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Conservation and Alternative Investment Groups Team Up to Back Forest Conservation Bond Market

WWF has joined the Global Canopy Program and the Climate Bonds Initiative in calling on governments help foster growth of a forest conservation bond market. Thirty billion dollars a year invested in forest conservation bonds would cut deforestation rates in half, thereby assuring that the world’s forests will continue to function as sinks that soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they assert.

Is the World Bank Becoming a Voice for Climate Change Action?

The 2011 Annual Meeting of the World Bank and IMF is underway in Washington D.C.  At Thursday’s opening press conference, President Robert Zoellick made some remarks which seem to corroborate the Guardian’s recent report of leaked World Bank draft report entitles “Mobilizing Climate Finance.” The report urges rich countries to eliminate $50B a year in … Continued

The (Real) Lessons from Solyndra

The White House is worried that the story of Solyndra, the solar power company that filed for bankruptcy protection after receiving $535 million in loan guarantees, will follow Obama through the 2012 election season. I’ve got a feeling it will stay with us even longer than that. Thomas Friedman once wrote that when historians will … Continued

Hillary Clinton Speaks Out on Women’s Role in Economic Development

This week, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooporation (APEC) conference on women and the economy took place in San Francisco. “This is the largest diplomatic gathering in San Francisco since the signing of the United Nations charter in 1945,” said Chandra Alexandre, VP of the Bay Area Council Foundation, which helped organize the event. APEC’s mission is to … Continued

American Green Vehicle IP Goes to China

Though we have all become accustomed to China as a major net exporter of goods to global markets in recent years, in the automotive world, China’s burgeoning domestic car market inspires all the major global auto companies to compete vigorously for a piece of the action. The size of the Chinese market is set to grow … Continued

Immigration Reform: The Missing Piece of the CSR Puzzle

This article offers insight into how some corporations are fueling US unemployment rates by increasing the hiring rate of legal and illegal immigrant workers, subsequently reducing the American workforce. This practice contradicts with major corporations who subscribe to CSR best practices which involve “a way of managing a business by considering the impact of activities on customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, communities and other stakeholders, as well as the environment.” With rising unemployment rates, an increasing population, and shrinking workforce we have to assess the role of corporations in economic stabilization and sustainability.

Japan Plans Floating Windfarm Off Fukushima Coast

Japan’s Ministry of Trade and Industry announced it will invest as much as 20 billion yen ($260 million) to build a pilot offshore wind project comprised of six, 2-megawatt (MW) floating wind turbines off the coast of Fukushima to rebuild the region’s energy infrastructure.

CDP Global Forum’s Comprehensive Look at Sustainable Business

On Wednesday the Global Forum had an international gathering of business and political leaders in a unique virtual workshop-style discussion which focused on ways to create sustainable, profitable business growth around the world. The 2-hour meeting organized by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The meeting took a realistic tone, bridging long-term vision with existing challenges. First, … Continued

Video Interview: Where Enterprise and Public Service Meet

There were many meaningful projects at SOCAP2011, one is Code For America.  Jennifer Palke founded Code For America in 2009 to re-invent government by leveraging the talents of designers and programmers.  Code for America offers service year programs, just like the Peace Corps, but with the culture of startup incubators such as the Y-combinator.  Program … Continued

Five Trends Shaping the NGO Sector

By Ayesha Barenblat, Dir, Stakeholder Collaboration, BSR Over the past decade, NGO activity has been shaped by the spread of democracy and the rise of the internet opening up societies. This spurred an expansion of all types of NGOs that enjoyed support from northern governments and unfettered trust from the public. In particular, we saw the … Continued

DOE Awards $15 Million for Electric Vehicle Adoption Programs

The DOE awarded ~$15 million for 16 projects in 24 states and DC ‘to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles across the nation and seven projects in seven states to help prepare college students for careers designing and building advanced vehicle technologies.’

Is It Time for a Global Sustainability Treaty?

By Inder Comar Law has the power to promote common values that help change societies for the better. At the international level, treaties are the legal mechanism by which a shared vision is enacted by and between different countries. It is tempting to cynically dismiss international agreements, but they can be surprisingly effective. Treaties like … Continued

B Corp and a Benefit Corporation are Not Created Equal

B Corp is just short hand for a Benefit Corporation, right? Not quite. Although there are similarities between the two in name, and in spirit, there is a crucial difference. B Corp is a certification and a Benefit Corp is a legal entity. Let me explain. The Confusion Between B Corp and Benefit Corporations First … Continued