Targeted Custom Content Packages

Looking for something more targeted than banners? Sponsoring an editorial series is a much more targeted, longer lasting advertising option.  Our editorial series are 10-part deep-dives on particular topics or industry verticals.

A custom advertising package includes:

  1. Permanent, custom branding on each of ten articles in a series on specific topic or industry vertical (editorially independent)
  2. Branded landing page for all content
  3. Sitewide sponsor recognition
  4. All content promoted to entire site readership of at least 350,000 readers a month
  5. Republishing rights for content in the series
A-la-carte additions:
  1. 1 op/ed post included in the series
  2. 33% discount on site-wide banner ads
  3. Discount on newsletter banner
  4. Curated twitter chat on subject presented by sponsor

We brand these articles and include a promotional tagline for the sponsor.   Branding is permanent so longtail value lives on for years and not just during the initial promotional period. Think of it as a set of permanent landing pages aimed at a very targeted audience.

We are working on new content all the time.  Please contact us if you are interested sponsoring a topic and which industry or vertical you are interested in aligning with. We will get back to you with availability and timing.

Recent Examples