BP Gulf Disaster Act Two: The Corexit Calamity

Now that BP’s spurting oil well in the Gulf of Mexico officially known as MC252 has apparently been shut in, and the relief well that will eventually reduce the pressure in the area, is almost done, it would be nice to think that the worst is over and all that remains now is the long, … Continued

Opinion on Overpopulation: Not so Fast, Fred

By Robert Walker When it comes to rapid population growth, Fred Pearce (who recently authored a guest post on 3p called “Overpopulation is the Wrong Focus“) wants to declare victory in the worst way. And he does. He does it by ignoring all the evidence to the contrary. He says, for example, “that the population … Continued

Department of Energy, Washington, DC

As Climate Change Legislation Retreats, Are “Green Jobs” to Blame?

When debating climate change legislation, some would argue that green jobs would not make a difference because by creating a job, say, in the clean energy sector, you are taking away a job in the traditional fuel sector. Others would retort that is nonsense because many clean energy technologies are labor intensive, while churning out fossil fuels like petroleum relies on batch processing that does not require as much labor.

Why Sugary Foods Are So Plentiful In U.S. Schools

Sugar is one of the main ingredients in the American diet and sadly one of the most common foods fed to children: from chocolate milk to vending machines sugar is plentiful in American schools. My 10 year old nephew said to me a few weeks ago, “Too many kids at my school drink the chocolate … Continued


New Resource Bank Goes “B Corp”

San Francisco-based New Resource Bank has always maintained a triple bottom line approach to its operations dating back to the opening in 2005.  In fact, the bank has offset 100 percent of its electricity usage and company travel by purchasing renewable energy certificates and also partners with iReuse to track and reduce waste and consumption.   To complement this already green … Continued


Rebranding Tap Water: NYC Water-On-the-Go Campaign

More articles on the controversy surrounding bottled water can be found here! On a recent walk along New York City’s Union Square Park, I came across a beautiful sight: walking in 95-degree humid heat, I saw fountains and fountains of cold, clean, and free drinking water.  A city employee, wearing a ‘NYC Water’ t-shirt, urged … Continued

Lights Out for Climate Bill? Lights (and $$) On for Photosynthesis.

Cleantech played second fiddle to an unexpected mini-forum on carbon trading during the lunchtime session at last week’s Cleantech Open National Conference in San Jose. Attendees chomped on salad and gave half of their attention to a “rah-rah, go entrepreneurs” address by Jonathan Ortmans, senior fellow with the Kauffman Foundation, one of the event’s sponsors. … Continued

Martin County, KY - one home of MTR

National Mining Association Suing the Obama EPA

The National Mining Association is suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers. The NMA charges that both agencies are illegally denying member companies mining permits in Appalachia.


Calif. Climate Law Supporters Begin Ballot Battle

November is just 15 weeks away, and the battle over Proposition 23, a ballot measure that would suspend the implementation of California’s landmark climate change legislation, AB32, is heating up. The NRDC has started a YouTube campaign and a policy group, called the Bay Area Council, held a forum on AB32 on Thursday evening to … Continued

Climate Change: Too Many Thinkers, Not Enough Doers?

In a recent posting on the Harvard Business Review, Auden Schendler argues that rather than waiting for the next big idea, Americans should focus on what can and should be done now. Improving transportation, retrofitting buildings, and adopting current energy technologies like solar cannot wait another generation—they have got to be implemented widely now if mankind is going to survive. But instead, we are preoccupied with sharing ideas, either by social media or at live events, and all this dithering is getting us no where?

St. Clair Power Plant, MI

The Politics of Nudging – Utilities Step Into a Familiar Political Trap

Professors Dora Costa and Matthew Kahn studied the “nudge” efforts of a California utility. The company sent customers within a certain district customized energy reports that listed their information on gas and electric use, a comparison of their home’s consumption to that of their neighbors’, and some energy saving tips.


Tracking Deepwater Horizon Developments: How to Chart Your Course

You’re maybe feeling a little saturated on oil spill news, but the sad fact is, you’ll have to get used to it. And despite the hopeful news that  work being done right now may just stop the hemorrhage, the 182 million gallons, or so, of oil that is already in the Gulf isn’t going to disappear, … Continued

Lloyd’s of London Warns About Peaking Oil, Energy Price Jump

Venerable British insurer Lloyd’s, known for insuring Keith Richard’s fingers and America Ferrara’s smile, has released a white paper (PDF) warning of a looming energy crunch and the significant risks to companies unprepared for it. Lead authors Antony Froggatt and Glada Lahn only touch on the controversial concept of “peak oil” in their report, which was written in … Continued


New York City: Love Our Tap Water

New York City is accelerating a public service announcement campaign that is letting its 8 million residents know that drinking its tap water is perfectly safe. New York’s Environmental Protection Commissioner, Cas Holloway, brings up an important point: if tap water is so bad for you, then why is all right in the city’s pizza, bagels, Italian ice, piroshkies, and other foods for which the Big Apple is famous?