Obama Aide Says Passage of Climate Bill Before Copenhagen Is Unlikely

President Obama’s aide and top climate and energy official, Carol Browner, confirmed Friday what many already feared: there is virtually no chance Congress will have a climate bill ready in time for the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December. Browner’s statement was the administration’s first definitive statement regarding passage of a climate and energy … Continued


Exxon’s Tillerson Calls for Carbon Tax – Seriously?

With the Senate releasing their version of climate and energy legislation last week, renewed lobbying efforts from some quarters touting the benefits of more CO2 emissions, and our good friend Senator James Inhofe now saying that CO2 isn’t a “real” pollutant in his ongoing effort to mislead and misinform, I’m not really sure what to … Continued

Will China Have Cap and Trade Before the US?

Underlying anxiety over China’s rapid economic advance, including its aggressive moves into clean technology, is an ideological uncertainty: is the Chinese system of government, which is non-democratic, but seemingly capable of moving quickly and unilaterally, fundamentally better than our messy democratic system that sometimes (all of the time?) hobbles its effectiveness with political bickering? Now … Continued

Comcast Considers Buying Shares of NBC Universal

General Electric (GE) Co. owns 80 percent of NBC Universal and is in talks with Comcast to buy part of its shares, which would give Comcast a controlling stake. Comcast is the largest cable TV provider with 24 million subscribers, about a quarter of the nation’s cable TV subscribers. Comcast also owns cable stations such … Continued


Apple Latest to Leave US Chamber of Commerce Over Climate Change

In what could only be called a growing trend, Apple Computer on Monday became the latest Fortune 500 company to resign from the United States Chamber of Commerce over the chamber’s anti-climate legislation stance. In a letter to the chamber, Catherine A. Novelli, the vice president of worldwide government affairs at Apple, wrote “we strongly … Continued

Dairy Farmers To Receive Federal Aid

Dairy farmers faced their greatest crisis since the Great Depression this summer. In July, the price they received for milk dropped 50 percent from December prices. In the meantime, large food companies are making excellent profits on dairy products, which is raising eyebrows. Last Wednesday, both chambers of Congress agreed to $350 million in aid … Continued

California Environment Initiatives Garner International Interest

Several dozen local officials and environmental groups from forest-rich nations (including Brazil and Mexico) gathered this week at Schwarzenegger’s Global Climate Summit, which was sponsored for the first time by the U.N. These leaders sought, in part, to determine ways to provide carbon credits to (California) companies willing to pay for industrial emissions offsets. By … Continued


Road to Copenhagen: Bali to Bangkok

The “Road to Copenhagen” began on the Indonesian island of Bali at the COP13 climate conference in December of 2007. COP13 charted the intended course toward  Copenhagen, producing the Bali Roadmap (pdf) and the Bali Action Plan, setting forth the negotiating process designed to take the international community “beyond Kyoto” and produce an effective global response … Continued


Spin Cycle: Whirlpool to Build 1m Smart-Energy Dryers

Which comes first, the smart grid or smart-energy appliances, or does it matter? Whirlpool Corporation says it will produce 1 million smart-energy-grid compatible dryers by the end of 2011, continuing the company’s “legacy of innovation and leadership.” One niggling wrinkle about the announcement is whether the Benton Harbor, MI company would take this step on … Continued


Is Nike’s Environmental Stance Connected to its Earnings?

Nike made a couple big announcements yesterday. The first, as we saw here, was its resignation from the board of the US Chamber of Commerce. The second, and slightly overshadowed, was a higher than expected earnings report, which caused shares to shoot up in Wednesday trading. The timing of the announcements could have very easily … Continued

China Caps Investment in Industry – May Limit Green Technology Development

China ordered sweeping limits on investment in cement, steelmaking, and other industries Wednesday, in an apparent effort to curb overexpansion and its snowball effect. (China’s hefty stimulus package, and a mandate that banks increase lending sharply in the first half of the year, spurred an investment boom that has analysts worried.) While preventing these issues … Continued

Nike Resigns From Board of US Chamber of Commerce, Citing Climate Change Differences

Nike, a global leader in sustainability issues, announced today it was resigning from its position on the US Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors because opposition by the chamber to proposed climate change legislation. Nike will continue to hold membership in the 3-million strong trade association. This news follows the resignation from the chamber of … Continued

Exelon Leaves Chamber of Commerce Over Climate Change

As a sign of growing corporate support to climate change legislation, a string of companies have left the chamber in recent weeks.  Exelon, one of the largest utilities in the US and the third to leave the Chamber, made the announcement Monday. The Chicago-based company sells electricity and gas in four states and is the … Continued


Can California Meet Renewable Energy Goal with a Mandate?

Just before the California legislative season ended in mid-September, lawmakers passed two bills that would require 33 percent of California’s energy to be generated from renewable resources by 2020—a more aggressive goal than what the three-year old AB32 (California’s Global Warming Solutions Act) had set and the most aggressive renewable energy requirement in the nation.

Democrats Boxer and Kerry to Introduce Climate Legislation in Senate

If Democratic Senators John Kerry and Barbara Boxer are successful Wednesday, they might nudge Senate negotiations on climate change a bit closer to, well, starting. Kerry and Boxer are scheduled to introduce some global warming legislation – the Boxer-Kerry bill – on which they collaborated for some nine months. The Senators hope the bill will … Continued