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Vegetarian un-Delight: Soy’s Link to Breast Cancer

With greed and hubris, gigantic farming companies produce soy products utilizing pesticides and genetic modification to survive the pesticides. Soy-based products are estrogen like and can add to a condition of estrogen dominance, which can lead to breast cancer.

The Environmental Impact of “Too Much Sugar”

Today I read an excellent article by Tom Laksawy in Grist about the amount of sugar in kids’ cereal. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) released a report that highlighted the worst offenders. Some of these cereals contain more than half their weight in sugar and millions of children eat them for breakfast everyday. Read Tom’s … Continued

In Defense of Bicycle and Pedestrian Project Funding

3p is proud to partner with the Presidio Graduate School’s Macroeconomics course on a blogging series about “the economics of sustainability.” This post is part of that series. To follow along, please click here. By Amanda Irene Rohlich In a rare showing of cooperation on Capitol Hill, the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public … Continued

Novo Nordisk Eliminates Animal Testing for Production Control

The pharmaceutical industry may not be particularly high profile in terms of its CSR efforts, but several drug makers are among the ranks of the most responsible companies out there. Pharma companies took three of the top twenty spots in this year’s Newsweek Green Rankings; two were among the top ten. But these companies have … Continued


WEconomy: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption

Have you ever shared a car ride, lent someone a book, made a mix tape, or traded clothing? Then you’re part of the WEconomy, a new economic model where communities of consumers share, swap or rent goods as opposed to owning them.

food truck

More Under the (Food Truck) Hood

Mobile food trucks are the latest micro business model sprouting up in urban centers across the country. Just like cupcakes and housewives, there is even a reality television show that pits gourmet food trucks against each other to win a cash prize.


Credit Unions Ask, ‘Now What?’ Answer: Invest in Cooperatives

Credit union membership continues to surge after the successful ‘Move Your Money’ campaign. The opportunity now exists to better articulate the connection between credit unions as cooperative businesses owned by the members and the need for them to invest more heavily in the growing cooperative business sector.

Malaysian Jungle Nymph.  Photo by University of Chicago News Office, courtesy Entom Foods.

Bug Bites: Insects Might Be the Protein of Tomorrow

A strong case can be made for grubbing on bugs, but in the United States and Europe there’s a prevalent cultural bias against insects as a source of edible protein. Find out why entomophagy—the practice of eating insects—has recently started gaining traction as a viable alternative.

Fried farm egg.

Would You Like an Egg With That?

A farm fresh fried egg is a beautiful thing. Featured on Neapolitan thin-crust pizzas, juicy high-stacked burgers, and now, here before me, this vivid orange crown jewel is served over a perfectly braised pork belly and gleaming steamed rice. I have the recent culinary trend of “would you like an egg with that?” to thank for this extra pop of color, protein, and pure delectable ooze.

Do you smell gas?  The KivuWatt Methane extraction platform off the shore of Gisenyi, Rwanda in Lake Kivu

KivuWatt: Powering Rwanda and Averting Disaster

This post is part of a series on exploring Rwanda as part of the International Reporting Project’s Gatekeeper Editor trip. Follow along on our page here. One of the more vivid memories of my childhood was hearing about the 1985 disaster at Lake Nyos in Cameroon. In case you forgot, Lake Nyos was naturally super-saturated with dissolved carbon … Continued


Report Touts Low-Income Shoppers’ Spending Savvy–But Miss the Big Picture

Black Friday is almost here, which means the holiday shopping season is just about to begin. Even if Black Friday is not your cup of tea, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that retailers, nervous about the economy, are hoping for a relatively strong holiday shopping season. One key to making it happen is … Continued

Four Major Flaws in Our Healthcare System

While American health care reform has received plenty of media coverage, little attention has been given to the work being done to improve health outcomes and affordability. At this year’s Net Impact conference, I learned about four major areas of focus in health reform. I explore the efforts underway to address these key issues and maximize clinical and economic outcomes.