Senators Introduce ‘Efficient Vehicle Leadership Act of 2009′

Senators Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) and Olympia Snowe (R-ME) introduced a new bill Wednesday as a follow-up to the short-lived-by-design Cash for Clunker program. The bill, called The Efficient Vehicle Leadership Act of 2009 (S. 1620), would, the Senators claim, spur auto sales for the long haul by rationalizing incentives to buy fuel efficient vehicles. The … Continued

“Clean Coal” Advertising? Dirty Energy Lobbyists Resort to the Bizarre

Believe it or not, there are groups attempting to promote “clean coal” – an attempt worth parodying. The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity recently joined the ranks of such groups; it is preparing a series of ads designed to convince the Senate to vote against passing the climate energy bill. Does it really think … Continued


Europe’s Impending Biodiesel Trade War?

Europe’s “Renewable Energy Directive,” which the European Commission adopted in June, appears to be creating waves. The Directive is intended to encourage increased production of renewable energy, including biodiesel fuels, by the European Union, thereby improving Europe’s economy while protecting the environment. However, while these goals are not mutually exclusive in theory, analysts believe the … Continued

Fewer Children Better for the Environment?

Are there too many obvious environmental impact reports being written? The question arises after reading a study out of Oregon State University, which points out that — get ready — having children increases your carbon footprint. The study, led by Paul Murtaugh, an OSU professor of statistics, shows that an additional child has an environmental … Continued


Cash for Clunkers: If You Want to Be Green, Consider Keeping Your “Clunker”

By Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact The Federal “cash for clunkers” program has been front-page news this week.  Car dealers are elated, as sales are clearly up as a result of the program. The program is so popular it quickly spent the initial $1 billion that was allotted for rebates.  And by Friday, the Senate might … Continued

What’s the Biggest Threat to Bike-Sharing: Vandals or Plummeting Ad Sales?

Decades of attempts at making bikes free and easy to share in urban settings—such as in The Netherlands; Portland, Oregon; Madison, Wisconsin—indicated that there’s no such thing as a free bike. Most of the steeds were eventually stolen or strewn into canals or otherwise rendered useless.  But forcing riders to pony up a deposit and/or … Continued

How Far Would You Go to Decrease Junk Mail?

When I read the account of Alan During’s struggle to curb junk mail delivery to his residence, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud; is there anyone who can’t relate? For a solid year, Alan not only kept all the junk mail he received; he also chronicled the amount and type of mail delivered (i.e. … Continued

“Cash for Clunkers” Program a Success – U.S. Government Approves Further Funding

The government’s “Cash for Clunkers” program – which offers compensation for older automobiles swapped out for newer ones – has been more than successful. Apparently, Americans have swapped out so many clunkers that the government is scrambling to obtain more funding. Today the House approved a bill allotting another $2 million to fund the program; … Continued

India to Pursue Monetary Rewards for Curbing Deforestation

India is poised, Reuters reports, to pursue billions of dollars from the U.N. for bumping up India’s forest protection efforts. India’s environment minister, Jairam Ramesh, pledged Friday to invest approximately $200 million in curbing deforestation (thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions). If India keeps this promise, it could potentially earn significant funding from an emerging U.N. … Continued

John Kerry: U.S. and China Must Work Together to Fight Greenhouse Gas Emissions

When it comes to the U.N.’s make-or-break climate change talks scheduled for December, all eyes are on China. Securing the country’s cooperation is crucial in creating an international climate deal and, ultimately, to saving a planet in peril. In an article published recently on the Financial Times website, Senator John Kerry voiced his views on … Continued

Forged Letters Sent to Congressman to Undermine Climate Legislation

When considering how he’d vote on the Waxman-Markety bill last month, Charlottesville, Virginia Representative, Tom Perriello, did what any legislator should. He listened to his constituents. Among the thousands of emails, letters, and faxes he received, a handful in particular stood out. One was written by Creciendo Juntos, a nonprofit network that works with Charlottesville’s … Continued

Renewable Power Feed-In Tariffs: Simpler, Cheaper, More Effective

Feed-in tariffs may be the single most effective and beneficial behind the rapid growth of renewable power technology in markets in EU countries such as Denmark, Germany and Spain. A policy paper sponsored by the DC-based Heinrich Boell Institute’s Transatlantic Climate Group asserts that they could have the same impact here in the US…if state governments and/or the federal government employs them.

The “Green Trade War” – Business Groups up in Arms over Carbon Tariffs

  “Business Groups: U.S. Faces ‘Green Trade War’ over Carbon Tariffs.” When I read this Environmental Leader headline, the idealist in me sighed. Wouldn’t it be nice if passing environmentally helpful legislation was, well, easy? In reality, though, businesses are expressing strong concerns – and warnings – as legislators attempt to shape a more eco-friendly … Continued

Australian Prime Minister Fights Unemployment, Seeks to Create Green Jobs

It’s a great day, apparently, for Australian green job enthusiasts. Australia’s Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, promised today to create 50,000 such jobs (and apprenticeships) and tackle climate change, the Boston Globe reports. His promise is part of a greater pledge to prioritize environmental legislation while tackling the country’s burgeoning unemployment problem. The PM’s 94 million … Continued

Senate Passes Energy and Water Bill – Will Close Nuclear Waste Storage Facility

Big news in the environmental legislation world: the Senate passed a $34.3 billion energy spending bill yesterday that will cover hundreds of Army Corps of Engineers water projects and allow for the closing of the Yucca Mountain (Nevada) nuclear waste facility. (Obama promised, during his campaign, to close the facility.) According to an NPR report, … Continued