Taxing Oil Companies to Fund Biofuel Investment

The oil companies invest paltry sums in renewable energy and biofuels, despite claims to the contrary and record high profits last year. In February the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Chevron made $18.7 billion in profits last year. According to the article 2007 was “the fourth consecutive year that the San Ramon company made record … Continued

States Commit to Combating Climate Change at Yale Conference of Governors

Governors and representatives of 18 U.S. states signed a Declaration on Climate Change during the Yale Conference of Governors April 17-18 commemorating the centennial of Pres. Theodore Roosevelt planting the seeds for what would grow into the conservation movement and the U.S. National Parks System.

SF Mayor Proposes Carbon Tax, Reduces Payroll Tax

(By Lina Constantinovici) On Friday, April 11, 2008 at Casa Verde in the Mission, Mayor Gavin Newsom addressed his plans to put Carbon Tax on the November ballot. Voter support of this initiative would position San Francisco as the first city in the US to take a regulatory approach in addressing climate change. As the … Continued

SF Mayor Changing Building Codes to Permit Wind Turbines

San Francisco’s Climate Action Plan aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 25% of 1990 levels by 2012. To accomplish this goal, Mayor Gavin Newsom is now focusing on small scale wind generation and strengthening local building codes. This could be an effective strategy, since according to the U.S. Green Building Council, buildings account for … Continued

Green Collar Jobs: Van Jones on the Colbert Report

Friday is a good day to watch a little Steven Colbert. The other day, Van Jones guest starred and rolled with Steven’s punches to give a pretty good depiction of the idea of a green economy and the potential for millions of associated jobs. Enjoy:

New Kyoto Protocol CDM Chair Sets Priorities

Streamlining and expanding the UNFCCC’s Clean Development Mechanism will be key priorities for 2008, according to Rajesh Kumar Sethi, the recently appointed chair of the CDM Executive Board.

Pres. Bush Address at WIREC 2008

Lots has changed since Pres. Bush and his administration took office nearly eight years ago. One them is the Bush administration’s attempts to come up with a national energy policy which have had to undergo drastic alteration…

Lots of Renewable Energy Pledges at WIREC 2008

Lots of activity at WIREC 2008 (the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference), including more than 100 uni-, bi- and multi-lateral pledges from some 40 countries to increase renewable energy development and use.

Railroads and the Creation of National Parks

By Amy Jewell Be sure to say happy birthday to your favorite national park, for 136 years ago, on March 1, 1872, the very first national park in the world was born. Yellowstone National Park was created on this day in green history when President Ulysses S. Grant signed the bill that created the park. … Continued

Public & Private Sector Renewable Energy Leaders to Gather in D.C.

At the invitation of the U.S. government, public and private sector leaders will be gathering in Washington D.C. early March for WIREC 2008, the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference. The third such event, organizers are busy lining up voluntary pledges from participants to promote and foster renewable energy, which are to be collected and publicly released as the Washington International Action Plan.

U.S. Cap & Trade, Politics and the Elections

Though proposed means and methods vary, it appears likely that federal greenhouse gas emissions legislation, and a national cap-and-trade scheme, will be introduced in the U.S. sometime during the new president’s first term, one that has the potential to reach US$1 trillion, more than twice the size of the European Union’s.

Alternative Energy, Green Jobs, and Economic Stimulus

“It’s the economy, stupid” Ah yes, we remember the early nineties fondly and the phrase that in recent weeks has been resurrected in the wake of high energy prices and the mortgage loan debacle. Suddenly the economy doesn’t seem quite so stable to the average American and both the White House and Congress agree that an economic … Continued

HCN’s call for a national energy policy…and candidates’ attention

I’m not a big reader of magazines or periodicals but one I always look forward to receiving is High Country News, especially when it comes to the environment, politics and the West, one of my favorite reads is High Country News…Check that, I’d say that it is one of my favorite periodicals period. Decrying our … Continued

States vs. Fed: Environmental Justice Comes to the Fore

Issues of environmental justice are increasingly coming to the fore in local, state and federal legislatures and the courts, as evidenced by 12 state district attorneys bringing suit against the EPA over revisions to the Toxic Release Inventory program. Indicative of developments in the West, a precedent recently set in New Mexico’s Supreme Court and interpretation of a 2005 gubernatorial EJ executive order are likely as communities, municipal and the state government wrangle over landfill permits.

What is the True Cost of Gasoline? $100 A Barrel?

This analysis is likely quite conservative and is meant as an illustration that gives light to the many hidden costs we are already paying out of pocket, if not at the pump. Google “True Price of a Gallon of Gas” for a variety of other estimates.