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SPECIAL SERIES: From Farm to Factory: A 3 Part Series on Social Impacts in Apparel

Twitter Chat on Monday: #ForcedFashion with C&A Foundation

Join C&A Foundation, Remake, Freedom Fund, and TriplePundit on Dec. 5th at 9am PT / Noon ET / 6pm CET, where we’ll discuss forced labor – an issue that still plagues supply chains around the world.

SPECIAL SERIES: From Farm to Factory: A 3 Part Series on Social Impacts in Apparel

3p Weekend: How You Can Help Stamp Out Modern-Day Slavery

While those of us in the Western world tend to think of slavery as a thing of the past, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Read on for simple ways you can help stamp out modern-day slavery, and take action today!

Despite Trump’s Promise, Economics Will Hasten Coal’s Decline

As the natural gas boom continues and renewable prices fall, it’s economics — not regulation — that nudges utilities away from coal-fired power plants.

In the Age of Trump, Business Leaders Must Take Up Climate Fight

This week a group of corporate executives, sustainability consultants and environmental activists gathered in — wait for it — Florida to discuss their role in climate action. The consensus? If Washington is hell-bent on dismantling progress, the private sector must become equally hell-bent on protecting it.

Is It Time to Remove Names from Resumes to Stop Bias in Recruiting?

More human resources professionals are suggesting that companies adopt name-blind recruitment to avoid unconscious bias. Could it work?

Research Center Proposes Carbon Tax on Unsustainable Food

Could a carbon tax on food, as proposed by the International Food Policy Research Institute, help make our food system not only more green, but healthier too?

Virtual Reality Can Bring Environmental Education to the Next Level

When it comes to environmental challenges like climate change, our biggest problem is we are too disconnected from our impact, argues David Evans of Prch. And he thinks virtual reality can help close this gap in education.

The Triple Bottom Line

At it's core, triple bottom line thinking ties the social and environmental impact of an organization’s activities to its economic performance.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a longstanding concept in business management. The theory is that when employees are engaged in the company's activities, they'll work harder and stay longer, which will reduce costs. Here we explore some popular ways to keep employees engaged.

Sustainability Reporting

Here we explore the many ways companies are reporting on their sustainability, from traditional GRI-indexed sustainability reports to visually dynamic websites that update in real time.

From Farm to Factory: A 3 Part Series on Social Impacts in Apparel

In this 3-part series is underwritten by C&A Foundation, we explore how cotton, supply chain transparency and bonded labor shape the apparel supply chain and influence the clothes on our backs.

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Free Webinar – Dell, Aquafil and Horsehead Corporation share circular economy strategies

Ethical Corporation hosts a live webinar (20 December at 10am EST) with Dell’s Director of Environmental Affairs, Horsehead Corp’s VP of Environmental Affairs…

Cool Effect Launches Save Our Snowmen Campaign to Focus Attention on Climate Change

Nonprofit dedicated to fighting global warming kicks off seasonal program in New York City

Torchbearers: Sustainable Jewelry Keeping Jobs Alive in the Florida Panhandle

A tribute to the hard-working oysterman, hand-forged in the Big Easy The Torchbearers Collection is a tribute to the Gulf Coast oyster and…

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Twitter Chat: #ForcedFashion with C&A Foundation

Join C&A Foundation TriplePundit on December 5th at 9am Pacific, Noon Eastern, 6pm European, where we’ll be looking at forced labor - an…
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