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The Impact of Chemicals in U.S. Waterways

Dangerous chemicals have been found in U.S. waterways ranging from ingredients found in anti-bacterial soap to cleaning products to cosmetics.

Image source: Katharine Bierce

Reinterpreting Wealth to Mean What You Value, Not What You Own

It’s a fact of life that how much money you make often determines other life decisions, like where you can afford to live. But what if we reimagine what wealth means…what if wealth is an abundance of what you value?


Financial Resources to Catalyze New Economy Solutions

This article is the first in a series that seeks to identify existing funds generating positive social and environmental impact along with a traditional bottom line; codifying existing financing strategies for the new economy.


Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations are the Key to Ending Homelessness

It will take organizations from several disciplines working together to put an end to homelessness. Veterans, families and children are hardest hit. President Obama’s Opening Doors initiative and new opportunities for funding like crowdfunding are rays of light for this dark problem.


Solutions SF Provides Homeless with Job Skills and Homes

Solutions SF, the social enterprise wing of the Community Housing Partnership trains qualified applicants to become employees of housing units not just owned by CHP, but offers personnel to staff housing all across the city. This helps previously homeless individuals not only develop bankable job skills, but gain valuable experience.