EPA Ruling Could Keep Calif. Coast Cleaner and Shipping Industry in Check

If you read InvestigateWest‘s piece on the cruise industry  this month, or our own coverage of the industry , you know that what happens below deck ain’t nearly as pretty or clean or fun as what happens on deck. But there was good news for the California coastline on Wednesday, when the EPA announced it … Continued


Once Again Fossil Lobby Tramples Clean Tech Startups

The year was 1978. Jimmy Carter was president. The air was abuzz with the promise of solar energy. No pollution, no oil to run out of, no imports, no OPEC. We hadn’t even heard of global warming yet, but it was still a great idea. Fast forward to 2010. Once again there is a Democrat in the White House. And with the startling realization that man-made climate change has become the biggest threat to our way of life and our future, the air is once more abuzz with talk of renewables. But this time, instead of giving up the White House to an oil-obliged president, we have an oil-obliged Senate that refused to pass a much-needed Comprehensive Climate and Energy Bill. As a result, this summer could spell doom for more fragile green seedlings.

Shell To Be Cleared of Most Responsibility For Niger Delta Oil Spills

Every year for 50 years the equivalent of the Exxon Valdez spill occurs in Nigeria’s Niger Delta, according to a recent New York Times article. A three year UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) investigation into the spills “will almost entirely exonerate Royal Dutch Shell,” the Guardian reported on August 22. The investigation puts only 10 percent of … Continued


Is There a Case Against CSR?

University of Michigan business administration professor Aneel Karnani is not a fan of CSR. He believes that for companies to act in the public interest, while profiting from their operations, is “fundamentally flawed.” His solution? Government regulation.


Do We Need a Green Tea Party?

by Jonathan Mariano The Tea Party is a growing force. Some say it is a grassroots movement, others say it is a front for the GOP. However, regardless of political affiliations, the core platform of the Tea Party attracts folks of various persuasions, namely conservative and libertarian, who believe in constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, … Continued

China Set to Leapfrog the U.S. in Clean Car Production

The Chinese government announced last week that it plans to invest up to $14.8 billion (100 billion yuan) over the next ten years to stimulate the production of plug-in hybrid and all-electric cars. The country intends to have 5 million of these vehicles on the road by 2020. That kind of commitment makes the $5 … Continued

NRA HQ, Fairfax, VA

Climate Activists Should Learn from the NRA

Robert Walker, who worked to pass the Brady Bill in 1993, shares some NRA tactics that he thinks climate change activists, green tech advocates, and really, anyone with a cause should employ.

Renewable Energy in Texas Has Huge Jobs, Revenue Potential

An independent foundation released a report stating that Texas’s renewable energy future could include almost 23,000 jobs a year and $2.7 billion in local and state tax revenues. The report, announced earlier this week at the State Capitol in Austin, is the work of the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation.


Is There Really a Future for FutureGen?

Last week, I offered my two and a half cents on the recent $1 billion infusion of federal funds into the FutureGen project, a “clean” coal plant slated originally for implementation at the end of 2012. Since that time, a small Illinois town has thrown a wrench into the ambitious plans. Mattoon, Illinois declined further … Continued

Obama: Clean Tech Investor-In-Chief ?

While several eco-pundits have been lamenting the failure of a climate bill to pass through Congress, it is important to keep one thing clear. Clean technology deployment is core to any policy intended to decrease GHG emissions. In this respect, we have witnessed unprecedented funding for the clean tech industry from the Obama Administration. In … Continued

Ferry Building, San Francisco

San Francisco Issues ‘Green Approved’ List for Products and Services

Back in 2005 San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors passed legislation, The Precautionary Principle, requiring its procurement officers to adhere to an approved list of environmentally preferable, or “green,” products. The result is SFApproved.org, a guide that describes approximately 1000 green products that San Francisco’s municipal employees are required to buy under local ordinances

Why is Dirty Energy Still So Cheap?

The clean tech sector has experienced remarkable success in the past few years, yet there still remains one huge roadblock from mass implementation – cheap fossil fuels. Some may think this is simply a matter of free-market capitalism at work. The real truth is that petroleum and coal industries continue to receive massive subsidies from … Continued


We Care About Net Neutrality. Here’s Why You Should Too

The reason that you’re able to read Triple Pundit right now, along with 1000s of other small, independent publications is because the internet remains an essentially unregulated, free market for ideas and conversation. No website can be given priority over another in terms of access or download speed. But the net is getting crowded and … Continued