6 Ways to Green Your Business

If you run a business, you can save on energy bills by going green. The focus of the movement is to avoid the generation of more expensive and complex products. Here are a few ways to green your business.

1. Change lights

You can switch from incandescent to CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs). This can lead to a reduction in costs. The EPA (Environmental protection agency) states that CFLs use 75 percent less energy, and with every 5 bulbs replaced, they save up to $200. On average, 50 percent of the average commercial energy bill of the building is made up of lightning expenses. Lutron light switches are also a good option for saving on energy and costs.

2. Save power

Ask the staff to set the computers on automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes of not being used, and turn them off while leaving the office. This can save $50 to $150 annually per computer according to EPA.

3. Environmental friendly landscape

Studies have shown that a natural landscape can lead to rise in productivity and creativity of workers. Even if your business doesn’t have a natural landscape at the moment, you can create something outside for meetings, lunch or motivation talks. This can easily be done with the assistance of a local eco-friendly landscaper.

4. Go for trees

You can plant trees in the location of your business. San Diego’s Office of Sustainability informs that trees can save up to 30 percent of the cooling cost of a building. They also consume carbon dioxide, and filter out the contaminants released from the water supply.

5. Improve efficiency

Small business can save a major portion of utility bills cost by improving efficiency. The majority of savings comes from installing a thermostat, and programming it to regulate the temperature. The other way is to turn off the air-conditioner or heat conditioner when leaving the office. The average air duct systems leak 15 to 20 percent, which means air-conditioning units are prime wasters of energy. You can keep a check on air conditioning systems by getting them checked by service technicians for coils, compressor fans, drains and faulty filters.

6. Follow the golden words

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! These are the golden words when it comes to going green. You should look for ways to reuse the current items, reduce unnecessary consumption and recycle materials wherever possible.

Through these tips, you can make your business green, generate a positive image in the public, reduce costs and increase revenue.