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B1G1 Worlds First Giving Business Card

B1G1: How To Make Your Business Card Stand Out, Usefully

Business cards. Try as we might to digitize the process of exchanging contact information, the ritual of exchanging business cards lives on. For many of us, we hand them out early and often, resulting in a pile of post conference cards sitting on our desk. Unless you’ve got a sharp memory or had a sharp … Continued

Opinion on Overpopulation: Not so Fast, Fred

By Robert Walker When it comes to rapid population growth, Fred Pearce (who recently authored a guest post on 3p called “Overpopulation is the Wrong Focus“) wants to declare victory in the worst way. And he does. He does it by ignoring all the evidence to the contrary. He says, for example, “that the population … Continued


Rebranding Tap Water: NYC Water-On-the-Go Campaign

More articles on the controversy surrounding bottled water can be found here! On a recent walk along New York City’s Union Square Park, I came across a beautiful sight: walking in 95-degree humid heat, I saw fountains and fountains of cold, clean, and free drinking water.  A city employee, wearing a ‘NYC Water’ t-shirt, urged … Continued

Climate Change: Too Many Thinkers, Not Enough Doers?

In a recent posting on the Harvard Business Review, Auden Schendler argues that rather than waiting for the next big idea, Americans should focus on what can and should be done now. Improving transportation, retrofitting buildings, and adopting current energy technologies like solar cannot wait another generation—they have got to be implemented widely now if mankind is going to survive. But instead, we are preoccupied with sharing ideas, either by social media or at live events, and all this dithering is getting us no where?

Create Young Entrepreneurs With Social Gaming

As a small child, Jason Young was given a rare opportunity: his mother opened a bank account in his name and gave him a $5 weekly allowance.  One dollar was for savings, one dollar was for church and the other three were his to spend.  At an early age, Young learned a key concept: budgeting.  … Continued

Energy Entrepreneurs: Mexico’s DIY Windfarms

The GlobalPost has been running a great Video series on energy entrepreneurs and invited us to share some of their video interviews and short clips. One of the best comes from Oaxaca Mexico where Architect Porfirio Sanchez has come up with a novel and affordable solution to energy shortages in one of Mexico’s poorest regions…


Opinion: Overpopulation is the Wrong Focus For Environmentalists

By: Fred Pearce A green myth is on the march.  It wants to blame the world’s over-breeding poor people for the planet’s peril.  It stinks.  And on World Population Day, I encourage fellow environmentalists not to be seduced. The actor Jeremy Irons has announced that he plans to make an Al-Gore style movie about the … Continued


Out of Work? Sign Up for a Migrant Farm Worker Job!

The UFW has started a campaign, “Take Our Jobs,” aimed at those who complain that undocumented workers are taking Americans’ jobs. Visit the site, and you have an opportunity to enter your name, email, and zip code.


ING Direct Serves Up Customer Service With a Latte

I started writing this post from inside one of ING DIRECT’s internet Cafes on the near north side of Chicago. Aside from the heavy branding and ubiquitous Orange color, the place seems like any internet cafe I’ve ever been to – halfway decent food, funky couches, free internet, everything you might need to get a … Continued

The Rented Life: Can We Live Without Owning?

By Simon Dunne Ownership drives our economic engine. It’s an easy equation:  you make money to buy things. You make more money, you buy more and better things. You drive your car. You watch your TV. Ownership is a necessity that’s been ingrained in us.  It represents a certain level of achievement, comfort, and status. The more you … Continued


Calculating Our Natural Deficit

As the country begins to emerge from the economic downturn, we are hearing more and more discussion about our soaring national debt, which currently stands at more than $13 trillion. This kind of number is almost too high to comprehend, but we can safely assume that future generations will be impacted. Now think for a … Continued

On Stage at SB10 (image from @asheen)

The Hot Eco-Fashionista Five Principals of Good Design

Summer Rayne Oakes, the woman named “Hottest Eco Model, OK Only Eco Model” by Grist in 2006 is nothing if not conversation worthy. Which is why, when she walked onto the stage at Sustainable Brands 2010 , I opened my email. However, I quickly closed it and started taking notes when I realized that the 5’11 … Continued

Vote Here: Where in Africa Would You Invest?

By David Abraham Two people are sent by their company to a poor and dusty country.  When they return, they report separately to the same supervisor.  “Well, what did you find?” asks the manager of his first employee.  “Sir, the people there don’t even have shoes.  The place is just too poor for us to bother … Continued


Does Africa Need Sustainable Investment?

By David Abraham The IFC and EMPEA recently hosted the Global Private Equity Conference in Washington, DC.  The annual event draws in hundreds of professionals from both the institutional and investment sides of the private equity world and I was fortunate enough to attend.  Everyone was focused on how how fund managers can best attract capital for … Continued


Is God an Environmentalist? Religion’s Role in Sustainability

By Leslie Back In summer 2009, my small church started a Green Team. We felt a pioneering spirit as non-conforming liberals accepting responsibility for our modern environmental crisis. We were, as corporations and other NGOs have similarly done, positioning ourselves as problem solvers, eager to take on our collective environmental mess. But this venture, new … Continued