Case Study: Green Experience Meetings at Radisson Blu Hotels Around the World

Radisson Blu® is one of the world’s leading hotel brands under the Carlson Rezidor umbrella, a hotel group that includes 1,400 hotels in 115 countries. As a global leader, Carlson Rezidor has achieved a great deal of progress when it comes to designing and operating sustainable hotels. This article will focus on the sustainable achievements … Continued

Twitter Chat: GRI & Alcoa Define “What Matters”

When: Tuesday, May 3rd at 1500 CST / 9am EST Defining What Matters – are investors getting the information they need from sustainability reports? Materiality is the threshold at which topics become important enough to be disclosed. Since sustainability reporting is a means of communicating useful information to investors and other stakeholders, the information disclosed … Continued

You Be The Research: How Can Sustainable Design Drive Innovation?

How does sustainable design drive innovation in your own practice? A new self-paced online course may help you find answers. The course, Sustainable Design Methods for Product Innovation, is being offered as part of a UC Berkeley research project on the subject. It will introduce students to four sustainable design methods: Whole System Mapping, Biomimicry, … Continued


Get Ready for the Paris Agreement: Develop a Climate Action Plan

Join SCS Global Services Wednesday, May 4th at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT for a free webinar series covering best practices for developing climate action plans for companies and organizations. Major world leader participation at the Paris Agreement signing ceremony on April 22nd signifies a global shift to a low-carbon economy. Such unprecedented commitment from governments, investors, and businesses is driving science-based climate action planning and the pursuit of innovative and ambitious climate change solutions.

The Environmental Leader Conference 2016

If you are a leader in environmental management, sustainability, energy or waste management or EHS, you need to be in Denver. Attendees will be presented with applications, calculators, and processes developed through the lens of current and emerging trends and challenges.

B2B Climate Change Solutions Conference Coming to Florida

The Companies Vs Climate Change Conference (www.solveclimatechange.com) will take place Nov 30-Dec 2 at the Hyatt in Ft Lauderdale. “The B2B Climate Solutions Event” includes the following companies on the agenda: GE, JetBlue, Biogen, TD Bank, Ingersoll Rand, Hershey, Citigroup, Wyndham and SAP.


ClimateCare Reports Impressive Impact Figures

Climate and sustainable development expert ClimateCare today announced new impact figures that show it has improved life for 16.5 million people and at the same time cut 20.6 million tonnes of global carbon emissions.