The Impact of Free Trade on Climate Change

On Friday, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) published a report that indicates increased economic activity could result in a rise in carbon dioxide emissions. However, the report also stipulates that increased ease of trade can also help combat climate change through delivering energy efficient and renewable energy technologies … Continued

EPA Approves California Pollution Regulation

The EPA is granting California’s waiver request that allows the state to enforce its own greenhouse gas emissions standards for new motor vehicles, according to an announcement made by the agency early this morning. With this decision, the EPA is returning to its traditional legal interpretation of the Clean Air Act from nearly 40 years … Continued

Waxman-Markey Climate Bill Would Cut Gas Expenses

By 2020, Americans will save over $17 billion by driving more efficient vehicles that will lower household transportation costs, according to the NRDC. The American Clean Energy and Security (ACES) Act allocates funding to produce the next generation of clean, fuel-efficient vehicles in the United States, and when combined with clean vehicle performance standards adopted … Continued

The Hope Behind the Holes in the Waxman-Markey Climate Bill

Friday was a historic day for the United States with the passage of our first comprehensive climate change bill. While some criticize the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES) authored by representatives Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Edward Markey (D-MA) for falling furiously short of what we need, and what President Obama promised during his … Continued

Peak Oil is the “Sustainability Spear”

By Max Dunn Ray Anderson was 60 and retired from the weight of making next quarter’s numbers when he was able to breathe, look around, and ask: “What’s next? What legacy to do I want to leave for my daughters?” That is when he got the sustainability “spear in the chest”. However, Ray’s case was … Continued

Climate Change Refugees Are Already Here

“The negative impacts of climate change are already causing migration and displacement.” So begins “In Search of Shelter”, a new report on the human impacts of climate change, released recently by a team of NGOs, including the United Nations, CARE International and Columbia University.

An Open Letter to the President and Congress from American Business

  In anticipation of a “historic” House vote on Friday that will decide that fate of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (H.R.2454) sponsored by Henry Waxman and Edward Markey, 20 of America’s leading corporations have sent an open letter to President Obama and Congress calling for definitive action and passage of … Continued

Responding to Iran, Thomas Friedman’s Controversial “Freedom Tax” on Oil

“Launching a real Green Revolution in America would be the best way to support the ‚ÄòGreen Revolution’ in Iran.” Thomas Friedman had an interesting idea in his op-ed yesterday morning: The US should impose an immediate “Freedom Tax” of $1 per gallon on all gasoline. By putting economic pressure on oil producing regions, the US … Continued

San Francisco’s Mayor Newsom Signs Mandatory Recycling Law

Photo Source: Yesterday, Mayor Gavin Newsom signed one of the first legislations of its kind in the country: a mandatory law requiring residential and commercial building owners to recycle and compost. While several other cities require recycling service and participation, San Francisco is the first city to require the collection of food scraps and … Continued

New Study Finds F-gases Are Making It Harder to Stay Cool

Earlier this week, a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences confirmed that refrigerant chemicals known as “F-gases” pose a greater threat to global climate change than was previously thought. The paper, which was authored by a team of scientists from NOAA, EPA, Dupont and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, estimates … Continued

Meters Are Getting Smarter, But Are They Secure?

The wonder of the Internet – its ability to provide both instant and constant access to data – is merging with our electricity meters and with the appliances inside our homes as the vision of the new, improved, smart grid comes into focus. But, just as with the dawn of the Internet, the smart meter … Continued

Increasing Ethanol in Gasoline Equals Diaster

Adding more corn-based ethanol into gasoline will create a higher demand for corn, which will raise the price of corn. In short, it’s a recipe for disaster, according to three recent studies. A study by Advanced Economics Solutions concluded that corn prices “will be much higher and more volatile” if corn-based ethanol production increases. If … Continued

Can Complimentary Currencies Stimulate the Economy at Large?

By Lisa Bingham Economics is all about connecting our needs or wants with resources. Most of us associate that exchange as happening with the exchange of dollars for goods, but there are alternatives. I attended a fascinating session at the BALLE conference last week called “Bartering and Complimentary Currencies.” This was a new concept for … Continued