The 5th Annual Lincoln Park Music Festival: More Than Just a Concert

On July 29th through August 1st this summer, Newark, New Jersey’s Lincoln Park will host its 5th Annual Music Festival.  And despite the impressive lineup (featuring the likes of Carrie Jackson, Adegoke Steve Colson, Lance Williams and True Worship, Keith Bailey & A.N.T, Danny Krivit, Kenny Bobien, Loleatta Holloway, and DJs Immortal Technique and 9th … Continued


Honoring the Dead But Building for the Living

By Royce DuBiner On Hawaii’s island of O’ahu, a major rail transit project is currently underway to build a 20-mile elevated rail line for the Honolulu metropolitan area. The proposed route will connect downtown Honolulu with the suburb of Kapolei. The line is designed to reduce traffic congestion on roads around the city and provide … Continued


Beyond the Red-Blue Electric Car Divide

Should electric cars be a political issue dividing not just red states and blue states, but a person’s political and sustainability philosophy?  Yesterday, we reported on the 25 most electric vehicle-ready cities.  Morgan Cledaniel from Fast Company observed that cities moving forward with electric infrastructure are in blue states.  While the observation is an interesting … Continued

CA governors

Terminating the GHG Debate: CA Governors Schwarzenegger and Davis

The connection between greenhouse gasses (GHG) and global warming is a difficult one for many Americans to grasp. The connection may be obvious for 3p readers but for folks that may be global warming naysayers, the connection between human induced emissions and a global heat wave is tenuous. Why should folks and companies reduce their … Continued


Wanted – Both Dead and Alive: Cap and Trade

This piece is inspired by the Navigating the American Carbon World 2011 Conference, in Los Angeles, CA. Cap and trade is both dead and alive.  How can this be?  It’s dead on the national and international level, but alive and flourishing at the regional and state level.  Let me explain. Amid the national and international … Continued

Applied Materials provides equipment solutions to drive efficiency and scale in solar PV manufacturing

California Utilities to be Powered by 1/3 Renewables

Editor’s Note: The following is a non-sponsored guest post by Gary Fazzino, Applied Materials. We enjoy periodically bringing corporate voices to the 3p audience and invite your comments and thoughts. California has a long tradition of leading innovation – and the clean energy technology sector is no different. While the clean energy debate in Congress … Continued

SEC Considering Crowdsourced Funding

Let’s say you want to invest in the latest and greatest sustainable start-up.  You can only afford to invest $100.  There are also hundreds of other individuals in your same situation, believing in the start ups mission and vision, yet with limited funds.  Are you legally allowed to invest?  Are you legally allowed to risk … Continued

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A Common Language for Impact Investing

As graduate students pursuing MBAs in Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School, we are advocates for the myriad possibilities for positive economic and social development inherent within the emerging asset class of impact investing.


How Earth-Friendly Will the Skies Be in Twenty Years?

Ready or not, the future is being created now, partly by deliberate planning and partly by colliding circumstances. Some of that deliberate planning, particularly with regard to aviation, just got a jumpstart thanks to the folks at NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate in Washington. The agency’s Fundamental Aeronautics Program is focused on developing technology that … Continued

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Oregon Proposes Per Mile EV Tax

Despite the fact that electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles make up a miniscule fraction of cars on the road today, government entities are already planning for the financial implications of a time when they reach critical mass.  At some point in the future, states will realize dwindling tax revenues from gasoline sales. And probably, … Continued

Senate Defeats Amendments Preventing EPA Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Senate defeated four amendments yesterday that would have blocked the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions under the Clean Air Act (CAA). One of the amendments, by Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY), would have prevented the EPA from implementing a U.S. Supreme Court order to regulate GHG emissions under … Continued

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Q&A on California’s Proposed “Flexible Purpose Corporation”

Yesterday, the California Senate Committee on Banking and Financial Institutions met to review SB201- a bill that would create a new form of corporation for social benefit known as the “Flexible Purpose Corporation.” To better understand the legislation, we chatted with one of its co-drafters: Will Fitzpatrick, General Counsel of the Omidyar Network.   TriplePundit: … Continued

New Legislation Brings Free E-Waste Recycling to New Yorkers

The Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act, signed into law last year, went into effect in New York on April 1, 2011. The law requires manufacturers to register with New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), and create a system to collect, handle and recycle or reuse electronic waste. The recycling program must be free … Continued

Clean Tech Public-Private Partnership or Collusion?

Let’s start off with a general scenario that happens almost every election cycle:  A corporate leader holds fundraisers for a politician.  That politician gets elected into office.  We’ve all heard examples of those very corporate leaders benefitting from government contracts and other kickbacks shortly after their chosen representative gets elected.  Is this behavior ethical? Specifically, … Continued