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AB32’s Job Economics

I served as a corporate sponsor of AB32, California’s pioneering legislation that was passed in 2006 setting a 2020 goal for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 20%. One reason for doing so was my analysis as a professional economist that renewable energy is a path for America’s prosperity, including job growth. A ballot initiative … Continued


Getting Cities Ready for Electric Cars

The Rocky Mountain Institute recently announced a new initiative called Project Get Ready (PGR), to help cities prepare for the wave of electric vehicles that is coming soon. According to a survey by Capitol One Auto Finance, 78% of sampled drivers believe that electric vehicles will have a strong and permanent place among automobiles in … Continued

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Suspension of AB32 Likely Headed to Voters as Opponents Point to Louisiana

A campaign to suspend California’s landmark greenhouse gas law, known as AB32, has succeeded in gathering enough signatures to put the question on the November ballot. The California Jobs Initiative gathered over 800,000 signatures in support of their ballot initiative, almost twice the amount needed. The initiative seeks to suspend AB32, which puts a cap … Continued

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Environmentalists Protest Schwarzenegger Flip-Flop on Drilling Plan

The Deepwater Horizon disaster has claimed its first political victim, a compromise plan over offshore drilling in California which might have actually reduced drilling there over the long term. On Monday, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger pulled his support for the plan, which would have allowed new drilling into the Tranquillon Ridge formation off the coast of … Continued

Santa Barbara Drilling Plan Faces Bad PR From Gulf Oil Spill

Last week Triple Pundit reported on a breakthrough compromise between environmentalists and an oil company over the future of offshore drilling near Santa Barbara, Calif. But renewed fears of oil spills raised by the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico may have changed the political landscape, potentially dooming the only viable plan to actually … Continued


Cape Wind Project Approved in Huge Boost For American Clean Energy

[UPDATED] This afternoon in Boston, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced that a massive wind farm off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, would move forward, despite intense local opposition. Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts said construction on the farm was expected to start within a year. “America needs offshore wind power and with … Continued


Measuring the Business Impact of Community Involvement

Glenn Gutterman You can’t manage what you don’t measure, or so the aphorism goes. This summer, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC) will launch a framework to assess the business impact of community involvement (CI) programs. The framework will empower corporate citizenship practitioners to make a compelling internal case for their programs. After … Continued


Sick Streams: Environmentalists Mass Against Massey

The Sierra Club and other environmental groups are ratcheting up the pressure on Massey Energy with a lawsuit that charges five Massey coal subsidiaries with thousands of Clean Water Act permit violations. Sierra Club, the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Coal River Mountain Watch and the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy went after Massey – America’s fourth … Continued

Santa Barbara Drilling Compromise Faces Skepticism

Politicians and activists on both the left and the right often speak of striking “a balance” between environmental and business concerns. Yet when just such a balance is proposed, many run for the exits. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the issue of offshore drilling, first after President Obama’s controversial decision last month to … Continued

Why Doesn’t Goldman Sachs Bailout Greece?

After Standard & Poor’s downgraded Greek government debt to “junk” status today, stock markets swooned worldwide on fears that Greece’s problems could infect the rest of the European economy and, in the worst case scenario, drag the world economy back into recession. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, executives from investment banking behemoth … Continued

Buying American Wind

Growing up in Essex, Maryland — a very blue collar section of Baltimore County — the phrase “Buy American” was more than just a rallying cry for those who championed domestic manufacturing. It was simply how things were done. Even when the oil crisis of the 1970s hit, you would’ve been hard-pressed to find a single … Continued

Greens Pound Democrats For Climate Bill Collapse

In a rare political turn-about, leading environmentalists are blaming an unusual suspect in the collapse of a landmark climate bill over the weekend: the Democrats. Leading green opinionators Joe Romm of Climate Progress and Thomas Friedman of the New York Times are pointing the finger of accusation at Democratic Senator Harry Reid and the White … Continued


Collapse of Climate Bill Blow to Green Sector’s Hopes

The much-anticipated announcement of a bipartisan climate bill today has been indefinitely postponed after its lone Republican sponsor abandoned the effort over the weekend. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who had been working with Democratic Senator John Kerry and Independent Senator Joe Lieberman on the bill, walked away from negotiations after reports that the … Continued


Pricing Emissions: Political Will Needed

Paul Krugman, the 2008 Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times op-ed columnist, offers this riposte to those that say addressing climate change is too costly, too traumatic and too radical: We can afford to tackle climate change. And we must do it. Writing about Green Economics in the April 11 New York Times Magazine, … Continued

Greenpeace Attacks Kerry’s Climate Bill Preview

Greenpeace executive director Phil Radford said the much-anticipated Kerry-Graham-Lieberman energy bill, due out Monday, has been hijacked by “polluter lobbyists,” after co-sponsor Democratic Senator John Kerry gave some details of the bill to a business group known as We Can Lead. In a conference call with We Can Lead, a coalition of companies pressing for climate … Continued