Global Leaders Need to Forge Consensus and Act Now, Climate Change Experts

World leaders need to take a holistic approach to climate change that focuses on sustainable development and protecting biodiversity. There’s a glaring need for consensus and an urgent need for action and strong political support, particularly at the national government level, according to a survey of climate change experts.

McCain and Obama’s Plans to Combat Climate Change

Regardless of who is elected next November, both candidates agree that climate change is a fact and not a theory. “I know that climate change is real,” said John McCain. “We can have a debate about how serious it is, but the debate about climate change is over.” John McCain and Barack Obama however vary … Continued

Waste Recycling Targets set in EU

Agreement has been reached in Strasbourg by Euro-MPs to set new waste recycling targets, with tough penalties for non-compliance. By 2020 50% of household rubbish and 70% of construction and demolition waste must be recycled – with mechanisms to penalize governments through court action when the targets are not enforced. The new standard is, for … Continued

Ethanol Debate Surges on Wake of Emergency Oil Summit

According to Great Britain’s PM Gordon Brown, our current energy crisis is a simple case of Economics 101. There is more demand than supply, and that is why oil prices are skyrocketing. At this past weekend’s emergency oil summit in Jeddah, Brown sought a way to rebalance that disparity, according to the Guardian UK, by … Continued

Wind energy PTC more than pays for itself says GEFS

Production tax credits for wind power projects more than pay for themselves by generating federal and state tax revenues, not to mention the economic stimulus they provide by creating jobs and the tons of greenhouse gas emissions that will be avoided for decades to come.

Whither Fuel Prices and National Energy Policy?

In the latest rebuff to Democrats latest energy-related, election year legislation Senate Republicans blocked passage of a national energy bill that would have slapped a windfall profits tax on Big Oil and created incentives to develop alternative energy sources.

San Francisco Gets $1 Million Grant to Build Grease-to-Biodiesel Facility

The California Energy Commission has given the City of San Francisco a $1 million dollar grant to build a pilot grease-to-biofuel facility at the SFPUC’s Oceanside Sewage Treatment Plant. San Francisco began working with biodiesel the SFGreasecycle program in November of 2007 to collect some of the 1.5 million gallons of “yellow grease” produced in the frying … Continued

First high speed train at a high risk cost: Argentina

Construction of the first high speed rail link in America will take place in Argentina, connecting the cities of Buenos Aires, Rosario and Cordoba. A contract has been made with Alstom and partners, Iecsa, Isolux Corsan and Emepa, which will see the rail link accommodating trains operating up to 320 km/hr. The national government and … Continued

The Lacey Act: Protecting American Wildlife

The recently passed Farm Bill included an amendment to the Lacey Act which extends protection to plants and trees illegally harvested outside of the U.S. TheLacey Act, named after congressman, Rep. John Lacey, the Congressman who introduced it, and signed into law in 1900, authorized the Secretary of the Interior to restore “game and other … Continued

ALC-EU Summit, Peru 2008

On May 14th, as the French coastal city of Cannes swelled with celebrities, with heavyweights such as Spielberg, Polanski, and the like littering the streets for the famous annual film festival, the streets of Lima experienced an equally similar and momentous influx of its own. On the same day, heads of state from Latin American, … Continued

Congressional Bills that address Climate Change

All over Washington, you can hear the giant scraping sound of officials and legislators frantically back-tracking,” begins the U.S. edition of George Monbiot’s book Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning. In 2007 the sound of scraping must have echoed because the U.S. Senate introduced two climate change bills. The Climate Security Act, also … Continued

U.S. Oil Subsidies Need to Go

In February the House passed the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act, or H.R. 5351, which would repeal the $18 billion in tax breaks for multinational oil companies. The bill would create tax breaks for producers of renewable energy, fuel, and electricity. The bill needs Senate approval. During a speech while the House debated … Continued

Convention on Biological Diversity in Bonn, Germany (Day 1)

The Convention on Biological Diversity is a treaty between nations to maintain diversity and sustain life on earth. Every year the party nations meet to discuss progress of the convention, topical issues and strategic planning. This year our attention is drawn to the devastation brought about by climatic disasters and the real economic cost of … Continued