How Is Willy Wonka Like Obama? “Strike that, Reverse it”

"We have so much time, and so little to do! Strike that, reverse it." That’s just one of Wonka’s many famous quotes in the classic 1971 film. And, if you think about it, the aphorism applies whether discussing chocolate factory tours or White House agendas. Indeed, Barack Obama has much to do, and even less … Continued

Timing’s Right for a Net Zero Gasoline Tax?

Trying to push through a gasoline tax is a risky proposition, but now’s about as opportune a time as ever there will be to do so, at least one that is linked to a commensurate reduction in withholding taxes…

The New New Deal: A Cooperative Approach to the Integrated Bottom Line

Policies developed by the Obama administration need to integrate an entrepreneurial approach, government support, and the community in order to fully realize the triple bottom line. With full participation, we can successfully move beyond the Triple and create an integrated bottom line with social, environmental and financial benefits

One Way to Kick-Start the Economy

Green jobs were dead last on Common Current’s Top Ten Sustainability Stories of 2008, but it is certainly not least in its potential to give the economy the boost it so desperately needs. The United States Conference of Mayors released a study in October that detailed the economic advantages of a “green economy.” The advantages … Continued

Executive Excess and the Compensation Divide: Reaching Even Greater Heights

The gap between executive and worker compensation in the US is now a “chasm,” and continues to widen even as executive pay and other forms of compensation keeps on increasing while that of workers declines in real terms. A cynic might conclude that the entire system of American capitalism and democracy has in effect been hijacked by an increasingly entrenched corporate and political “elite” beholden and accountable to no one.

Will Obama’s New Energy Policy Recharge the Renewables Sector?

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately about how the Obama administration’s energy policies will affect the renewable energy sector. After all, the President-elect has been very vocal about insisting on the need to develop new, cleaner forms of energy, stating in very clear terms that the future of our economy and national security … Continued

How Obama Can Help Businesses

We are not living in an “entrepreneurial-friendly” climate. The economy is in the proverbial toilet. Health care costs continue to increase. However, on January 20 President-elect Barack Obama will take office, and if he fulfills his campaign promises for businesses and health care, aspiring entrepreneurs will have a chance to fulfill their dreams. What are … Continued

Carbon Price Essential if “Green” Stimulus to Have Desired Effect, Experts Say

Whether it’s President-elect Obama’s $15 billion-a-year “green” stimulus program or any other variation, setting a price on carbon emissions is essential if the US is to stimulate the economy and make the transition to a diversified, low carbon alternative energy base. A cap-and-dividend policy looks both environmentally and economically beneficial, as well as politically pragmatic, an economist, a regulatory expert and a successful entrepreneur maintain.

Gore Addresses Delegates as Climate Change Conference Closes

There was a lot weighing on delegates’ minds during the UN climate change conference in Poznan. Though many were hoping that greater progress would be made, key issues were addressed, including reducing emissions from deforestation, freeing up climate change adaptation funds for developing countries, and laying out a path towards reaching a global accord in Copenhagen next December.

Los Angeles Seeks to Add 1.3 Gigawatts of Solar Power by 2020

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently announced plans for Los Angeles to supply 10% of its electricity generation from solar power. Dubbed “Solar LA“, the ambitious plan would create the largest installed base of solar power of any city in the world. Mayor Villaraigosa told reporters at the plan’s unveiling last month, “Our solar initiative … Continued

Can Our Environment Support More Economic Growth?

At the intersection of a sinking economy and a new administration in the White House, there is no shortage of ideas on what the new president should do to rescue our butts from the abyss. Seems like all the pundits are formulating their “Letter to the New President” with their strategies on how we should … Continued