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Is It Time for a Global Sustainability Treaty?

By Inder Comar Law has the power to promote common values that help change societies for the better. At the international level, treaties are the legal mechanism by which a shared vision is enacted by and between different countries. It is tempting to cynically dismiss international agreements, but they can be surprisingly effective. Treaties like … Continued

B Corp and a Benefit Corporation are Not Created Equal

B Corp is just short hand for a Benefit Corporation, right? Not quite. Although there are similarities between the two in name, and in spirit, there is a crucial difference. B Corp is a certification and a Benefit Corp is a legal entity. Let me explain. The Confusion Between B Corp and Benefit Corporations First … Continued

Van Jones on the American Dream 2.0

By Heather King Van Jones may have resigned his post as Obama’s green jobs czar, but he continues his crusade for a better America. This afternoon at the SOCAP 2011 conference, he rallied support for the “American Dream 2.0” and railed on the Tea Party. “There was a tech bubble and a dot com bubble. … Continued

What Should A Sustainable Political Party Advocate?

By Inder Comar In the US we’re still more than a year away from the next federal election, but campaign news is already making headlines.  It’s worth asking:  what are some things a Sustainable Party might advocate? Here are a few ideas: Sustainable health.  The conversation about nation-wide health care is an excellent start, but … Continued

Germany Sets New Renewable Energy Record

While the latest green headlines in the U.S. are mostly depressing with growing signs that the Obama administration will approve the proposed Keystone Pipeline and the bankruptcy of Solyndra, at least we have some good news coming from across the ocean. According to a new report by the German Association of Energy and Water Industries … Continued

Island Community Invests in Tidal Energy

The world’s first community-owned tidal power plant is moving towards completion on the northernmost UK Shetland island of Yell. Locals are looking to the grid-connected, 30MW tidal power generator to provide an anchor to the economy, as well as a source of clean, renewable power.

Calisolar Will Create New Green Jobs in Mississippi

Solar power is here to stay, and the announcement last week of a new $600 million solar silicon factory for Mississippi may take some of the sting out of the recent bankruptcy shocker from solar manufacturer Solyndra. The new factory will be built by Calisolar in Lowndes County and will generate about 1,000 jobs at … Continued

Solyndra Bankruptcy: Economic and Sustainable Business Lessons

The once highly touted clean tech start up, Solyndra, has filed for bankruptcy. Solyndra was hoped to be a key mover and player in the clean tech and solar industry.  The United States Federal Government even backed a loan to Solyndra. Unfortunately, market forces and competition proved unfavorable to the start up and over 1,000 jobs … Continued

Can New Refrigerators Help Cool Global Warming?

As the news of global warming continues to worsen, with epic storms and melting Siberian permafrost, and assaults on the already beleaguered atmosphere continue in the form of massive, dirty energy projects that are being pushed through by those who can only think of profits, helped along by a new cadre of increasingly ignorant politicians, participating ever more loudly in the national debate, pushing scientific reasoning and truth to the margins to be replaced by their personal beliefs and opinions; there are, alas, a steady stream of efforts, some tiny, some substantial, that are actually trying do something about the problem.

NASA Scientist James Hansen and Darryl Hannah Arrested at Keystone Pipeline Protest

Things are heating up when it comes to the protests outside of the Whitehouse over the Keystone XL pipeline, a $7 billion, 1,700 mile project. James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, was arrested on August 29 while protesting. Hansen, who was one of the first scientists to warn about global warming, … Continued

Benefit Corporation Passes California Assembly, Sent to Governor

This post has been edited since it was first published Benefit Corporation, a new way form of corporate entity that purports to use business to address environmental and social problems, has passed the California State Assembly, and is heading to Governor Brown’s desk for his signature. California joins states like Maryland, Vermont, New Jersey, Virgina, and Hawaii … Continued

Green Scissors Report Suggests $380 Billion in Savings by Killing Subsidies and Spending

Sometimes, changing current methods of doing things has an economic gain. In a groundbreaking report released by Green Scissors, a coalition between four organizations confirms that cutting wasteful and environmentally harmful spending would do just that. The Green Scissors 2011 report  has been released by four organizations: progressive environmental group Friends of the Earth, deficit … Continued

Thriving Microfinance Sector Strengthens Colombia’s Economy

Nearly 50% of Colombia’s 46 million citizens live below the poverty line. Microfinance organizations such as Colombians Supporting Colombians (CAC) are giving budding entrepreneurs a leg up by providing micro-loans and other banking services that conventional banks are unwilling to offer. Some $3.5 billion in micro-credit was disbursed in 2010 to more than 2 million borrowers.