Entry Form for SB Innovation Open London

Entry Form for the SB Innovation Open London

Ready to submit? Please fill out the fields below! Once submissions have been collected, we will publicly be asking our community to watch your video submission and vote for who they want to see at SB London ’13. Our expert panel of judges will will select another 3 finalists to participate at SB London ’13. Best of luck! Submissions are open until Midnight PST, September 22nd, 2013, we will have a week of public voting until 9/29 and finalists will be announced the following week.

Judges will review each submission, and select finalists based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity in delivering environmental or social benefit, coupled with identified impact metrics (for example, “our business innovation helps customers lower their carbon footprint by XX% compared to the product we’re disrupting”, or “our innovation will help customers increase savings by XX% and keep their money local, leading to more stable local economies.”)
  • Team quality, particularly as it relates to demonstrated track record and understanding of systemic issues of sustainability
  • Economic scalability: growth and impact potential
  • Above and Beyond: bonus points for disruptive innovation. The idea has approached the issue from a new perspective and is offering a solution that will truly shift the market as we know it.

Complete the entry form below. Read the additional guidance for filling out the entry form at the bottom of this page. If you have any other questions please email Ben Pawsey, ben[at]sustainablebrands.com

NOTE: We will not be paying for travel or accommodation for the 4 finalists so please only enter if you have the means to get to SB London.

Entry Form Help:

  • Company Description
    • What does your company do and how does it do it?
  • Commitment to Sustainability
    • How will your business create environmental or social value and how will you measure your impact?
  • Business Opportunity
    • Who are your customers, what is their unmet need and how do you plan to delight them?
  • Business Model
    • How will you generate profit?
  • Competitive Landscape
    • Who are you up against?
  • Go to Market Strategy
    • How will you market your product/service?
  • Team
    • Key team members and partners, and their roles, with background on each.
    • Links to Linked In profiles accepted
  • Company Status
    • Ready to manufacture? Looking for a distributor? In your 3rd year of operation?
  • Dollars Invested
    • How much capital has been invested in the business to date?
  • Investment Sources
    • Who has invested in your startup?
  • Financials
    • Past and current revenue figures
  • Select Track
    • Is your business primarily Business to Business focused or Business to Consumer?
  • Upload your entry
    • Uploading documents is completely optional and not expected. Most suitable for technology based entries attempting to explain how their system works.