Study Finds Family Planning Cheapest Way to Prevent Climate Change

The Brits have been obsessed with overpopulation since at least Thomas Malthus. Now comes a new report (PDF) commissioned by the Optimum Population Trust and conducted by the London School of Economics, which says expanded access to family planning and contraceptives is five times cheaper than low-carbon technology in reducing greenhouse gases. According to the … Continued

French President Nicolas Sarkozy Urges Carbon Tax

In a recent speech, French President Nicolas Sarkozy sought to convince compatriots of the need for a tax on carbon dioxide emissions by households and businesses. France’s imposition of a carbon tax would help the country reduce its greenhouse gas output in upcoming years, and it would make France the largest economy so far to … Continued

Business Not As Usual: Chinese Environmental Activists Riot, And More.

If you’re in the business world, here are five recent posts we think you’ll appreciate seeing.  Note the rating system introduced in this post ’roundup’ to help you grab the items  that mesh with your needs in product design, market development, and corporate management systems.  Business “criticality” (C) and “urgency” (U) are each ranked, … Continued

San Francisco’s New Composting Law: Six Weeks and Counting

In about six weeks, composting will be more than just typical in San Francisco; it will be mandated by law as well. Under a new law, the city’s residents and businesses must compost all food scraps or risk paying fines. But according to a recent SF Gate article, although the law has yet to be … Continued

Health Care Debate Could Slow Passage of Climate Legislation

Congress’ debate over health care reform could slow the passage of climate legislation, since, practically speaking, lawmakers must choose one battle over the other for now. This lag could potentially jeopardize the success of December’s UN Climate Change Conference, the Wall Street Journal reports. President Obama will plead his case on health care to Congress … Continued

Labor Day Reflections On U.S. Healthcare

Labor Day is more than just a mere day off, but a day to honor the men and women past and present who fought for labor reform. Part of the fight to obtain better working conditions and pay included the advent of Labor Day. In 1882, New York City workers took an unpaid holiday, calling … Continued

Van Jones Forced to Resign

Van Jones forced to resign his post as special advisor to the Obama administration for green jobs.

Japan’s New Carbon Target – Good News or Bad News?

This just in from the is-this-good-news-or-bad-news file: Japan’s incoming Democratic Party-led government has promised a more aggressive emissions-trimming policy than the outgoing government. However, the plan will hinge on the inclusion of China and India in an international climate change agreement. This could be bad news for the UN Climate Change Conference to take place … Continued

Green Job Training – A Much-Needed Solution Or a Drop in the Bucket?

If a new green jobs program unveiled by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Monday has its intended effect, lack of ability will no longer stand in the way of many Californians’ efforts to join the green work force. The $75 million plan would train more than 20,000 workers for jobs in the clean energy sector, thereby … Continued

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis to Sacramento’s Unemployed: Help Is On the Way…?

The fact that California is in dire straits (economically speaking) is no new news. But for anyone wondering just how bad it is, a recent visit by Obama’s newly sworn-in Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, to Cali’s capital should clarify the issue. Solis visited Sacramento Friday on a promissory tour. If Solis’ consolations are true, … Continued

EU: Ban on Harmful AC Chemicals in Autos Starts Now

The European Union has proved that it means business when it comes to banishing climate-damaging chemicals in cars. On Tuesday, the EU refused to grant a delay, requested by auto makers, on a recent ban on certain vehicle air conditioner chemicals, Reuters reports. In 2006, the EU decided that, starting in 2011, it would ban … Continued

TckTckTck: Big Deal Around Hopes for a Big Climate Deal

Let’s all start counting down with TckTckTck in preparation for what promises to be a seminal event in achieving, at some point sooner rather than later in our lifetimes, a binding global agreement on climate change. Maybe it’s too soon or already too late; maybe there are too many naysayers and “yes, buts” poised for … Continued

London Leads the Way With Green Business Website

If you have a business that wants to go green, one your first questions is probably, “How exactly do I go green?” You are not alone. Many businesses, especially small businesses, do not have the time or resources to find green product manufacturers, set up relationships, and inspect the manufacturers’ eco-friendly policies. So whether you … Continued


Consumers Backlash Against Ban on Incandescent Light Bulbs

A monumental ban on incandescent bulbs went into effect today throughout the European Union, marking a significant milestone in policy regarding consumer habits as a way to combat our collective impact on climate change. It’s been long understood that compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) are significantly more energy efficient, and while there will be a roughly … Continued