Conflict of Interest Uncovered in AB32 Study as Climate Law Battle Continues

As the battle over whether to suspend California’s landmark climate law, known as AB32, continues, new accusations of conflict of interest and underhanded financial reporting have emerged. In the latest turn, the lead economist on a report finding that the bill would do little harm to job creation has been linked to a political campaign trying to … Continued

The Case for a Carbon Tax

Bill Gross, the founder and CEO of eSolar, made the case for a carbon tax during an interview with Business Insider. Gross said there should be a tax on fossil fuels “only when it went down too low, to stabilize the price.” The tax could be refunded “in some form, whether it were payroll taxes … Continued


Pentagon Puts a Hold on Nation’s Largest Wind Farm

Concern that wind turbines could interfere with radar signals has prompted the Pentagon to halt development of a 909 megawatt wind farm in Oregon. Caithness Energy‘s Shepherds Flat wind farm in the Columbia River gorge would be the nation’s largest if completed. The Pentagon moved to deny the wind farm a crucial Federal Aviation Administration permit last … Continued

Can Cap and Dividend Save Cap and Trade?

There is no doubt that “cap-and-trade” has joined “liberal” on the list of terms conservatives have effectively tar-and-feathered. It’s also clear that a market-based system is the best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The term needs political rehabilitation, for the planet’s sake. But how? A recent study by NYU Law School’s Institute for Policy … Continued


US to Latin America: We Can’t Get Off Fossil Fuel, But We Will Advise You How You Can

Over the weekend, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced growing cooperation between the United States government and that of other Latin American nations to find common ground on climate change and renewable energy policies.  The Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) aims to address clean energy, energy … Continued

Tax Day No Big Deal For ExxonMobil, GE

Anyone who has read a little Shakespeare knows that it was the Ides of March when Julius Caesar had that one bad day. But for most of us Americans, it’s the Ides of April, the 15th that is, that brings us pain. That is, of course, when our income taxes are due, and when all … Continued


Study: Calif. Climate Law, AB32, Will Improve Public Health

The merits and/or pitfalls of deploying and/or repealing California’s landmark climate law, AB32, have been argued, it seems, eight ways to Sunday. But while most of the recent arguments and research focus on how the law will impact our economy and employment numbers, the public health and environmental justice implications have been largely overlooked. But … Continued


U.S. Chamber of Commerce Continues to Trivialize Renewables

Karen Harbert, the president and CEO of the Institute for 21st Century Energy (which is an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce), met with the House Ways and Means committee this week, where she cited the Chamber’s support of the 8-year renewable energy tax credit extension, noting a phase out over four years. I … Continued


What Will Be in the Kerry-Graham-Lieberman Climate Bill?

A compromise Senate energy bill being hammered out by “little punk staffers” for Senators John Kerry (D), Lindsey Graham (R), and Joe Lieberman (I), is expected to be introduced sometime before Earth Day, which is April 22. The bill, known as KGL, is expected to make a splash; it’s the most bipartisan piece of big legislation … Continued


Sarah Palin Supports Renewable Energy? You Betcha!…Sort of

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of the Republican Party’s Great White Hope. Sarah Palin seems to believe it requires no more intelligence or sophistication to run the United States of America than a 7-11 outside of Juneau. She is also terrifying to anyone who believes global warming is real. Despite being Governor of the … Continued


What Doesn’t Kill You: Cap-and-Trade Endures

Like global warming, cap-and-trade isn’t going away. The trading system in place in Europe has managed to survive a series of scandals in the last year or so, and the price of a permit to emit one metric ton of carbon has been rising steadily for the last month — despite an oversupply due to … Continued


US to World – Side With Us on Copenhagen or We’ll Cut You Off

After three days of quarreling, the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany, have screeched to halt . . . with US negotiators screeching that any nation that opposes the Copenhagen Accord will not receive any climate mitigation and adaptation aid from the American government.  Finally:  strong words from the United States, backed up by the … Continued

Is Opposing Coal Plant in South Africa Pushing Green Too Far?

By David Abraham The World Bank voted on Thursday to extend a $3.75 billion loan to Eskom, the South African energy producer, to construct a new coal power plant.  But the decision was not an easy one.  A number of American and British politicians, as well as some environmental groups, objected to the deal, saying … Continued

Do Fossil Fuel Disasters Help Renewable Energy?

Twenty-five miners are dead and four more missing following Monday’s explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia. Besides being the deadliest mining accident since at least 1984 (maybe earlier), the blast brings a new wave of bad PR to the mining industry, and the company that owns the mine, Massey Energy. The … Continued

Million Dollar Tortoises a Symbol of Environmental Schizophrenia

This may not be a very popular post with some readers, but I feel it is my duty to present the other side of an issue, and maybe help Greens understand why business people and even average Joes sometimes think they’re completely crazy. The Mojave Desert Tortoise is a threatened species that lives in the … Continued