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European Court Opinion: U.S. Airlines Must Buy Carbon Allowances

Europe’s highest court released an opinion on October 6th, finding that the proposed mandatory inclusion of non-European based airlines in the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), is compatible with international law. The opinion by the Advocate General constitutes the latest development in the ongoing dispute. Under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, beginning on January 1st … Continued


Pre-Occupied with Wall Street: A Systems Thinking Perspective

The Occupy Wall Street movement has grown exponentially over the past week. What began as a movement targeting Wall Street has turned into something larger than just economic circumstances, but encompassing social and environmental concerns. Let’s take a systems thinking look at just blaming Wall Street, and why Wall Street is only a symptom of the … Continued


New Evidence that Urban Trees Add Value – As in Dollars

The value of urban trees is pretty clear to anyone who has finally reached a soothing green canopy after trudging down a hot city street, and now studies are emerging that put a dollar sign on trees in urban neighbohoods. In that regard, the world of urban forestry is right in step with Mark Tercek … Continued


Why the Civilian Conservation Corps Should be Restablished

by Ronald C. Weston Last month I was reminded of the impressive accomplishments of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) while touring California National Parks. The CCC was a public works program that operated from 1933 to 1942 as part of FDR’s New Deal. It provided manual labor jobs related to the conservation and development of … Continued


Solyndra and the Solar Shakeout: Bankruptcies in Context

By Mike Koshmrl and Seth Masia (orginally published at Solar Today) During August, three homegrown photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers failed and two European manufacturers decommissioned their U.S. production lines. All told, the United States lost 20 percent of its panel manufacturing capacity. By far, Solyndra’s fall was the loudest. In September 2009, the Fremont, CA-based … Continued

new Yale study reveals economic costs of coal power

Legislators Fiddle over Solyndra Bankruptcy While Coal Burns U.S. Taxpayers

A new study on the true cost of coal power to the U.S. economy should help put the recent bankruptcy of solar company Solyndra into perspective. While some legislators have used Solyndra’s troubles to call for an end to all federal support for clean energy projects, the new study reveals that the public has been … Continued


European Airlines Add Voice to Fears Over Europe’s Cap and Trade Program

The controversial European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) – a European wide cap and trade program – has sparked an ongoing dispute between the US and Europe regarding mandatory inclusion of non-European based airlines into the program. In August, the potential for a trade war seemed possible due to mounting opposition both in the USA as … Continued

coal-fired plant

Right Wing Groups Play the Energy Reliability Card to Oppose EPA MACT Rule

Four right-wing and right-leaning anti-big government groups contend the EPA is “abusing” air-quality laws because the agency’s MACT (maximum achievable control technology) utility rules will force coal-fired electrical plants to shut down, thus jeopardizing the security and reliability of the U.S. power supply. A petition last week by the Institute for Liberty, Americans for Prosperity, … Continued


The Problem with Politicizing Solyndra

“As much as I wish to be able to answer the members’ questions, I have been advised by my counsel that it is the better course for me to assert my constitutional right to decline to answer questions under the Fifth Amendment. While I hope to have an opportunity to assist this committee’s inquiry in … Continued


Conservation and Alternative Investment Groups Team Up to Back Forest Conservation Bond Market

WWF has joined the Global Canopy Program and the Climate Bonds Initiative in calling on governments help foster growth of a forest conservation bond market. Thirty billion dollars a year invested in forest conservation bonds would cut deforestation rates in half, thereby assuring that the world’s forests will continue to function as sinks that soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they assert.

Is the World Bank Becoming a Voice for Climate Change Action?

The 2011 Annual Meeting of the World Bank and IMF is underway in Washington D.C.  At Thursday’s opening press conference, President Robert Zoellick made some remarks which seem to corroborate the Guardian’s recent report of leaked World Bank draft report entitles “Mobilizing Climate Finance.” The report urges rich countries to eliminate $50B a year in … Continued


The (Real) Lessons from Solyndra

The White House is worried that the story of Solyndra, the solar power company that filed for bankruptcy protection after receiving $535 million in loan guarantees, will follow Obama through the 2012 election season. I’ve got a feeling it will stay with us even longer than that. Thomas Friedman once wrote that when historians will … Continued