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Rio de Janeiro favela

Bing to Put Brazil’s Favelas on the Map

How can you provide social services or start a new business when your city doesn’t even show up on a map? That’s the reality for millions of Brazilians living in favelas, or shantytowns, in Rio de Janeiro: Less than 1 percent of these densely populated urban areas have been mapped, according to Microsoft search engine Bing.

But the Google competitor hopes it can put Rio’s favelas on the map, embarking on a long-term project to bring its computational power and mapping infrastructure to the city set to host this year’s World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.


FDA’s High-Tech (and Still Confusing) Nutrition Labels for 2016

Have you been trying to read those confusing nutrition labels on your packaged food recently? Well good news: The FDA released a new batch for consumer feedback today. The typeface is bigger, and the calories are unmistakable. And yes, the FDA really DOES want your feedback. We’ve included the link.


Fracking Boom: Some North Dakota Rentals Now More Pricey Than NYC

For all of those communities that dream of one day hitting it rich on the fracking route: there’s a cost to fame, as Williston, N.D.’s citizenry is discovering. With median rental costs exceeding those of New York City, what will the town do when the rigs fold up and the oil companies go home?


If In-N-Out Can Pay (a Lot) More Than Minimum Wage, Why Can’t McDonald’s?

In-N-Out Burger, a fast food chain in California and the Southwest, starts its employees off at a wage of $10.50 an hour. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez makes a good point. If In-N-Out Burger can do it–remain profitable and still provide what has arguably been deemed a superior product–why can’t McDonald’s?


Obama, McCarthy Reaffirm Government’s Commitment to Environmental Justice

On the 25th anniversary of a historic executive order issued by then President Clinton, the President and EPA Administrator’s renewed commitment to environmental justice should resonate with the public, coming in the wake of chemical and coal ash spills that have endangered water supplies and ecosystems.

CVS cigarettes smoking

CVS to Stop Selling Cigarettes – Doubles Down on Health Services

CVS/pharmacy announced it will voluntarily stop selling all tobacco products at 7,600 stores nationwide, as an effort to do the right thing and fulfill its purpose: “Helping people on the path to better health.” Is this a solid social move or a pure publicity stunt?


Organic and Enviro Groups Call for GMO Labeling by Feds

That pesky GMO topic just won’t go away … Organic and environmental groups are the latest in a growing list to pen their names to a letter to the Pres calling for federal labeling of all foods containing GMO.


Keystone XL Report: Is It Really About the Environment?

It may not be as exciting as the Super Bowl was, but the U.S. government’s 44-page report on the potential impact of the Keystone XL pipeline project makes some real touchdowns – few of them for the environment.

V47 at Silkeborgvej 15 Farre 8472 Sporup Denmark

Refurbished Wind Turbines to Power the Developing World at a Profit

Formally announced in a panel discussion at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi last week, the Vestas-backed Wind for Prosperity initiative claims to have devised a solution that will power the developing world while yielding returns for investors.