Business4Better: Why This Cause Matters

At UBM, we wanted to do ‘something’ to contribute to the communities we live and work in, and we very much wanted to move beyond traditional philanthropic efforts.

UBM’s CEO, David Levin put this idea to words quite succinctly, “Corporate responsibility can’t be just about writing a check. Today, it’s got to be about finding a way to connect, to bring communities together to make the company engage in the biggest sense possible with all of its stakeholders.”

Business4Better’s mission is to bring together businesses and non-profits to form mutually beneficial relationships that make a substantial impact on societal causes as well as on their own business. The B4B conference and expo is part of a global non-for-profit business series organized by business-to-business event producer UBM, with a network of professional partners and volunteers.

Basically the idea is that UBM employees like myself and many, many others volunteer to do what we do best: bring people together to learn from each other, and hopefully build lasting relationships that benefit both businesses and non-profits.

“Over the last couple of years what we’ve done at UBM is that we’ve focused quite hard on working out how we can do what we do, and use skills that we’ve got as an organization to deliver value to a wide set of stakeholders,” said Levin.

“In particular, we need to look for all of the not-for-profits, all of the charities, and all of the community based organizations which surround our company and say ‘how can we give to them in a way that is consistent, in a way that makes use of our skills and talents, in a way that delivers great value to them as well as to our corporate clients.’”

And that is why doing Business4Better matters. I hope you’ll join us in Aneheim, California, May 1st and 2nd for the Business4Better Conference and Expo. We have a stellar line-up of speakers and over one hundred and seventy non-profits attending who are ready to talk about working together in ways that go beyond traditional philanthropy.