Targeted banner ads on relevant content = GOOD
Permanent branding on targeted content = MUCH BETTER

Brand your company as a sustainable business thought leader by sponsoring a dynamic, ongoing series of independent articles, analysis and discussion on a relevant topic.

Channel sponsorships are a custom arrangement that allows us to produce a timely column on a particular subject or industry vertical – something in or related to the industry of the sponsor. The partnership permits the sponsor to participate in a dialog with the target audience, brand themselves as a leader in the field, and advance awareness of the issues at hand.

Converged Media: Paid, Earned & Owned

An engagement channel is a hybrid media buy offering the best of paid, owned & earned media.

First, the channel offers highly targeted paid advertising in a variety of customizable formats: Permanent landing page, logo positioning, even traditional banner ads if desired. Branding is permanent and impact will grow over time as the online conversation continues to gain traction – this is great long-tail value.

Second, with significant social media & partner outreach built into the TriplePundit network, conversation and outside references to the series are a form of earned recognition of both the subject at hand and any associated sponsor.

Finally, most content on a channel is re-publishable to your own corporate website or owned channels allowing you unlimited additional use.

Standard Channel Includes

  1. Ten part article series on specific topic or industry vertical (editorially independent)
  2. One op/ed written by you
  3. Permanent branding on all content
  4. Branded landing page for all content
  5. Sitewide sponsor recognition
  6. Full spectrum of social media and other outreach
  7. All content promoted to entire site readership of at least 350,000 readers a month
  8. Up to 5 advertorial posts on The 3p Podium
  9. Republishing rights for content in the series

We brand these articles and include a promotional tagline for the sponsor. The column is typically written by our staff and guest contributors but may also include a contribution from the sponsor.
 Branding is permanent so longtail value lives on for years and not just during the initial promotional period. Think of it as a set of permanent landing pages aimed at a very targeted audience.

Recent Examples

Exclusive sponsorship starts at $12,000.

The famous Forrester chart with our addendum: