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Gasp! The Benefits Of Child Labor In The Developing World

If asked, most people in our society will tell you that they are dead set against the concept of child labor. They look disapprovingly at developing countries where young children perform manual labor for long hours when they should be in school learning. Yes, children should be in school. Yes, they should be out playing with friends and enjoying their childhood.


Is Social Enterprise The New Cure For AIDS and Poverty?

By Peter Glenn As we commemorate another World AIDS Day, we have some cause for celebration.  UNAIDS reports that new infection rates have decreased 20% over the last 10 years and 56 countries have “stabilized or significantly reduced new infections.”  Also, millions of people living with the virus in the developing world now have access … Continued

refugee-camp HAITI

Sustainable Haiti: Rebuilding for the Long Haul

The Sustainable Haiti Coalition is a platform of collaboration that coordinates resources for a suite of sustainable solutions. I spoke with co-founder Douglas Cohen, on the phone. He told me that, “ethical leadership and triple bottom line values are the criteria for participation.” They are helping to facilitate the work of Haitian Diaspora members engaged in providing resources for sustainable ventures.

At Modest Needs, Small Gifts Add Up to Life-Changing Help

In this current economic climate, money is tight for many people, the unemployment rate is in the double digits, and more people fall under the poverty level than has been reported in more than 50 years. Many of those who escaped the most severe consequences of our economic crisis are walking a fine line between … Continued

Nick Hurd, MP

UK Minister Gives Glimpse of Big Society Bank

The UK’s Minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd, MP, gave a preview of the government’s plans for funding its Big Society bank at the Good Deals 2010 conference this week. “We want to make it easier… for people who can see a way things can be done better,” said Hurd. He added, “The prize is … Continued


Serious Gaming: Games that Can Change the World

This is the second of two posts on serious gaming and corporate social responsibility. Part 1 discussed Teaching Sustainable Values through Serious Gaming. By Cindy Mehallow In my first post on gaming and sustainability, I discussed the growing use of online and video games to teach sustainable values and drive behavior change. A growing number of business leaders, … Continued

Nick Hurd, MP at the Good Deals Conference, London

Funding the Big Society: Just How Important are Social Impact Investment Metrics

The UK Good Deals conference kicked off with more warnings than aspirations for the future of social impact investment.  A panel made up of banks and charitable trusts expressed the need for metrics and a new multiplicative understanding of a social asset class– all big asks that hinge on behavioural change. One of the most … Continued


Employees Get Involved in Social Media at Nokia

by Cindy Mehallow When organizations use social media, it should be all about listening and having a two-way conversation.  That’s a radical departure from traditional corporate communications and marketing which rely primarily on talking to an audience, rather than engaging with them. That was the message I heard repeatedly at the Justmeans “Social Media, Technology … Continued


Microfinance Participants Refuse to Pay Following a Series of Suicides

The biggest hurdle to microfinance sustainability might not be its financial viability, but social acceptance. In reaction to local regulation changes, thousands of micro-debt holders in India recently stopped making loan payments even though they have the money to pay. Microfiance, an industry with a history of overcoming criticism and obstacles in offering small loans … Continued


Preventative Health Care: Does Medical Screening Play a Role in CSR?

Biophysical Corporation manages and markets biomarker-based tests for early detection of chronic disease. BusinessEarth talked to Biophysical’s CFO, Rich Martin, about the shift from treatment to preventative health care as well as the role companies can play in the well-being of their employees. Does prevention hold the key to America’s health crisis? If you’re like … Continued

Dollar Cookie Cutter

Bottom of the Pyramid: Throw Out the Cookie-Cutter Investment Approach

By Abby Callard, Beyond Profit So, you have an innovative business model that you think will improve the lives of millions of people living on less than US$2 a day? Next step: finding capital. Finding, and maintaining, capital is one of the most challenging aspects of running any new enterprise, and businesses operating in the … Continued


Userful Offers Affordable, Green Computing for Schools Worldwide

Userful, a Canadian-based computer company, can perform a magic trick. It can turn one computer into ten. This sleight-of-hand has brought computers to more than 300,000 schools in 100 countries around the world, where computer access was previously impossible due to price and a lack of skilled personnel to maintain the systems. Userful’s multiple-seat application … Continued

Design Thinking for Social Innovation: A Conversation with IDEO’s Sally Madsen

by Jess Sand As the private sector beings to embrace the possibility that social innovation can lead to a robust bottom line, companies face the very real challenge of figuring out what these efforts might actually look like on the ground. Can a for-profit business truly adapt conventional operational approaches to build a more just … Continued