Gore Addresses Delegates as Climate Change Conference Closes

There was a lot weighing on delegates’ minds during the UN climate change conference in Poznan. Though many were hoping that greater progress would be made, key issues were addressed, including reducing emissions from deforestation, freeing up climate change adaptation funds for developing countries, and laying out a path towards reaching a global accord in Copenhagen next December.

Los Angeles Seeks to Add 1.3 Gigawatts of Solar Power by 2020

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently announced plans for Los Angeles to supply 10% of its electricity generation from solar power. Dubbed “Solar LA“, the ambitious plan would create the largest installed base of solar power of any city in the world. Mayor Villaraigosa told reporters at the plan’s unveiling last month, “Our solar initiative … Continued

Can Our Environment Support More Economic Growth?

At the intersection of a sinking economy and a new administration in the White House, there is no shortage of ideas on what the new president should do to rescue our butts from the abyss. Seems like all the pundits are formulating their “Letter to the New President” with their strategies on how we should … Continued

Mythbusters: Combating Climate Change is an Economy Killer

Combating climate change can be the keys to economic growth and recovery, according to a survey of climate change experts released at the COP 14 climate change negotiations in Poznan, Poland, but the price of carbon will have to rise substantially. Removing subsidies for fossil fuels and increasing energy conservation and efficiency offer the greatest potential when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

How a Local Firewood Cooperative Can Lower a Nation’s Carbon Footprint

It’s one of the biggest issues currently being addressed in Poznan: How can we stop the burning of forests as poor people burn firewood to make a living? Wood is also increasingly popular as a biomass fuel. So what’s the deal? Can we burn wood and not impact the environment? The quick answer is that … Continued

COP14 Begins – What Can We Expect?

The two-week COP14 climate talks which start today in Poznan Poland, are the halfway mark in a two year negotiation effort by no less than 190 countries on a replacement for the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. The new concept is way more ambitious than Kyoto which was signed by only 37 industrialized countries who committed to … Continued

Upcoming COP14 Climate Talks – What’s On the Table?

Government leaders, environment officials and many others are converging on Poznan, Poland for the latest round of global climate change talks. Seeking to advance towards ratification of a post-Kyoto Protocol global accord and action plan to mitigate and adapt to climate change, the results of the Poznan meeting take on even greater urgency and significance in light of the financial system crisis and impending recession.

Breaking Out of the Oil Trap: “Big 3″ Bailout & An Open Fuel Standard

It’s been a long time coming, but there’s a chance that bi-partisan Congressional support will soon give US drivers a choice of liquid transportation fuels at the pump. As “Big 3″ auto industry execs cry wolf and beg for billions more on Capitol Hill, senators and House reps are considering an Open Fuel Standards Act.

How Will Obama’s Healthcare Changes Impact Business?

The U.S. healthcare system is in sorry shape. The Commonwealth Fund Commission gave the U.S. healthcare system a score of 65 (out of 100) when compared to other industrialized countries. The overall performance of the healthcare system did not improve from 2006 to 2008, and access to healthcare decreased. The efficiency of the healthcare system … Continued

STAR Community Index: LEED Guidelines for Entire Cities

Much as LEEDâ„¢ has transformed the building industry, the people behind the STAR Community Index hope to transform the way local governments set priorities and implement policies and practices to make their cities more sustainable. The STAR Community Index isn’t the first to try and rank or rate the greenness of cities. SustainLane for example … Continued

Healthcare Costs Affect Businesses

Over the last five years, health insurance premiums for employers increased almost five times faster than inflation, and four times faster than wage growth, according to a study by the National Coalition on Healthcare (NCHC) released last February. Premiums are rising at double digit rates which makes it harder for businesses to provide health insurance … Continued

A Bailout for Automakers?

The three automakers are too big to fail (some say), but is a federal bailout the way to go? Lyle Gramley, former Federal Reserve Board governor and senior economic advisor at the Stanford Group, said, “As a general principle, I don’t think that bailing out individual companies is a good idea. Under present circumstances, you’re … Continued