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Patagonia Founder First in Line to Register as Benefit Corporation

Since the dawn of corporate social responsibility, Patagonia has been it’s pioneer and poster child. The company was founded on the principle that the business’s bottom line was more than just monetary. As early as 1974, founder Yvon Chouinard published an essay in the Patagonia catalog urging climbers to be more conscious of their motives and to … Continued

Chinese Clash with EU Over Carbon Regulations for Airlines

Were the celebrations too early? Earlier this week, I reported on the launch of the new European scheme requiring airlines to pay for the carbon emissions of their flights to and from Europe. As I mentioned, most of the world was pretty angry with the scheme and many countries protested and promised to take an … Continued

European Carbon Regulation for Airlines Takes Off

2012 started with some good news. On Sunday, the European Union began charging all airlines flying into and out of Europe for their carbon emissions. Covering a third of all global flights, this new scheme is one of the widest-reaching measures adopted lately by any country or regional bloc to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Given … Continued

The 10 Emerging Sustainable Cities to Watch in 2012

Whether they benefit from visionary leaders, flourishing social enterprise, or commitment from community activists, the following 10 cities are well worth a visit to experience their transformation and resilience.

Shareholder Resolutions Break Records in 2011

Corporations and governments around the world took notice of the power of the masses in 2011 with the Occupy movement taking center stage. But behind the scene, investors used the power of their proxy and sent strong messages to executives and board members in record numbers to advocate for change at the companies they invest in.

India’s Solar Future Burns Bright

India is poised to become a solar powerhouse, a possibility on its way to becoming a reality, with sunny prospects for the awakening subcontinent’s economic future. The Indian government has recognized the opportunity they have in a land where the sun shines more than 80 percent of all possible hours, and has set a goal … Continued

Public-Private Partnership Boosts Clean Energy in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has added 36-megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable electricity to its national electricity grid. Reno, Nevada’s Ram Power announced on Dec. 22 that it successfully synchronized electricity generation for its Phase I expansion at the San Jacinto-Tizate geothermal energy field. The new capacity augments 10-MW of clean electricity from previously installed back-pressure units. Owned by … Continued

Massive Oil Spill Off Nigerian Coast May Not Be Contained

Royal Dutch Shell announced on December 21, 2011 that about 40,000 barrels of crude oil leaked into the Atlantic Ocean from the Bonga Deep Offshore Oil Fields. Shell operates the oil field, located about 120 kilometers southwest of the Niger Delta, on behalf of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation under a production sharing contract. The … Continued

Who is the FDA Protecting Regarding GMO Labeling?

The Food and Drug administration’s role is to protect our nation’s food supply, and shouldn’t impede food marketers from labeling their products as GMO free. Of course, there are pros and cons to bioengineered foods, beyond taste and nutrition. On one hand, they may help feed undernourished populations

Resilience: The Next Big Word for 2012

Create a “sustainable ad­vantage” to win in this new age of sustainability. – From yet another sustainability consultancy newsletter. Big symbolic words come and go, and for various reasons they often annoy. That is not the fault of the actual words: articulating ideas like “corporate social responsibility” and “social entrepreneurship” in just one word is … Continued

Norquist Stance on Renewable Electricity Standards Gets Zapped

Where to start with right-wing maven Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, especially when he weighs in on the environment and renewable energy in his typically uninformed, anti-intellectual, anti-science, ideological and agenda-ridden style? Well let’s start with the fact that Norquist and Patrick Gleason, director state affairs for Norquist’s organization, have published an … Continued

How Mumbai’s Mangrove Forests Saved the City Millions of Dollars

Six years ago, the Bombay High Court made a monumental decision and passed an order to stop the destruction of mangrove forests. This decision was made a little after the 2004 tsunami that struck the eastern Indian coast and badly affected Indonesia and Sri Lanka. During that period, officials discovered that areas that had healthy … Continued

New Air Traffic Control System to Cut Millions of Tons of CO2

A few weeks back we ran a piece about how UPS was using advanced logistics to reduce energy consumption and emissions while cutting costs at the same time. This is done by calculating optimum routes and traveling the minimum distances. If this works well with 10-ton delivery trucks that are rolling around on wheels, imagine … Continued

We Need Political Collaboration to Fix Our Transportation Infrastructure

It’s time for citizens and politicians to treat each other like adults. With all the talk of failing politics in Washington, and the birth of new political movements over the past few years, conditions are ripe for increased citizen engagement. This piece recommends diversifying transportation modes as a way to begin reuniting Americans.