Why A Movement Is Needed To Mitigate Climate Change

“This is the fall when humanity will make some very critical decisions; both in Copenhagen and in the House and Senate,” said Dr. Eban Goodstein, the moderator of the Bard Center for Environmental Policy’s bi-weekly National Climate Seminar. Two weeks ago, Bill McKibben was the featured speaker. The environmentalist, journalist and author began his talk … Continued

Maldives Underwater Meeting Catches Media Attention

Few people appear better positioned for Blog Action Day 2009 than Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed – and it’s been a busy year since he took office. Faced with growing threats of sea level rise, President Nasheed has made some bold claims since his election last November. From his statement earlier this year that his government … Continued

Suppressed Bush White House Climate Change Doc Finally Released

In honor of this year’s Blog Action Day theme — climate change — Triple Pundit would like to offer the following pundification: “Presidents come and go, but the science remains the same.” A 2007 EPA report on global warming, suppressed by the Bush administration, was finally released under the Freedom of Information Act on Tuesday. … Continued

U.S. Energy Secretary Orders Burying of Coal-Produced CO2 – What Are the Implications?

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced Monday that a technology for burying coal-produced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions must be ready for deployment by 2017, Reuters reports. This is good news for the environment (given the fact that coal accounts for 40 percent of the world’s carbon emissions) and, hopefully, for the world’s climate change rate … Continued

Are We Closer To Passing Climate Change Legislation?

Today is Blog Action Day and the theme is climate change. The Congress has yet to pass climate change legislation. The biggest obstacles to passing legislation that would reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are the Republicans in Congress who are largely opposed to mandatory caps on emissions. It may be possible, however, to pass the … Continued

HVAC Industry Proposes Regional Efficiency Standards

A group of U.S. HVAC (heating, venting and air conditioning) manufacturers signed a deal Tuesday designed to improve regional efficiency standards and building codes throughout the country. The proposed standards are also aimed at balancing the desire for greater state and regional flexibility with the need for a uniform HVAC marketplace, and stabilizing the HVAC … Continued


Scaling Back En Route to Copenhagen

About 53 days until COP15, and the word compromise is surfacing more and more in discussions around reaching an agreement in December. There is also worry that the U.S. will not have passed any sort of significant climate bill by then, thus hampering their ability to make any real CO2 emissions pledge. In a joint … Continued

Blue Source, Goldman in “Largest Publicly Announced” Carbon Offset Deal

Carbon offset developer Blue Source announced the completion of the “largest publicly announced U.S. offset deal” (his description, reportedly): a $12 million carbon transaction between Blue Source and Goldman Sachs Group. The deal reportedly met Climate Action Reserve (CAR) and Voluntary Carbon Standard quality standards. It also included credits from North Carolina’s Alligator River Forestry … Continued

Obama’s Nobel Prize – What Effect Could it Have on the Copenhagen Conference?

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize score could have numerous implications – including potential benefits for the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen (scheduled for December 7th through 18th). According to a Reuters report, some analysts believe the award could push Obama to attend the Conference, in part because officials will hand over the prize in nearby Oslo … Continued

Saudi Arabia to Seek Financial Aid if World Reduces Oil Dependence

Saudi Arabia may join the list of countries seeking financial aid over the UN climate deal. According to a Forbes.com report, during the UN’s recent greenhouse gas talks in Bangkok, Saudi Arabia campaigned quietly for financial compensation should a climate deal substantially reduce the world’s use of fossil fuels. The country appears to be motivated … Continued

Obama Declares October National Energy Awareness Month

President Obama declared October “National Energy Awareness Month” Wednesday, in a statement published on the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) website. Obama underscored the role of energy efficiency and clean energy in the well-being of the nation’s economy and the environment. He also called on the American people to focus on making clean energy choices … Continued

New Website Tracks Chamber of Commerce Climate Follies As Schism Grows

A new website created by the National Resources Defense Council urges companies to take a stand on the growing debate within the US Chamber of Commerce over the chamber’s stance on legislation addressing climate change. The website is an extension of the work being done by Peter Altman, the environmental watchdog’s Climate Campaign director, whose … Continued

What’s Wrong With the Dairy Industry?

While dairy farmers faced the worst crisis since the Great Depression, Dean Foods Co. reported a 31 percent profit increase for the quarter that ended June 30, and earned $64.1 million on sales of $2.7 billion that quarter. Dean Foods is the largest milk processor and distributor in the U.S., which a 2001 merger with … Continued

Does Nuclear Energy Have the Power to Save the Climate Bill?

Is nuclear energy the solution to our environmental woes – and can it save the climate bill? Apparently, the answer depends on who you ask. Some promote the benefits of nuclear power (for example, its lack of carbon emissions), while others argue its drawbacks (for example, the issue of storage, and whether nuclear is the … Continued