the 29th version of its State of the World report entitled “Time Running Out to Ensure Sustainable Prosperity for All.” Worldwatch has also released a website Moving Toward Sustainable Prosperity to accompany the report. The Institute highlights a concept called “sustainability sweet spot” with data compiled from Global Footprint Network and UNDP. It attempts to … Continued


FDA Drags Its Feet on BPA Ban

The US FDA recently announced that it has rejected the 2008 Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) petition requesting that the toxic chemical bisphenol A, or BPA, be declared unsafe and banned from food packaging.

sanitary pads

How a Humble Sanitary Pad is Changing the Lives of Rural Women in India

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Video Interview: America’s CTO Catalyzes Health Entrepreneurship Through Open Data

Health data liberation is catalyzing entrepreneurs to create products and services to help consumers, patients, doctors, nurses, and other health professionals both seek and deliver better care. The data is also enabling tools that help doctors get a sense of patient population trends, that help journalists identify key report worthy issues such as health disparities and that help officials see food deserts so they can craft better policy.