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Is GE Food Necessary on a Warming Planet?

So the question that must be asked of these bio-engineered foods, is the same question that must be asked of any proposed solution, be it in the food sector, or the energy sector or any other sector that has a broad impact on both our society and the natural environment that supports us. Does it stand up to the long view? Will our grandchildren and their children be glad that we did this? Will it pass the test of seven generations that the Native Americans used?

food stamps

The Surprising Economic Value of Food Stamps

While the fight in Washington over the debt ceiling seems to be over, it is not clear yet what cuts will be made in the food stamps program. Although food stamps would be exempt from the automatic cuts, they still might be subject to cuts coming from the special bipartisan committee that would be established … Continued

Solar PowaPack portable system

Solar Power Solutions for Rural Africa

Rural electrification is a serious challenge all over the world. In Tanzania, 75% of the population lives in rural areas with an electrification rate so low, it’s barely worth mentioning. The Lighting Africa Project estimates it to be around 2%.


Shell in Nigeria: Oil, Gas, Development & Corporate Social Responsibility

Harshly criticized for its human rights and environmental record in Nigeria, representatives from multinational oil and gas major Royal Dutch Shell opened up and conducted an online dialogue with members of the media recently. Human rights, democracy, the environment, corporate social responsibility and insight into its Nigerian operations were all on the table in what turned out to be an admirable venture in broad public engagement.

Will Integrative Medicine Save Healthcare?

In North America, the idea of integrative pharmacy – bringing together conventional pharma with ‘traditional’ remedies from naturopathy and homeopathy – is relatively new. But it’s catching like wildfire. Which brands are building the trend? And how do you get involved?

Courtesy of Ian Freimuth

Detroit: Stakeholder Power at Work

The reporting on Detroit seems to be shifting away from the narrative of the once great American City disintegrating into a burned out warzone-like state as citizens flee to greener, safer, more vibrant locales.

Women help celebrate Women's Day in Kunar (Photo credit: DVIDSHUB Flickr)

Women’s Rights and the Respect for Local Culture: The Price for Freedom?

Victoria L. Petitjean A few weeks ago, I wrote about women’s empowerment and the importance of role models. Having someone to look up to, professionally and personally, remains a core foundation of any individual’s path to self-discovery. It is maybe even more the case for those who are traditionally put down and discriminated against in … Continued


The FOMO Generation? Is ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ Destroying Happiness

Increasingly my world is filled with overachievers who feel like underachievers. Are we the FOMO Generation? Is ‘Fear OF Missing Out’ destroying happiness. In past generations people tryied to keep up with the Joneses, their neighbors with a nicer yard, cuter kids, or a better car. But now thanks to LinkedIn and Facebook we have to keep up with the Joneses and the Shahs, Lees, Carters, Smiths, Levys and our hundreds of other acquaintances online.


Bloomberg Gives Sierra Club Big Bucks to Dethrone King Coal

The Sierra Club received a huge and unprecedented boost Thursday when New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and his Bloomberg Philanthropies arm committed $50 million to the club’s Beyond Coal campaign. That’s five-oh million dollars! The partnership between the club and Bloomberg “will effectively retire one-third of the nation’s aging coal fleet by 2020, replacing … Continued


Pressed Juicery: Hitting the Green Price Ceiling?

I’m having a deja vu moment here: Back in 2000, Kozmo was one of the earnest dot-com hopefuls. The company would deliver all manner of things to your door, from DVDs to magazines. At no extra cost. I recall ordering, often, a single Odwalla juice, partly out of the novelty of being able to do … Continued


Savannah Bee Company is Built on Education and Passion

Last month I had the opportunity to visit Savannah Bee Company, a company that I have been following for a number of years– I was eager to check it out in person. Founded in 2002 by Ted Dennard, aka “Fearless Leader” amongst the team, Savannah Bee Company is so much more than just selling honey … Continued


Invigorating Local Economies with Tourism

Imagine your last memorable vacation. Now imagine your trip if you had known it provided jobs that protect nature, grow local economies, and nourish communities. Makes it feel that much better, right? Currently, 40% to 80% of each dollar spent by a tourist leaves the area it is spent in. It doesn’t have to be … Continued

Keep GE Salmon Off Our Dinner Plates!

Op Ed: Congress Ramps Up Opposition to Genetically Engineered Fish

The Food & Drug Administration could let industry pressure overrule common sense any day now by allowing genetically modified (GE) salmon to be sold to consumers. Congress is ramping up opposition to the frankenfish in a move that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on.

Farmers Market

Less Meat or More Local Food? Sustainability Calls for Both

Last month Andrew Winston wrote about Weber and Matthews’ article from 2008, ‘Food-Miles and the Relative Climate Impacts of Food Choices in the United States’. Winston saw the article as an eye-opening piece for anyone interested in maximizing the efficiency of carbon footprint reduction efforts. “Just moving away from meat for one day a week … Continued