MBA & Academic Student Channels

We are eager to collaborate with schools on group blogging projects for students. Such projects represent a valuable learning opportunity for students as well as a tremendous marketing value for the school program. Students become published authors on the topic of triple bottom line business practices and your school demonstrates the high caliber of discourse that will be available to prospective students should they matriculate. If you would like to work with 3p on a business writing project, please get in touch with us.

Our most popular type of academic partnership is a modification of our “channel sponsorship” into a student writing project. Such a student channel can be expected to to generate 10,000-30,000 readers over the course of its run, plus multiples of that in social media penetration.

How it works:

A typical engagement would entail our meeting with the school to determine an ideal subject and class to work with. We’d do an in-class (or online) presentation, then work with a contact at the school (usually a teaching assistant) to coordinate the authorship of a bi-weekly series of articles.

Each article is run and featured on 3p’s main front page, category pages, and the project landing page. Each post also includes branding about the series and a link to invite readers to read more and find out more about the school.

Some of the schools we have recently worked with are: Bard College and The Presidio Graduate School.

A standard package includes:

  • 25 student-loaded posts with full branding and links to school lead form
  • Posts run bi-weekly during campaign or more frequently, depending on when students submit
  • Series will be listed in our “top channels” drop-down on the front page of of TriplePundit
  • School logo in sponsor slideshow running on all pages of TriplePundit during length of the engagement
  • School-branded landing page as “home” for all posts
  • Sponsorship feature in at least one weekly newsletter
  • All content promoted to entire site readership of at least 350,000 readers a month
  • “Blogging 101” presentation to students

How it benefits your curriculum:

Good writing is a critical skill for anyone intent on moving into a leadership position in business and society today. Students also need to know how to write and communicate conversationally in a new media environment no matter what their future position may be. Despite their propensity for Facebook, surprisingly few students understand the exciting change that the internet has brought to stakeholder communication. Writing for Triple Pundit offers them a chance to see first hand how their writing and ideas can have a real world impact and it also gives them a published article for their resumes and LinkedIn pages.


Hult international business school worked with TriplePundit to look at how social entrepreneurs are addressing various social & environmental problems. Learn more here.

We’ve engaged with Presidio Graduate School for a variety of classes. Here are two  Capital Markets 2011 & Economics Fall 2011

Remember, markets are conversations. Are your students prepared to participate?