Green Jobs or Asthma? San Diego CEOs Organize to Defeat Prop 23

Passage of this proposition would effectively repeal the landmark Clean Energy Law, AB32. In anticipation of AB32 being implemented, the group has seen a boom of clean energy technology businesses that has created more than 500,000 new jobs and $9.1 billion in private equity investments to our state. In fact, clean technology jobs are growing at a rate 10 times the average of other industries.


Welcome to Detroit: WindSpire Moves Towards a Sustainable Future

The Net Impact Conference 2010 at Ann Arbor, Michigan, officially begins this afternoon.  But if you are flying into Detroit Metro Airport en-route to the conference, you may be in for a unofficial greeting of this years theme “a vision for a sustainable decade.”  You will see renewable energy in action.

A Look At Prop 23 Donations

Looking at the donations given in support of Proposition 23 is interesting. The top donor is a Texas-based oil company, Valero, which gave a total of $5,075,315. Last week, Valero gave $1 million, according to figures. The second largest donor is Tesoro, another Texas-based oil company, which gave a total of $2,040,637. Last week … Continued


Proposition 23’s Eclectic Opposition Versus Its Oily Supporters

California ballot initiative Proposition 23 is pitting out-of-state fossil fuel companies against a plethora of people who oppose it, including Bill Gates and Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin. Both Gates and Brin have recently contributed to the anti-Proposition 23 campaign. Add President Obama to the list of those opposed to the proposition. “The president is … Continued

Supporters of Prop 23 Suffer From Pinocchio Syndrome

The Pinocchio syndrome is in strong evidence this election season, particularly when it comes to the California ballot initiative Proposition 23. A debate last week at UCLA about Proposition 23 is evidence. The debate involved Dorothy Rothrock, California Manufacturers and Technology Association (CMTA) Vice President and Terry Tamminen, CEO of Seventh Generation Advisors. Listed below … Continued

Is Google’s Dive Into Undersea Power a New Model for Renewable Growth?

Nature abhors a vacuum, and since the economy is part of nature (and not the other way around!), it should not be surprising to see that in the absence of any meaningful government action on climate change, a development that will surely drive billions of investment sooner or later, other players are going to step … Continued


Prop 23 Morphing Into Prop 26: Both Clean Economy Killers

By Jay Kimball, founder of 8020 Vision Support for Prop 23 is waning. That’s good news, but the fight is not over. If you didn’t like Prop 23, you’re really not going to like Prop 26. Out of state big oil was backing Prop 23, and seeing that as a lost cause, they are shifting … Continued

Typical sight in Jaipur

India: From Dirty Fuels to Clean and Green in 60 Seconds?

By Suzanne York As a nation of 1.1 billion people and growing, with a robust economy, India is a crucial player on the global climate stage.  Will it move from its current reliance on fossil fuels, especially coal, or will it take steps to a clean energy future, and balance an expanding economy and populace … Continued

Brown Slams Whitman on AB32

During the final debate between California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown last week, Whitman said she would suspend the implementation of AB 32 or the Global Warming Solutions Act for a year, but she opposes Proposition 23. Citing a study that has been debunked, Whitman stated that “only three percent of our jobs … Continued

Carbon Reduction Beyond Cap and Trade or the Carbon Tax

With all the commotion over the up coming November mid-term elections, the recent death of cap-and-trade has been quietly dismissed.The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES), more commonly known as the Waxman-Markey Bill, was intended to set a price for carbon.  Since the threat of pricing carbon through legislation has disappeared, the … Continued


Investors Nervous About Proposition 23

This week 68 investors who collectively manage $415 trillion in assets issued a statement urging voters to reject Proposition 23. The signers of the statement include Catholic Health Care West and VantagePoint Venture Partners, both California-based firms. In total 18 California-based firms signed the statement.


To Say California’s AB32 Kills Jobs Is ‘Bunk!’

Ed Note: We’re reposting Bill Roth’s earlier interview with Marin Energy Anuthority Chair Charles McGlashan because of it’s relevance to the ongling ballot initiative Proposition 23. It was originally posted August 4th. AB32 is California’s pioneering legislation signed by the governor in 2006 that caps greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. I am proud to have … Continued