Renewable Power Feed-In Tariffs: Simpler, Cheaper, More Effective

Feed-in tariffs may be the single most effective and beneficial behind the rapid growth of renewable power technology in markets in EU countries such as Denmark, Germany and Spain. A policy paper sponsored by the DC-based Heinrich Boell Institute’s Transatlantic Climate Group asserts that they could have the same impact here in the US…if state governments and/or the federal government employs them.

The “Green Trade War” – Business Groups up in Arms over Carbon Tariffs

  “Business Groups: U.S. Faces ‘Green Trade War’ over Carbon Tariffs.” When I read this Environmental Leader headline, the idealist in me sighed. Wouldn’t it be nice if passing environmentally helpful legislation was, well, easy? In reality, though, businesses are expressing strong concerns – and warnings – as legislators attempt to shape a more eco-friendly … Continued

Australian Prime Minister Fights Unemployment, Seeks to Create Green Jobs

It’s a great day, apparently, for Australian green job enthusiasts. Australia’s Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, promised today to create 50,000 such jobs (and apprenticeships) and tackle climate change, the Boston Globe reports. His promise is part of a greater pledge to prioritize environmental legislation while tackling the country’s burgeoning unemployment problem. The PM’s 94 million … Continued

Senate Passes Energy and Water Bill – Will Close Nuclear Waste Storage Facility

Big news in the environmental legislation world: the Senate passed a $34.3 billion energy spending bill yesterday that will cover hundreds of Army Corps of Engineers water projects and allow for the closing of the Yucca Mountain (Nevada) nuclear waste facility. (Obama promised, during his campaign, to close the facility.) According to an NPR report, … Continued

Oil Firms in a Wad over Nigeria’s Energy Industry Overhaul

Nigeria’s plans for overhauling its oil and gas industry are not going over so well with, well, the oil and gas industry. At a public hearing Tuesday, officials from numerous international oil companies (including Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Eni SpA, and Royal Dutch Shell) voiced unanimous disapproval of a bill intended to revitalize the nation’s oil … Continued

Australian Climate Change Legislation Could Cause an Early Election

Australia’s inaugural cap-and-trade legislation is causing the nation’s political climate to heat up so much that it has now become the deciding factor between whether or not the country will see an early election this year. The country’s opposition leader, Malcolm Turnbull, has made it clear that his coalition will vote against the nation’s first-ever … Continued

Greenpeace Joins the Effort to Reduce China’s Carbon Footprint

Greenpeace is known for taking on ambitious projects (to make an understatement). Accordingly, Greenpeace recently publicized its findings on China’s carbon footprint in a report entitled, “Polluting Power: Ranking China’s Power Companies.” The activist network is now calling for action, Reuters reports. Greenpeace found alarming statistics in China’s coal usage: the country obtains more than … Continued

Is Universal Health Care Good for the Environment But Bad for Business? Part I

Universal health care has been the hot topic in the past couple of weeks. Since the climate change bill passed through the House of Representatives, focus has shifted to the health care front. Is it possible that President Obama’s proposal for universal health care could be good for the environment, but bad for your business? Let’s … Continued

California Program Rewards Climate-Friendly Small Businesses

A new Small Business Award program, orchestrated through Cool (a partnership seeking to provide all Californians with the tools necessary to prevent climate change in their state), is supporting the underdog. It will reward small businesses demonstrating “climate leadership” through the implementation and promotion of climate-friendly practices.

Senators Introduce Alternative Fuel Legislation

If several U.S. senators have their way, alternative fuel may not be as alternative for long. Three senators are pushing a bill that would increase the use of natural gas in motor vehicles, thereby decreasing the nation’s dependence on oil. U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) and Senators Robert B. Menendez (D-NJ) and … Continued

Bush-era Smog Rule Bites the Dust

Many legal experts are working diligently to put the Bush administration’s smog regulations, well, up in smoke. A federal appeals court (a three-judge panel of DC’s Court of Appeals) determined Friday to overturn a Bush administration rule controlling smog-forming industrial emissions. The panel ruled that the rule was inconsistent with the Clean Air Act, which … Continued

International Climate Policy Is in a Global Gridlock

On Wednesday of this week, the G8 leaders failed to unanimously pass a climate bill to mandate a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050. The group’s failure to agree is further evidence that international agreements on a global climate change policy are stalling. The cause of the gridlock stems from disagreements among national leaders … Continued