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Less Meat Consumption Critical to Achieve Global Climate Goals

Chatham House, the London-based independent policy institute, released a report this week that insists reducing meat consumption is crucial if the world is to limit the impacts of climate change in the coming decades.


Defining Corporate Purpose is the Only Way Forward

The future of sustainable development is being shaped by events such as the U.N. Forum on Business and Human Rights held earlier this month in Geneva, the Climate Change Conference in December, and the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in September. Considering that many corporations have greater turnover than the GDP of several countries and that 500 transnational corporations control roughly 80 percent of world trade, it is clear that we need business on board. The way these corporations are governed is essential for either positive or negative change of the system as a whole, depending on the chosen stewardship, which takes us to the central question: What is the purpose of the corporation?

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Report: Boost Renewables, Halve Emissions

Achieving a 36 percent share of renewable energy by 2030 would provide half of the emissions reductions needed to keep temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius, according to a recent report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

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Jack in the Box and General Mills Commit to Sourcing Cage-Free Eggs

Jack in the Box and General Mills both announced plans to make their entire egg supplies cage-free by 2025.


Is the Bay Area Gig Economy in a Bubble?

The gig economy has transformed the San Francisco Bay Area. But with with the recent shut-down of house-cleaning app Homejoy, some are concerned that the gig economy bubble may pop.

In 1932, E. Merrick Dodd wrote in the Harvard Law Review that the corporation as "an economic institution which has a social service as well as a profit-making function."

The Deep Legal Roots of the Business Case for Sustainability

In 1932, E. Merrick Dodd wrote in the Harvard Law Review that the corporation is “an economic institution which has a social service as well as a profit-making function.”

Specialty Outdoor Retailer REI announces Black Friday closure at 143 stores nationwide with unveiling at Seattle flagship store as part of #OptOutside initiative.

Forget Black Friday — Head Outside Instead

After Thanksgiving, nearly 100 million Americans spend the following day in stores and malls, racing against time and one another for Black Friday deals. How did Black Friday become a tradition for Americans? What retailer in its right mind would lobby against a rite of passage that profits them? What better alternative do we have aside from mass consumerism?

Inside Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is a business outlook that acknowledges responsibilities to stakeholders beyond shareholders, including suppliers, customers, and employees.

The Social Responsibility of Business

Ever since Milton Friedman famously proclaimed “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits” pundits have pondered whether his purist interpretation was really the only way.Must the word ‘profit’ always refer only to money ?

New Economics

Here we explore efforts to remake business economies and incorporate social and environmental benefit into a company's DNA. Topics include: Conscious Capitalism, Social Enterprise, B-Corps, Circular Economy, Sharing Economy

The ROI of Sustainability

When it comes time to extend programs beyond the basics, it can be hard to justify the expense. Or is it? In this series we discuss the ROI of sustainability — what it means and how to track it. An editorially independent series brought to you by MeterHero.

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Solar Swells in Barbados; Capacity Set to Double in 2016

Recent legislative changes in Barbados present an attractive opportunity for solar investors and developers.

Timberland, Starwood Hotels and William Jackson Food Group share partnership strategies in live webinar

Sustainability Directors of Timberland, Starwood Hotels and William Jackson Food Group share their partnership strategies live 12/1 w Ethical Corporation.

Voters Feel Moral Responsibility to Prevent “Damage to our Climate”

Let's Talk Climate: New Research on Effective Climate Communication

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