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Mayor Bloomberg Gives $9M to American Mayors with Bold Ideas

Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York launched through its philanthropic arm a competition between mayors of cities with populations of 30,000 or greater, challenging them to come up with innovative ideas to “solve major challenges and improve city life“ for the chance to win a $5 million grand prize or one of four $1 million prizes. Welcome to the Mayors Challenge.

Is Obama Really Bad For Business?

Taken out of context, Obama does sound somewhat patronizing. But put the remark in its full context (see below) and it is clear that Obama was referring to public roads and highways and the many other things that government provides to make business possible.

Is Air Conditioning Heating Up the Planet?

Stan Cox is a senior researcher at the Land Institute. His book, Losing Our Cool: Uncomfortable Truths About Our Air Conditioned World, describes the threat that our ever-increasing need for air conditioning poses to efforts to maintain our planetary climate within its natural limits.

Ecosystem Based Management Comes to Southern Oregon Port

The Ecosystem-Based Management summit goals were to increase participant knowledge, decrease duplicate efforts, and encourage partnerships within the area in order to share resources.

Wind Power Production Record Set in Colorado

Xcel Energy achieved the record in the pre-dawn hours in April, when wind power accounted for 57% of electricity flowing through its transmission lines, clearly demonstrating that US electric utilities can incorporate a lot more in the way of wind and other renewable power production into their systems.

From Rio to the Bay Area: Tools and Techniques for Global Collaboration

With the help of new software platforms, like Crowdbrite, citizen participation forums and workshops in the digital age are becoming opportunities for highly transparent community-based global interaction. The Bay2Rio+20 initiative is working to create interactive opportunities for people from all over the world to contribute to discussions that promote city-scale collaboration for sustainable development and policy innovation in the new Green Economy.

Tower Tariffs: The Winds of a Trade War with China?

Renewable energy trade conflicts with China are heating up and blowing strong. The latest action by the Commerce Department has set tariffs that could go as high as high as 73 percent on imports of utility-scale wind towers from China

Can Computers Give Us the Wisdom We Need to Live Sustainably?

Extracting materials from beneath the ground that will eventually be depleted could certainly be the very definition of an unsustainable activity, especially considering the inevitable collateral damage that occurs.  When those materials are burned as fuel, giving off greenhouse gases that overwhelm our planetary system’s ability to absorb them, thereby putting our entire planet’s thermal … Continued

Bay Area Delegates at Rio+20 Launch Global Urban Innovation Exchange

While many delegates left the Rio+20 Earth Summit disappointed by failed negotiations at the United Nations level, a small group of international entrepreneurs and innovators developed a collaborative vision for how sustainable innovation can be implemented in our local communities with the launch of Global Urban Innovation Exchange (UIX Global).

Trans-Pacific Partnership Threatens Environment and American Sovereignty

A leaked document, that was not supposed to see the light of day, exposes a grand scheme to essentially sell off large portions of this country’s property, rights and resources for the express purpose of increasing the profits of the corporations who appear to have a heavy hand in writing the agreement. I am speaking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a “trade agreement,” that essentially hands over the keys to our country to a number of foreign and multinational corporations entitling them to basically do whatever they want.