About TriplePundit

Triple Pundit produces custom branded and original content, newsletters, stakeholder events and much more.   Our readers come from many different industries and company types but all share the same mission – to use the power of business to address social and environmental issues, as well as make a profit.  Our mission is to create a new B2B media experience – informing, inspiring and connecting sustainable business leaders.

The Audience

The funnel of influence

the-funnelThe funnel image to the left demonstrates a hierarchy of influence that is particularly important to sustainability.  Influencers are the thought leaders – the enlightened CEOs, researchers, and authors. Their work affects and inspires activists – the NGOs, non-profits, and intrapreneurs. The tireless activists drive the engagers – the mainstream media and highly engaged consumers who serve as the final conduit to influence of consumers at large. We at TriplePundit are the influencers who talk to other influencers, activists, and engagers who translate the importance of sustainability to the mainstream.

Sustainable Business Leaders

  • Over 450,000 unique monthly visitors on TriplePundit.com
  • 18,000 opt-in subscribers to Newsletter
  • 50,000+ social media followers (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)

Emerging Leaders

  • More than 35% are President/Owner, Senior Management or Entrepreneur
  • 21% Middle Management
  • 12% Marketing/Communications
  • 10% MBA Students


  • More than 85% have direct experience in sustainable management
  • 68% have earned an MBA or advanced degree, and 75% are early to mid-career
  • A majority say our publications contain news, tools and analysis they “can’t find anywhere else”

Decision Makers

More than 85% report a significant level of influence in their company/organization. The majority of this dynamic audience is directly responsible for buying:

  • Financial Services
  • Marketing/PR Services
  • Green Building Products and Services
  • Clean Energy

Another one-third is directly responsible for buying Legal Services, Insurance, Office Space/Real Estate Services and College Courses/Continuing Education.
SOURCE: Sustainable Industries/3p 2012 Audience Survey.


  • 65% US/Canada
  • 17% Europe
  • 12% Asia

SOURCE: Google Analytics.

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