The Impact of Electric Cars on Utility Providers

When certain consumer goods spike up and down in price, many consumers make a temporary shift toward other products as a financial hedge. It’s basic economics; if beef gets expensive, shoppers go to pork and poultry. But just as predictable is their return to the previous item when prices even out. And the substitution helps … Continued

7 Ways To Improve Green Construction

  When the construction industry decides to build green, it is choosing to reduce the harmful impact it has on the environment. As a result, it can make a substantial contribution to the green revolution because there are many steps the industry can take to become more eco-friendly. To make a positive difference on the environment, … Continued

Making Your Office More Than Just Four Walls

In a growing business, one of the most exciting signs of expansion is the opportunity to take occupancy of an office space. So many startups get going in basements or garages, or in borrowed spaces, so it’s a major milestone to be able to get a facility of your own. The process of selecting the … Continued

How to Build a Culture of Trust

The impact ecosystem is replete with well-intentioned individuals striving to make the world a better place. Yet, building trust between social impact organizations, and among the individuals within them, does not always come easy.

Offshore wind costs hit a record low with Dutch wind farm

Cutting costs is paramount for the offshore wind industry – as well as for the climate. The cheaper it becomes, the more green offshore wind capacity will see the light of day. A record-low price on the Dutch wind farm Borssele 1+2 marks a breakthrough for offshore wind costs.

Bay Day: Save The Bay

Bay Day is more than a day; it is a catalyst of change in a region most susceptible to the impending effects of climate change.