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California’s New Climate Program Steams Ahead Despite Likely Legal Challenges

With the inauguration of President Trump underway, the California Air Resources Board launched its new proposal for fighting climate change. It calls for bold steps, and it faces even bigger hurdles.

New FDA Rules on Antibiotics Attempt to Squash ‘Superbugs’

The change — decades in the making — was lauded by many as an important step forward, while others decried it as too little, too late.

USDA Tightens Animal Welfare Rules for Organic Farms

While most consumers assume the USDA Organic standard includes animal welfare protections, that’s largely untrue — though a rule enacted this week might soon change that.

U.K. Announces Plan To Cut Childhood Obesity

Like the United States, the U.K. faces a childhood obesity epidemic. A third of U.K. children are either overweight or obese. But unlike the U.S., the U.K. government is putting policies into place to address the problem head-on.

How Embracing a Five-Hour Workday Changed Everything

The notion of taking time off regularly may sound crazy to people who have fallen into the trap of believing that more is more. But two of the biggest breaks in my business career wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t taken a break and turned my brain off.

3p Weekend: Designing for the Circular Economy

These four concepts — from the innovative to the simplistic — prove what’s possible when today’s best and brightest apply circular-economic thinking to everyday product design.

General Motors Rakes in Revenues From Recycling

In defiance of the convention that sustainability kills profits, General Motors says its recycling efforts generated over $1 billion in revenue since 2010 — which the American automaker reinvests back into its business, including the development of fuel-efficient vehicles.

The Triple Bottom Line

At it's core, triple bottom line thinking ties the social and environmental impact of an organization’s activities to its economic performance.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a longstanding concept in business management. The theory is that when employees are engaged in the company's activities, they'll work harder and stay longer, which will reduce costs. Here we explore some popular ways to keep employees engaged.

Sustainability Reporting

Here we explore the many ways companies are reporting on their sustainability, from traditional GRI-indexed sustainability reports to visually dynamic websites that update in real time.

From Farm to Factory: A 3 Part Series on Social Impacts in Apparel

In this 3-part series is underwritten by C&A Foundation, we explore how cotton, supply chain transparency and bonded labor shape the apparel supply chain and influence the clothes on our backs.

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6 Steps to a More Sustainable Office

Most green measures translate into considerable savings for companies and employees. The following initiatives should therefore be adopted by office managers.

UN Year of Sustainable Tourism Will Shine a Spotlight on Events Industry

Supported by the United Nations (UN), Positive Impact will highlight the importance of the events industry as part of the ‘2017 International Year…

PRESS RELEASE: US clean energy forecast for 2017

Ethical Corporation has just produced 7 pages of exclusive insight into clean energy strategies from leading renewable businesses: General Motors and Autodesk.

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