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Pioneering Sustainable Initiatives in Hospitals; Reform on Our Side?

By Julie Graham We are now well on our way to sweeping changes in American Healthcare.   March 23rd marked the first anniversary of the date President Obama signed the Healthcare Reform Bill into Law.   The healthcare industry will need to respond to proposed changes under ObamaCare, which includes a reduction in Medicare reimbursements to American … Continued

U.S. NGOs that Are Moving the Needle on Climate Change

The past few weeks I have been openly critical of Earth Hour (from WWF) and even 350.org because I believe they could do so much more to mobilize the world to really move the lever on climate change.  I personally believe that in order to change our trajectory on this planet, we need to make … Continued

Hydropower Expansion: The Hydropower Improvement Act of 2011

On March 17, 2011, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), introduced bipartisan legislation to accelerate hydropower projects and development across the country.  The Hydropower Improvement Act has a total of nine co-sponsors, including Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman, Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) and Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA).  The bill seeks to substantially increase U.S. hydropower capacity and … Continued

Sustainability’s Influence on Stock Value

Political discourse over sustainability, in the USA, always seems to debate this single notion: that implementing sustainability initiatives – whether those are to increase the use of renewable energy, or to introduce any form of environmental regulation – are costs which put businesses at a competitive disadvantage resulting in job losses. The camps for and … Continued

Give to Get: US Eyes Brazilian Oil

By Elizabeth Dolge    No doubt Obama made many fans during his visit to Brazil last weekend, charming government officials and citizens alike.  But as the dust settles from his two day action-packed visit, US-Brazil relations remain at a most critical point.  Many have called Brazil the most important leg of Obama’s Latin-American trip – … Continued

The Case For Extending the EV Tax Credit

We are writing to urge you pass Senate Bill S. 232 to the Senate.S. 232 is currently being reviewed by the Senate Committee on Finance and needs your help to move to the Senate.

HR 910 Would Threaten California’s Clean Energy Economy and More

In the battle to rebuild California’s economy and create jobs, we certainly do not have a friend in Fred Upton (R-MI), the new chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman Upton, is pushing a bill in the House that would prevent the federal Environmental Protection Agency from, well, … Continued

Socially Responsible Investment Firm Divests Chesapeake Energy

Harrington Investments, Inc., an investment advisory firm specializing in socially responsible investing, announced today that it is divesting its entire holding in Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK) due to the corporation’s poor environmental record and its lack of accountability to shareholders.

The Strategy Behind China’s Wind Numbers

Despite surpassing the US’s installed wind capacity in 2010, 1/3rd of China’s installed wind capacity is not connected to the grid. China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) claims it will prioritize connectivity over renewables growth in its upcoming 5-year plan. The NEA has made public its focus on strategic wind energy growth through more hands-on energy … Continued

Wind Power with Nowhere to Go in China

Yesterday, we examined the actual wind power being produced versus the wind power installed in China. With only 2/3rds of installed wind power connected to the grid, Chinese wind companies are losing money and opportunities to further diversify their energy mix. One of the major barriers to getting all of the installed turbines on the … Continued

GDP: The Right Measure? More of the Human Element Please!

Gross Domestic Product, the venerable and most-favored benchmark of national economic health and output – on the part of most of the world’s economists – is increasingly viewed as an inadequate measure of the nation’s wealth and well-being. This is not a new concept, as a Harvard Business Review blog post this month aptly notes. … Continued

OriginOil’s Algae Biofuel Gets Ready for U.S. Market

A few years back, when the U.S. biofuel scene consisted mainly of corn ethanol, biofuel from algae seemed like a futuristic lab creature that would never survive in the real world. Now one company, OriginOil, is taking steps to fast-track its algae biofuel out of development and into commercial use. Last year the company found … Continued

Chinese Grid Connectivity Lets Wind Lag

China’s installed wind capacity is the second largest in the World, and their growth rates continue to dwarf those of developed nations. Yet wind energy still makes up a very small portion of Chinese energy production because 1/3 of it isn’t connected to the grid, and the other 2/3rds are heavily restricted. The problems hint … Continued