Pet Conscious To The Rescue

  Millions of animals around the world suffer from neglect, hunger, abuse and life-threatening illnesses every day. In response, millions of people react to their suffering, dedicating their lives to help animals in distress or volunteering their time when they can on the local level. On a local, regional or national level, millions also make … Continued

US Stocks Remain Buoyed Despite Trump

U.S. stocks seem to shrug off political uncertainty, and instead are focusing on the potential legislation that the Trump administration will be able to push through.

How To Effectively Market Your Green Business Online

If you have a business that offers a sustainable product or service, you have an excellent chance of standing out against businesses that are indifferent to the green revolution. You may recall the words of Paola Geremicca, a communications director for Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), in one of our earlier posts: “Today, global consumers are … Continued

How Millennials are Learning from the Environment

  Millennials have taken a beating in the news for being lazy and entitled, but The Kellogg Company recognizes that millennial farmers are leading the way to a more sustainable future. The fact is that millennials are dealing with finite resources while attempting to find ways to move society forward, and maintain a certain quality … Continued

Cities With Best and Worst Environments

There are lots of things to love and hate about a hometown, but few things are as important as the local environment. We all have to be brutally honest about our lifestyle and the health of the city we live in if we want to make quality of life a priority. When we’re brave enough … Continued

Exercise Is Good For More Than Your Waistline

  You obviously know that a consistent exercise regimen is important for a healthful life. But do know why? Sure, a regular workout routine is good for burning calories and helpful for weight loss, but this is far from the only reason to hit the gym or go for that run. Here are some of … Continued

4 Ways an Employer Can Be Helpful to Employees with Problems

  Going to work each day is a part of life for most people. Being able to make a living is something that the majority of individuals simply must do. If you’re an employer and you have any employees come to work with problems on a routine basis, you should try to be as compassionate … Continued

If You Are Among the Underinsured, Here Are Your Options

  In the US, some form of national healthcare is a hot-button topic that has only gotten hotter in recent months. The country is in the early experimental phase. And predictably, the experiments have left much to be desired thus far. At one point, PBS placed the percentage of underinsured at about a third of … Continued