Bustin’ at the Seams: Let’s Talk Population

By Leslie Back As I write, the world population is just a smidge (smidge being the technical term) under 7 billion. This large and ever-increasing figure is one of the most critical points of discussion in ecological conversations. We are hard pressed to find enough clean water, food, and simple space for our growing brood. … Continued

Bicycling Banned in Colorado Casino Town

A small casino town in Colorado is cracking the whip when it comes to “pedaling.”  Black Hawk, population 100, recently outlawed a popular activity for “health and safety” reasons.   And believe it or not, the crackdown isn’t on gambling, drinking or smoking. It’s bicycling… the reason – casinos complain that cyclists get in the way … Continued

G8 Summit

G8 Summit Reflects Canada’s Climate Change Policies

No one should be surprised that the G8 Summit in Toronto came and went with almost no mention of global warming. After all, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the rotating G8 President this year, and his government has been named the world’s Colossal Fossil at each of the last three climate summits. The message … Continued

Spain’s Power Struggle with Solar Power

The dark side of trying to jump start renewable energy in a cash-poor economy is playing out with reports that Spain is under heavy pressure to reverse or tone down plans to reduce its special ‘feed-in tariffs’ (FiTs) for photovoltaic energy operators. The reductions are intended to staunch some heavy and unanticipated monetary bleeding caused … Continued

More Fraud Within the Clean Development Mechanism

A consortium of North American and European activists have demanded sweeping changes to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) after charging that up to one-third of all CERs ever sold may have been illegitimate. The groups are demanding an investigation to determine whether a number of coolant firms have manipulated the marketplace since 2005 by deliberately … Continued

More “Enertia” in Washington: Brammo Makes the Case for American Ingenuity

Everyone remembers the network and cable news brouhaha when the CEOs of the Big Three automakers each flew to Washington, DC on corporate jets at a total cost of $45,000 to plead with Congress for a bailout. The CEOs’ journey was recently retraced by two employees of Brammo, the electric motorcycle firm based in Ashland, … Continued


IKEA Phasing out Toxic Flame Retardants in Furniture

IKEA is phasing out a toxic flame retardant from its furniture. The substance was chlorinated tris, a carcinogen that was once in children’s pajamas until studies shown that it could be absorbed by skin

Cap and Trade Dying in the Senate; Utilities-Only Cap Possible

A nationwide cap-and-trade policy is highly unlikely to gain the 60 votes necessary to break a Senate filibuster, recent developments show. But a utilities-only version may be possible. Pundits and politicians agree that if cap and trade is going pass the recalcitrant Senate it will need the full weight of the presidency behind it. Yet … Continued


Climate Law Ban Ballot-Bound, But Schwarzenegger Bolsters Support of AB32

Back in May, the California Jobs Initiative submitted to California’s Secretary of State’s office more than 800,000 signatures in support of a ballot measure to stall implementation of the state’s 2006 landmark law designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since that’s nearly double the number of signatures required for a measure to make the ballot, … Continued

How Obama Can Back Up Strong Words About BP With Action

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Last week President Obama spoke strongly against BP CEO Tony Hayward. “He wouldn’t be working for me after any of those statements,” Obama said on NBC”s Today Show. The statements he referred to include Hayward’s much maligned remark Hayward that he wants his … Continued


Conservation Financing: Swapping Debt for Carbon?

One of the profound indicators of environmental degradation is the rate at which forests are being lost around the world, particularly in tropical areas where biodiversity is also threatened. There are many causes of deforestation, including corruption, inequitable distribution of wealth and power, population growth and clearing for agriculture. According to the United Nations Framework … Continued

Bonn Climate Talks Wrap Up, Some Progress Made

Originally published on Global Warming is Real The “Road to Cancun” moves haltingly forward with the conclusion last Friday of the United Nations climate talks in Bonn. According to a UN press release, the two-week negotiating session made “important progress towards concluding what was left incomplete at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in … Continued

Jerry Brown Kicks Off Campaign with Visit to Solar Company Solaria

Following an easy victory in Tuesday’s primary race, Jerry Brown, Democratic candidate for California Governor, officially kicked off his campaign today, in a contest that promises to have the environment as a centerpiece issue. Solaria Corporation, a Silicon Valley solar panel manufacturer, hosted the event. In opening remarks, Dan Shugar, Solaria’s chief executive, praised Brown’s … Continued


Calculating Our Natural Deficit

As the country begins to emerge from the economic downturn, we are hearing more and more discussion about our soaring national debt, which currently stands at more than $13 trillion. This kind of number is almost too high to comprehend, but we can safely assume that future generations will be impacted. Now think for a … Continued


Lawsuits Start to Surface From Unclear Green Labeling

My conscious weighs on me as I stare at the selection of colorful shampoos in aisle five of Whole Foods.  Should I pay the extra $1.49 for the one made from organic lavender or save some cash and opt for the one containing the ever-so healthy sodium lauryl sulfite?  According to a recent Wall Street … Continued