Targeted Custom Channel Packages

Sponsoring an editorial series is a highly targeted, long lasting advertising option.  Our editorial series are 10-part deep-dives on particular topics or industry verticals. Our series accomplish two big things – they advance a conversation on a particular topic, and they allow a brand to demonstrate leadership within that conversation.

A custom channel package includes:

  1. Permanent, custom branding on each of ten articles in a series on specific topic or industry vertical (editorially independent)
  2. Authorship of 2 or 3 op/eds within the channel
  3. Branded landing page for all content
  4. Sitewide sponsor recognition
  5. All content promoted to entire site readership of at least 500,000 readers a month
  6. Republishing rights for content in the series
A-la-carte additions:
  1. Live event in San Francisco or your city
  2. 33% discount on site-wide banner ads
  3. Discount on newsletter banner
  4. Curated twitter chat on subject presented by sponsor

We brand these articles and include a promotional tagline for the sponsor.   Branding is permanent so longtail value lives on for years and not just during the initial promotional period. Think of it as a set of permanent landing pages aimed at a very targeted audience.

We are working on new content all the time.  Please contact us if you are interested sponsoring a topic and which industry or vertical you are interested in aligning with. We will get back to you with availability and timing.

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