Why Green Business is Good Business: The Case Against Prop 23

By Andy Mannle, Education Director, West Coast Green As we prepare for West Coast Green 2010, which kicks off Thursday September 30th in San Francisco, we are in constant contact with speakers from across the business spectrum, and they’re increasingly talking about Prop 23.  We deal with everyone from small design firms to global technology … Continued

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Big Business Ponders Life after EPA’s Climate Leaders

This month’s announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will  eliminate its Climate Leaders program caught many business leaders off guard.  The program, which works with large companies in voluntarily tracking and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, was seen as an overall success by the companies that participated. Just a few months ago, I spoke … Continued

Van Jones Comes Out Kicking Against Controversial California Ballot Proposition

Enter another high profile person lending his voice to speak in opposition to Proposition 23 which would overturn California’s 2006 Global Warming Solutions Act. Van Jones, in a September 9 co-written blog post for ThinkProgress, said of the Act that it “sent a clear message to investors and businesses that clean energy will be the … Continued


New 3p Series: The Business Case Against California Proposition 23

With six weeks to go, the fight over Proposition 23, titled the California Jobs Initiative, will be close.  Prop 23 will overturn California’s AB 32, The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.  Sponsors and supporters of the initiative claims that Prop 23, which will freeze AB 32’s provisions until California’s unemployment rate stays at 5.5% … Continued


Is the EPA America’s Secret Economic Weapon?

Do you remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? The tortoise won the race because he ran the whole race, taking the long view, seeing the big picture, unlike the rabbit who, given his speed, didn’t see the need. While China seems to be roaring ahead right now with unchecked economic expansion, the significant environmental challenges they are accumulating will eventually catch up with them.

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Environmental Education Pushes Ahead in Maryland

Environmental education took a giant leap forward in Maryland on Thursday.  Previously, schools were only required to expose students once to environmental education sometime between pre-kindergarten and twelfth grade.  That changed when the Maryland State Board of Education unanimously approved a measure mandating all Maryland schools to integrate environmental education into the curriculum.  Environmental education … Continued

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Is “Global Climate Disruption” More Pressing than “Global Warming?”

Does the term “global climate disruption” sound like a call to action? Does it carry any more urgency than the benign “global warming?” To many conservative-leaning media outlets “global climate disruption” represents a new approach by the White House to spin the climate crisis after the climate-energy bill stalled in the Senate earlier this year. … Continued

Big Business Comes Out Swinging Against Prop 23

It is easy to assume that big business is behind the push to pass than Prop 23, and to an extent, that is true—big businesses outside the state are largely funding the initiative. But within California, large corporations in various industries are lining up against Prop 23’s passage. Some companies’ opposition to Prop 23 is intuitive—others appear to take a stand on the issue that goes against their vested interests.

California’s Long and Windy Road To a Renewable Energy Standard

The California Senate Bill 722 would have increased the state’s renewable energy standard (RES) to 33 percent by 2020. Unfortunately, SB 722 did not pass on September 1, 2010. Perhaps one reason it did not pass is that the final version of the bill, all 64 pages of it, was not available until 7 pm … Continued


Will Whitman’s Opposition to Prop 23 Help Get Her Elected?

Sure, seeing former Secretary of State George Shultz come out against Proposition 23, the November ballot measure that would stop California’s landmark emissions-reduction law (AB32) in its tracks, might have raised some eyebrows. But Shultz has been actively pushing for energy independence and the increased use of renewable energy, so really, his support of AB32 is no surprise. … Continued

The Eclectic and Prominent Opposition To California Ballot Measure Prop 23

A measure on California’s November ballot, Proposition 23, would suspend AB 32, also known as the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. AB 32 set targets for reducing the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. The list of people, companies and organizations against Proposition 23, reads like a who’s who of California. First, let’s start with people, … Continued

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Capital Bikeshare Launches in DC

By Taylor Muckerman In a city known for its use of public transit and foot travel, Washington, DC, is finally revving up its efforts to increase pedal power. On September 20, 2010, Capital Bikeshare took a major step towards placing an American city on the same stage as many cities across the European continent. 1,100 … Continued

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Entrepreneurs to Politicians: We’ll Do Your Job For You

Leaders of a business and even a non-profit can hit a snag, perhaps even flop, but then recover, unfazed by the fact they followed the wrong strategy. Politicians, however, often feel they cannot make that choice—one wrong decision and they or their party could be tossed out the next election cycle. Therefore, politicians are often risk adverse, as Byron Kennard, Executive Director of the Center for Small Business and Environment, mused in a recent article.

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Evidence Mounts of Continued Harm from the Gulf Spill

Marine toxicologist Riki Ott has been tracking a significant outbreak of medical problems among people who have been in contact with the Gulf water. Residents and visitor have reported that they have “developed a rash or peeling palms from swimming, wading, handling oiled material or dead animals without gloves and shucking crabs from recently re-opened Gulf fisheries.” Some have even reported symptoms after swimming in their outdoor pools after a rain.