Clean Tech Industry Leader to Californians: Walk the Walk and Oppose Proposition 23

AB 32 maintains the market certainty needed for investment, research and development of inventions as well as jobs. Since its passage, clean tech venture capital in California has skyrocketed, with investments of more than $6.5 billion. As the economy slowed between 2007 and 2008, total employment fell by 1 percent, but clean tech jobs continued to grow 5 percent. That’s something we need to reinforce, not cut back.

EPA: Blowing Big Coal’s Top on Mountaintop Coal Mining

If it were ever possible or even realistic to put the words Appalachia and victory in the same sentence, this might be one of those rare times: the Environmental Protection Agency‘s Region 3 Administrator Shawn Garvin has recommended the withdrawal of the mining permit for the nation’s largest proposed mountaintop removal coal mine site, the … Continued

Applied Materials

Applied Materials CEO Urges NO on Prop 23

By Mike Splinter, CEO, Applied Materials One of the most hotly contested items on this year’s California ballot is Proposition 23, an initiative aimed at suspending the State’s landmark AB 32 law (the Global Warming Solutions Act). Prop 23 is being touted as a “jobs initiative,” but the real thrust of the proposition is to … Continued

Venture Capitalists Oppose California’s Prop 23

While the biggest financial backers of California ballot initiative Proposition 23 are Texas oil companies, venture capitalists are among the big donors to its opposition. As of Monday, October 11, the opponents of Proposition 23 are spending more than supporters. Opponents of Proposition 23 raised $16.3 million to the supporters’ $8.9 million. The opposition has received … Continued

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Quantitative Easing Leads to Inorganic Growth

Although the Federal Reserve may desire to stimulate the economy by an increase of the money supply, quantitative easing may do more harm than good in the long run. Sure we may have an abundant harvest now, investment and consumption now, but at the cost of the future. We need to return back to growing the economy organically.

Tesoro's neighbors in Wilmington say "No!" to dirty energy

The Real Face of Proposition 23

In the backyard of the Tesoro and Valero refineries in Wilmington, California lives a thriving community that has been fighting back against the oil giants for years. Because of Proposition 23, attention has finally been brought to local residents who wake up to see the refineries’ smoke day after day.

SoCap Recap: Investing in Natural Assets for Human Security

Ecosystem degradation and loss of biodiversity are serious threats. Innovative investment mechanisms allow capital to be directed in a way that promotes ecological restoration, increases biodiversity, and creates meaningful jobs for communities.


Would More Time in the Classroom Help Our Education System?

A large part of President Obama’s 2008 campaign centered around goals for changing the U.S. education system to better prepare graduates to find jobs in our tight job climate and compete with knowledge workers worldwide. The president has outlined changes and goals that affect grades K-12, community colleges, and four-year institutions. However, the U.S. education … Continued


Latest Yes on Prop 23 TV Ad Loaded with Distortions

Just twenty-two days remain until the mid-term elections, which means in three weeks, we will no longer see those nasty advertisements that brilliantly show politicians in the most unflattering light.  Attack ads show Jerry Brown from 30 years ago, which make him look 30 years older than he is now; Meg Whitman with jowls that … Continued


Does America’s Public School System Need a Superman?

By: David Croushore In high school, I graduated with a GPA of 5.8 on a 4.0 scale.  That mark was good enough to be 23rd in my class.  The reason for this bizarre, up-side-down score and rank was the result of a common practice in suburban public schools, tracking.  Until last week, I saw nothing … Continued

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A Small Green Business Take on Prop 23

Jaime Nack explains that although some may consider the Proposition 23 vote a debate over the issues, it seems instead to be a stakeholder battle funded by corporate interests. Let’s first consider the fact that the majority of the support for Prop. 23 (and the opposition to AB 32) comes from out-of-state gas and oil companies. Pouring millions into campaigns promoting Prop. 23, companies like Tesoro and Flint Hill Resources are simply looking to protect future profits.

BICEP Members Urge California Voters To Oppose Prop 23

The Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP) members, with internationally recognizable brands like Levi Strauss & Co., Gap and eBay, urged California voters to vote no on California ballot initiative, Proposition 23. In a statement, BICEP said Proposition 23 would “cripple” AB 32 or the Global Warming Solutions Act which set targets for … Continued

Tom Tanton

Alternate Opinion: Prop 23 is Good for California

Passing Proposition 23 is a necessary step to getting California back on the track to prosperity and, more specifically, significantly improving the bleak job and fiscal situation currently plaguing the state. California’s unemployment rate now stands at 12.4 percent – that exceeds the national unemployment rate by more than 25 percent. In addition, here in California, we are 97 days into the state’s fiscal year. And the health of the state’s treasury is hurting, badly. With a budget deficit of over $19 billion, California needs pro-growth policies that strengthen balance sheets, create jobs and attract new businesses to the state.


Schwarzenegger Marks Four Years of AB 32, Touts Clean Tech

It is not easy being Arnold Schwarzenegger these days.  His administration is winding down with his approval ratings in the teens. Democrats barely tolerate him, and fair or not, Californians’ tie him to the state’s problems. But the Governator is hardly leaving office meekly.  He recently toured California, touting the fourth anniversary of AB 32’s … Continued

Social Impact Bonds: Creating New Impact Investment Vehicles

A great deal of impact investing takes place through traditional financing models including private equity, venture capital, and debt financing.  However, there is also a movement to develop new impact investment vehicles that capitalize on both for-profit and government funding for solving social problems.  Social Finance UK has pioneered one of these new vehicles: the … Continued