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Low-Carbon Policies Create Jobs and Spur a Healthy Economy

Some say low-carbon policies are job killers that leave blue-collar workers behind. But in this day of he said/she said and fake news, let’s look at the facts regarding job creation and losses in relation to low-carbon economic policies.

Trump Should Follow Nixon’s Lead on the Environment

Many comparisons have been made between U.S. President Donald Trump and former President Nixon. Few, if any, have had positive connotations. However, Trump would do well to learn from Nixon’s environmental policy choices.

Are Student Loans the Next Financial Bubble?

With a new presidential administration keen on eliminating reforms that attempt to stall the financial industry’s excesses, watch for new economic risks to emerge in the next few years — including America’s mounting student debt.

Will the Department of Justice Roll Back Police Reform?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered a review of the DOJ’s activities related to police reforms, including investigations, prosecutions, grants, trainings and compliance reviews. Critics say the move will only rekindle mistrust between local communities and police officers.

A New Era of Politicized Capitalism?

Whether companies like it or not, they may have to adapt to a new way of doing business, skirting the line between a politicized mandate and one that also aims to ensure a nonpartisan position.